Four NY Rangers file for arbitration

Four NY Rangers have filed for arbitration. The four are Tony DeAngelo, Ryan Strome, Alex Georgiev, and Brendan Lemieux.

This is a standard step in the process, and nothing to get overly alarmed about. They were both going to file. This does two things: It protects them both from offer sheets, and it opens the second buyout window. It’s unlikely the second buyout window is used, but protecting from offer sheets is probably a good thing.

It is unlikely both all four NY Rangers make it to arbitration, which begins on October 20. The Rangers are still shopping Strome and listening on DeAngelo. DeAngelo’s future is likely tied to Alex Pietrangelo’s decision. Keep an eye on the trade market as this evolves. The only two I’d almost guarantee to return are Georgiev and Lemieux.

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  • If a player doesn’t file for arbitration, they lose certain rights, so they would be stupid if they didn’t file. Most cases never get that far, so this is more a formality than anything else!!!!!!!!!

  • OK they let Strome walk or trade him. My question is, what center with a 59 point season is available to take his place? The guy has some flaws he plays well but who on the trade market is better? As for DeAngelo, I believe he will get a huge raise through arbitration and will be moved.

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