Thoughts following the Alex Georgiev and Tony DeAngelo deals

The Rangers are taking care of business. They are moving on to their RFAs, and yesterday re-signed both Alex Georgiev and Tony DeAngelo to two year deals. Both contracts were relatively expected given how the offseason played out around the league. As per usual, I have some thoughts. I’m going to try to keep this as unbiased as possible (at least I call myself out on it).

1. Starting with Georgiev, re-signing him was a foregone conclusion once the Rangers committed to buying out Henrik Lundqvist. Two years is about right and allows the Rangers to take their time to evaluate their goaltending future. Over the next two seasons, expect Georgiev to split time with Igor Shesterkin, with the Rangers eventually committing to one.

2. The dollar amount on the Georgiev contract is higher than I expected. I didn’t think he’d clear $1.5 million, but he got an AAV of $2.425 million. That’s a full $1 million more than expected while Georgiev had very little leverage. He’s only played 77 NHL games over 2.5 seasons. It’s not a cap killer by any stretch, just a bit more than expected.

3. Keep an eye on when this contract expires. Georgiev will be getting a qualifying offer of $2.65 million. Teams are watching how this plays out. A QO of $2.65 million for a guy who will likely be a backup on the Rangers is expensive. Something like that does limit any leverage the Rangers will have in a trade down the road. It’s unlikely Georgiev is with the Rangers long term.

4. The two year deal at $4.8 million for Tony DeAngelo is actually a good deal. DeAngelo has a lot of struggles in his own end, but he’s an elite offensive defenseman and puck mover. The contract is a fair deal for both sides. DeAngelo gets a pay day with a chance at another. The Rangers don’t have to commit to term and get a manageable deal. His QO when the contract is up will be $5.3 million, again something to watch.

5. As for those struggles in his own end, it will be interesting to see how DeAngelo does without having to drag around Marc Staal. He will also have Jacques Martin, who is actually a good defensive minded coach. That said, it’s still David Quinn’s system. Martin should be able to help with the mechanics, but it will be within Quinn’s system of giving up the blue line by design.

6. An added wrinkle will be how DeAngelo fares on the left side. Been calling for this for a year now, but I think moving there will really help out the Rangers and accentuate DeAngelo’s strengths. I had been previously calling for DeAngelo-Trouba pairing, but I’ve been convinced that DeAngelo-Fox is the better bet. DeAngelo will struggle with top pairing defensive assignments. Also Trouba excelled when he was with a defensive minded partner, of which DeAngelo is most certainly not.

7. It’s unlikely DeAngelo is with the Rangers long term. The Rangers have Trouba, Adam Fox, Ryan Lindgren, and DeAngelo as NHL players. Then the big prospects K’Andre Miller, Nils Lundkvist, Zac Jones, and Matthew Robertson. Plus you have the next tier of Yegor Rykov, Tarmo Reunanen, and Hunter Skinner. *PLUS* Braden Schneider. The Rangers are going to be a revolving door of young, cheap, and skilled defensemen. Not all of these guys will hit, but enough will that the Rangers will be looking to get them into the lineup as cheap ELCs that produce.

8. It looks like the Rangers had to choose between DeAngelo and Ryan Strome, and went with DeAngelo. That’s a very smart move by the Rangers.

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  • The Rangers seem to be finally doing the right thing: Keep the good players and get rid of the bad ones.

    2 very key signings to avoid arbitration, with very reasonable contracts. Keep the good players and figure out how to deploy them. If it means ADA or Fox moving to the left side, then so be it. Better that than letting go good players because of restrictive thinking and deployment.

      • Yep bro, it is plainly obvious.

        Staal and Hank are not here, there’s a new sheriff in town.

        I just don’t get the Johnson signing, quite honestly, but, overall, we should be very happy. Glad ADA is in the fold.

        • The JJ signing is Jacques Martin’s “Binky”. One year to help row the boat. I’m not sweating over this like the vast majority.

          • Yeah, I said that last week, a little disconcerting, quite honestly.

            I would like to ask what video they were watching that won them over.

    • Of all the Blueline Prospects: Matthew Roberston I foresee making the jump next season, excluding Niles who will be playing in Sweden next year.

  • Dave, you should consider giving up on your Tony is a short timer narrative, at least for a while. This deal indicates 2 things: 1. Rangers are serious about Tony as a LHD, possibly even 1st pair with Trouba, 2. Tony loves being a Ranger as he often professes. None of the LHD prospects mentioned figure to be top pair level, and they are prospects, all won’t make it. The only LHD on the roster with a future is Lindgren, and he likely is a bottom pair talent on a good D group.

