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Rangers re-sign Alex Georgiev to two year contract

The NY Rangers have re-signed RFA goalie Alex Georgiev to a two year contract. The contract comes with a $2.425 million cap hit.

The contract avoids arbitration with Georgiev, who was set to have his hearing on October 31. This also gives the Rangers two years to make their evaluation on the goalie of the future. All signs point to Igor Shesterkin being the heir apparent to Henrik Lundqvist, but Georgiev is still in the mix.

It is expected that with his two year contract, Alex Georgiev will split time with Shesterkin until one is determined to be the clear starter.

The signing leaves the Rangers with three RFAs remaining, although their two most expensive ones still remain unsigned.

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  • This also gives the Rangers two years to make their evaluation on the goalie of the future.”

    At the end of the deal he’s still an RFA ….

  • Wow, that is a lot of money for a #2 goaltender. Fast is far more valuable than Georgiev.

    Decision-wise, Gorton has not done anything right since the draft.

    • No such thing as a #2 goalie anymore.

      Going into a season where they’re talking about 4 games a week, this will be a bargain at any price.

      • Yes in today’s game you can’t hang your hat on only one goalie. Shesterkin looks great, short term but how will he hold up playing a full season? Good move signing Georgiev.

    • Today we need 2 goalies.i also see Georgi more than a capable backup. I also see a 60 – 40 split.

      Now what happens if Igor get the virus,we need a capable the money is well spent.

      As for Fast,it wasn’t a money issue-it was a term issue.

      JD/JG are playing as close to the vest, with expansion and the flat cap and our situation. They are looking on how the rest of the market plays out.
      Before they make a decision that will have repercussion down the road.
      Just look at Tampa!

      • It’s always* a money issue. The Rangers did not want to offer Fast $2M for a third year.

        in reality, this should never have been relevant. First of all, Fast would have likely been lost in the expansion draft, so it was really only ever a one year contract. Second, the cost was low enough that Fast could have been traded the third year if the Rangers no longer wanted him and somehow Seattle had grabbed someone else — and if you look at who the Rangers are exposing, that seems unlikely.

        * unless it’s a no move or no trade clause.

        • Ray, I probably beat the drum for Fast more than anyone here. Even I understand why they let him go despite the fact his cap hit was only going to be $2M. It hurts but it was the only way to free up space on the RW THIS SEASON.

    • Ray, for one thing, Alex is going to play a lot out of necessity if the schedule is as condensed as might be proposed. Secondly, he is pretty damn good when he gets to play regularly. I think it is a good investment.

      • The way the Vegas owner was talking, they’re looking at mid 60’s number of games starting in February with up to 5 games a week. Schedule is going to dictate a straight rotation. For older goalies, that schedule might mean 3 goalies on the roster.

        What a mess.

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