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Gorton: Seeking a Ryan Strome trade is what held up the qualifying offer

In his post-draft interview, Jeff Gorton was rather candid. When asked about the Ryan Strome qualifying offer, Gorton stated that a trade was being sought instead.

This is what was assumed when news got out that Strome wasn’t qualified initially. After all, it didn’t make much sense to just let him walk as an unrestricted free agent. That was never in the cards, and would have been horrible asset management.

A qualifying offer simply kicks the can down the road. The Rangers will still have time to work out a trade for Ryan Strome, which appears to be their preferred path. The Blueshirts have a restrictive, but not horrific, cap situation. It looks like Strome will be at least one casualty.

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  • What is the deadline for teams to be cap compliant? Trying to get a sense of timing for trades, etc…

  • Being honest is a good thing! Surprised by his comment “YES”!
    However in this instance indirectly he is saying we really don’t want you! (Money).
    This just weakens his trade options knowing we want to trade him, other teams will try to lowball.
    At least for now if nothing materializes we have him for the time being and we can go down this road later on.

    • IMO, Gorton is going to negotiate and shop both Tony D and Strome. When someone antes up something fair, he will pull the trigger. Until then look for a lengthy bargaining season.

      • Don’t want to see ADA go, unless he’s getting stupid in his demands.
        If they sign ADA long term, then I can see the Rangers trading Lundqvist in a package to acquire a C or D.

  • No post on managment discussing the possibility of moving Fox or DeAngelo to the left side next season? I thought that was a bigger admission and is what we’ve all been asking.

  • Trade strome for a LD. Sign Alexander Wennberg as his replacement. He clicks with Panarin and he is good defensively. Also can probably sign him for about 3.5 av

  • The should have let him walk he can’t play two way hockey and has no idea in what responsibilities a center has in the defensive zoom. He benefited from playing with one of the most gifted offensive players in Arteri Panzarin. My opinion he is too small and sucks

  • A GM’s job is to try and make the team better and trades are part of it. While Strome has been good he hasn’t been $4.8-$5 mil/yr good. The Rangers are obviously worried about going to arbitration and the cap. If Strome is awarded too high a number, the Rangers then walk away. Offer him $4.3 mil on a one year deal and be done with it.

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