    If the transition to LHD fails they can trade Tony in year 2, but if it succeedshe will be here a long time. That is why this is a great contract for the Rangers

  • 2 down and 2 to go. I’m surprised it was ADA who signed after Georgi, I figured it would be Lemieux.

    I still think they have something their working on to trade Strome.

    Hopefully in the next day or so we hear that Lemeiux has been signed.

    • I agree on Strome. The Rangers qualified him at the last minute because they were looking to deal him. And still are.

      Which, to me, is a good sign, because they know that he is not the answer at C, whether they give the job to Chytil or go outside and bring someone in.

      Lafren saying he would try center is a very interesting development. Then that puts Chytil at 3C and Howden at wing, if Howden has to be here at all.

      • Richter 1994

        I know we’re all looking at Cirelli. Which would be a good get. I think they have something bigger up there sleeve.

        I think they may try to pry Dubois from Columbus and back load the contract. JD knows him better than anyone. Just my thinking

        • Joe, I can’t help it, but I really what’s going on with Stamkos in TB. They have under $10M in cap space to sign some important players. They have to clear like $10M to $12M, and they tried to give Johnson away for nothing, with no takers.

          Wiping $8.5M off their cap with one player would help a lot. I know Stamkos has been adamant about his NMC, but, playing with Panarin? Hmmmm…

          • Richter1994

            Not sure about him. Stamkos is a great player! injuries my friend, every year the last few! Not the garden variety, major.. (knee,core muscle,broken leg,blood clot)
            Once your body starts to break down, everything starts to go.
            When we had a trade in place years ago yes, now no!!

          • Stamkos makes no sense. He’s on the downside of his career, is constantly injured and would completely blow up the cap. Plus it would be a HUGE lifeline for Tampa; let’s see them sweat this one out without any help.

            The upside on this move is miniscule.

          • I get all that, for sure.

            But I don’t see TB getting rid of Cirelli or Serg to meet the cap. And some of their vets, like Johnson, are untradeable.

          • Interesting idea. The Rangers need a long term and short term plan at 2C. It seems inceasingly unlikely that they will find the long term solution this year. Which means the short term solution has to be different from the long term one. the easy route is a short term Strome contract, but Stamkos is an interesting idea.

          • Like I said, just a gut feeling.

            I had the same gut feeling for Hank going to Washington, when no one was talking about him going to Washington.

          • I was the one in a different thread that it was the Caps on Friday and got a bunch of thumbs down!! Lol
            I just don’t see Stamkos coming here. Johnson was waived last week with no takers.
            Tampa is trying to shed $ but I don’t think they can shed enough to get both under.

  • Tony D did the right thing. NYR had little leverage themselves with Georgi, so the higher price is expected. He may be trade bait around the expansion draft.

    This tells me Strome is a goner as well as another piece of trade bait. Could it be Buch?

    Moving in the right direction here

    • Actually, exactly what leverage did Georgiev have?

      Guaranteed, in a hearing, Rangers offer $1M, Georgiev asks $3M, then he gets $2M (my prediction for him for 2 years). They always split the difference. So, he did well without the pain of going through a hearing.

        • His trade value will be determined by how he plays on the ice. If he proves himself a #1 goalie but unable to unseat Igor then the salary and QO will be a complete non-factor. 2.4 million for #1 goalie is a bargain. That is why JD and JG are the management guys. They are very smart.

  • These deals tell you a lot about our window of success. It is the next 2 or 3 years. We now have 4 good defensemen locked up with at least 2 more kids ready to play some NHL games.

    We have 2 very good goalies who are young enough to be around for the run.

    It also tells you that Gorton has to deal. I am sure he is shopping D.Smith, Strome and possibly others. He needs Cap space to allow the kids to get minutes. Look for Strome to be part of a lopsided trade (not in our favor) within the next 2 weeks.

    Chytil is now a 2C and we hunt for a defensive minded 3C. Maybe he is a rookie already in the system.

    • 2 year contracts because Mika needs to get paid the season after that with entry level rookies coming in on D. We will be in the clear money wise in 22/23. Our window is 2-5 years (after that all contracts will be expensive on this roster).

    • We don’t have to make a lopsided trade to get rid of Strome, we can just walk away if we don’t like the arbitration award.

  • Given all the fuss with a flat cap, and all the RFA’s that needed to be resigned, JG did a damn good job.

    We now have under contract an excellent back up, who can play in net this season, some 30 games should the need arise. We have flexibility moving our defense around to play the best we have, until such time that Miller, and the rest of the kids are ready for the show.

    I suspect that Strome will not be around much longer, and the only reason he was tendered an offer, was to maintain asset management, by not letting him walk out the door for nothing.

    Tony will be put in a position where he can show that he wasn’t a single trick guy, and when the kids are ready, if the team needs to move him, bingo he still has plenty of value.

    Don’t be surprised if Chytil isn’t the 2C this season, and Barron isn’t the 3C. Assuming that the first line stays the same, and Kakko moves to the second to begin the season, the 3rd could very well be Alexis-Barron, Gauth, not a bad line at all. Barron plays a solid 200 foot game, Alexis is solid enough defensively, who also likes to dish the puck, Gauth is the big winner on this line, he’ll get plenty of shooting chances.

    On paper, based on what we see so far, it will be an exciting season, and time for us Ranger fans!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Absolutely Walt, all these other guys are too busy trying to pick every little detail apart they are having issues seeing the forest through the trees. This team is heading in the right direction very fast. Let’s Go Rangers!!

  • Shesty: 12 NHL games, 2.51 GAA, .932 save %.

    Georgiev: 77 NHL games, 3.00 GAA, .913 save %.

    They’re not splitting games, boys and girls. I think Shesty gets 2/3rds of the starts. Especially with a shortened season.

    • 2/3 sounds about right. Georgiev is quality insurance, but you know the Rangers want Shesty to grab the top job and run with it.

      Small sample size of games played in the NHL, but Shesty could be something special. Just has to stay healthy.

      • “Quality insurance”, perfect phrase here, no question.

        It is a small sample size, but he did this in the KHL, AHL, and now NHL. He’s the real deal.

    • If the schedule is one where games are played with less days between, then I expect Alex to a bit more. Also, by paying him the money they agreed to pay it seems they value him more than merely a backup. He is quality insurance. His numbers will be better with consistent playing time.

      • I don’t see how they do not do a condensed schedule Peter. With mostly conference games.

    • And these numbers even understate things as Shesty is a great offensive force.

      There are two question marks circling around Shesterkin. Injuries, which can derail anyone. And the ability to maintain his performance level when a few bad goals or bad breaks make his question himself.

      Ignoring those two caveats, Shesterkin has a real shot at being the best goal tender who ever played the game.

      • Agreed Ray. Igor seems to have what it takes to be the best around. His track record also speaks of a resilient mental makeup, but the NHL is the biggest stage in hockey. I think he has the mental fortitude and hope that he will have the physical durability. Only time will tell.

      • No question Raymond. He’s not Henrik handling the puck, lol.

        IDK about that last statement though. 🙂

  • I for one am glad they sealed the deal with these two players. Tony is a rising star, and I believe Georgiev is already good and is going to get better. Most of last year the kid was very cool under pressure and made some fantastic saves. Down the road, he will become a number one goalie on some team, but still not ahead of Shesty on the Rangers at this point. Great backup! Good job Gordon!

  • The Rangers are pouring a solid foundation in which to build their team in the future. Strome if not traded will likely get a one year deal. They don’t have the capspace to lock him up long-term.

  • JD needs to submit an offer sheet for Barzal. It will force the Islanders to match on our terms hurt or lose their best player. Rangers would give up 4 first round picks but it would be worth it. Also, it would severely damage their chances on resigning Pulock. Barzal as a 2nd line center with Lefre and Paranin would be unstoppable.


    Awesome top 9

    • The only way that would be worth it is to win 2-3 Cups and him winning a Conn Smythe in the process.

  • “8. It looks like the Rangers had to choose between DeAngelo and Ryan Strome, and went with DeAngelo. That’s a very smart move by the Rangers.”

    Absolutely not. The Rangers were frugal enough that they could afford both – and they can still easily hand out a one or two year deal to Strome. The Strome issue is a completely different one. The Rangers do not want Strome as a long term 2C at the price he will command. But they have not figured out what to do yet. All options are still open.

  • As for Tony D., I think that was the best move possible for all parties. Tony makes no secret that he wants to play for the Rangers and he showed it by agreeing to a reasonable deal. The Rangers for their part showed that they know they need him for at least the next couple of years. After that whether he remains will depend on many factors. If he continues to perform well then affordability will become an issue because the Rangers are going to need to pay a lot of good players going forward, particularly Zibanejad.

    But for now, I am glad they came to an agreement with ADA. I like his attitude, feistiness and his skills. Hope to see him on the left side which I think will be a great benefit to the defense.

  • “3. Keep an eye on when this contract expires. Georgiev will be getting a qualifying offer of $2.65 million. Teams are watching how this plays out. A QO of $2.65 million for a guy who will likely be a backup on the Rangers is expensive. Something like that does limit any leverage the Rangers will have in a trade down the road. It’s unlikely Georgiev is with the Rangers long term.”

    You can’t look at Georgi as a “traditional” backup who just plays against the weakest teams in the League in order to give your #1 a breather. Nowadays (especially in light of compressed schedules) you need 1A and 1B goalies, your 1B needs to play like a #1 — just not quite as good as your 1A.

    • absolutely right, this is not your grandfather’s NHL, it’s changing and Rangers mgmt. knows this and are on the cutting edge.

      • We almost always lacked that game breaking stud, well now we have more than 1 (and then there’s Lafreniere). It was superior goaltending that made us contenders in the past — we have Shesty, but you should always have a Plan B.

  • My question is this, they have 3 offensive D-men in Trouba, Fox and Tony D that aren’t exactly known for their D and are all top 4 D’s that would be best served with a stay at home partner. So how does that exactly work? I just don’t see how moving Tony to the left of either Trouba or Fox gets the best out of either 3 …. Fox and Lindgren worked too well together to break up, so Tony D and Trouba as your 1st pair?

    If they aren’t even close, like JD said then it seems like moving Trouba makes the most sense but with a flat cap and that contact? Idk, it all seems like a odd / forced fit

    • Some worthless speculation by me: If they move Tony to the left side, I think that I’d play Lindgren with Trouba, Tony D with Fox, and Smith with JJ unless they bring one of the Hartford kids into the mix, like Hajek or Crawley. I think that K’Andre Miller, Robertson etc. are still a year or two away. Smith can play either side so he can partner with anyone if he remains with the club.

      Yes Lindgren and Fox worked well together, but there is no reason that Lindgren can’t work well with Trouba. That pairing would be pretty physical, and Lindgren’s play might give Trouba more room to contribute offensively.

      I think that Tony + Fox has the potential to be quite a dynamic pairing with their combined high skill levels. JJ should be a 3rd pair guy, or 7D when more kids are ready.

      • Ok, so its kind of like robbing Peter to pay Paul, you possibly solve Troubas partner but you create a hole next to Fox. Also, Fox and Tony pretty similar so thats not ideal either. I just don’t see the reason to break up Fox-Lindgren, they work and work well,,leave that alone.

        JJ – Smith could possibly be the worst D pairing in the league lol, so idk, curious to see how it plays out

        • Yes, JJ scares me. A lot.

          I don’t think that Tony D. would be a ‘hole’ paired with Fox at all. HIs D zone play has improved. They also did play together some and they looked pretty darn good. Small sample size though. Its a thought.

          Lindgren and Trouba would be a really physical pairing, and Trouba would have a more stay at home partner to free him to use his offensive skills more consistently. I don’t know, I like that pair. Maybe no one else will!

          • A hole meaning who’s gonna play with Fox. I’m sure it would work on some level but are they really putting the right pieces together to maximise each player?

          • In all of this you forgot Lundkvist, I can see him pushing out of the top 6 either JJ or Smith. For all we know maybe Robertson forces himself into the equation, he looked real good in training camp last year.

    • They may not be close, but certainly within Trouba’s term. He’s going no where. They know what they are doing!

      • Trouba’s NMC turns into a M-NTC in 3 more years, so if he’s moving it will be then — dependent on the progression of the young prospects.

        • Honestly, I think it depends on the play of Trouba, again I don’t think he is going anywhere. Trouba happens to be a very, very good player. I know, I have watched him play.

      • ^ what he said! This is a rebuild you have to take a breath and see where you are. Alot of times you team will get better just by standing firm and not over reacting.

  • The consensus seems to say that the Rangers will trade Ryan Strome.That’s fine if you can get an upgrade but honestly who is going to replace his 59 pts last season? The answer seems to be he got them because of Panarin. I say baloney. Strome played well on the Rangers 3rd line in 2018 when Panarin wasn’t even on the team He then worked his way up to the second line because of his play. Strome is a decent player and if I may ask, what team is willing to trade the Rangers a better center for him? Do the Rangers also throw in Buchnevich??

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