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Vegas rumored to be targeting Tony DeAngelo as “Plan B” option

It looks like Vegas could be targeting Tony DeAngelo in a trade as a secondary option. Their primary option is Alex Pietrangelo, but would fall back to DeAngelo if that doesn’t happen.

We do know that the Rangers and DeAngelo haven’t begun true negotiations. That isn’t much of a surprise since the Rangers don’t usually begin with their RFAs until after free agency opens. However this now makes the second rumor regarding a potential trade. This comes just two days after Philly was speculated as a potential destination.

You all know the saying. Where there’s smoke, there’s fire. The Rangers have a delicate, but not critical, cap situation next year. This is what is fueling both the DeAngelo rumors and the Strome rumors. It would make sense that Vegas is targeting Tony DeAngelo, there’s a need and a fit. Just need to dump cap space first.

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  • VGK can’t afford Tony D at this point. They will need to offload a bunch of salary. I guess we might be interested in William Karlsson, but is that a real upgrade at the 2C?

      • No way LVGK give up any of their top 9 center depth. They are looking for another top 6 center help..

        I would love to see if Cody Glass could be had… Good mobile top 9 centerman that still has plenty of room and time to grow.

    • Karlsson has had one terrific year and several mediocre ones. He will also be 28 at the beginning of the season in January. I don’t know about him.

      • Alexander Wennberg (26 years-old) is available tomorrow and Rangers do not lose any assets. He was Panarin’s center at Columbus. JD drafted him. He has honed his defensive game under Torterella the last few year’s. All great attributes!!!

        • Decent player, but, he is rather like Strome production-wise. He would be an upgrade defensively. I would be looking for more skills from a 2C.

          • Good point about 2C but I was thinking of Wennberg (who probably is not going to cost a whole lot after a down season) between Laf and Gauthier (or Kravtsov) on the 3rd line. Let Wennberg concentrate on the defensive end and allow Laf to do his thing. That would be a very balanced 3rd line that could match up against most opponents.

    • If they can’t afford Tony D how the hell could they afford Pietrangelo? Their need to lower their cap hit has been a known issue for months now, that’s why their desire to move on from Fleury has been so publicized.

      Re: Karlsson, $5.9M cap hit through the year 2026/27 is too onerous for a guy that really only had ONE big standout year …

      Would prefer that we focus on their prospects, specifically Centers like Cody Glass, Peyton Krebs, Ivan Morozov, Lucas Elvenes … + possibly a draft choice for next year.

    • Schmidt would be a fantastic vet presence to usher in the new D core. Great skater and he looks to be one of those guys who will always maintain their speed/legs as they grow older.

      I would have love to have him in the top 4 instead of Trouba.

  • Vegas would have to include one of their young takented centers as part of the deal. Krebs or Cody Glass. They can toss in Martinez to make cap room. The Rangers could package Howqvist with ADA. But again, ADA is just coming into his own and starting to reach his potential. Trading the young rising star may backfire on the Rangers.

    • Peyton Krebs or Cody Glass, now we are talking a decent starting point, but I’d want more.

      Yeah, I do seem to remember some high scoring defensemen who the Rangers traded away just as they were establishing themselves.

  • I’d like to see Fox getting some time on the #1 PP before we let Tony D get away. I know that his play is one-dimensional, but that one dimension created quite a few goals for us last season.

    • Tony also was quite productive 5×5, scoring 34 points out of his 53 at even strength in a short season. The kid is a weapon. If they are going to trade him it better be for someone with similar skills and who fills a need.

      • Have to agree on that from a Rangers’ perspective. But, Vegas is going to balk at that deal. They are needing to shed salary if they are going to trade for Tony. They are going to want to send some salary the Rangers’ way.

        • We shouldn’t be adverse too taking back some salary, but remember that if they sign Pietrangelo they’ll pay more cap hit and they won’t be shedding salary.

  • If the Rangers are hell bent on moving a RD from the organization it should be Lundqvist!
    He has major value as at least a top 4 RD and should return a nice haul for a young LD or 2C.
    We know that Vegas and LA have a need at RD and they have the type of players that the Rangers covet as well!
    Stop talking about moving ADA! The Rangers just drafted physical, gritty, players to toughen up their future roster. It would be foolish to move one of the very few players who has these qualities. Not to mention he was 4th on the league in D scoring last season.

    • The contrary argument though consists of two factors in Lundkvist’s favor, he’s better defensively and he’ll be cost controlled for 3 years. What we might lose offensively with Lundkvist can be gained back in other ways … but I would HATE to lose what Tony D brings to the table, offensively and in terms of grit so don’t read into this that I favor moving ADA.

      • DeAngelo’s skill set has a little Fox and a little Lindgren (grit) in 1 package. Lundkvist is still a promising prospect like Libor Hajek was 2 years ago (and Ranger fans are dumping on Libor already). DeAngelo has gotten SIGNIFICANTLY better in each of the last 2 years and has just touched the surface! We could see further improvement next year with stud talents like Laf (lethal power play) and Kakko. JG and JD must sign this kid!!!

        • Lundkvist is no Libor Hajek … again though, I agree about signing DeAngelo … in fact last summer I kept saying the Rangers should have signed him for 3-4 years.

      • Well, we really don’t know if he’s better defensively at this point. We do know that DeAngelo’s defense was much better last season.
        From all accounts Lundqvist is NHL ready. He is ranked very highly in ALL league prospect rankings.
        We have a known quantity in DeAngelo. Not so much with Lundqvist
        I would hate to lose a guy who has really embraced NYC, and thoroughly enjoys playing here

        • I think Lundkvist is better defensively — and I’m not one to sh!t all over DeAngelo for poor defensive play (that’s dave lol), I think he’s more than fine (especially given how good he is offensively).

  • I will admit this seems crazy, but here’s a trade idea regarding DeAngelo (who I don’t want to move but if the FO is doing it….)

    To Vegas:

    To Rangers:
    Stastney ($6.5M, last year)
    McNabb ($2.5M per, 2 years left)
    One of Glass or Krebs
    1st or 2nd in 2021

    Vegas is in cap hell and needs to clear salary. They have young centers they want to play (Stephenson, Roy), and Karlsson’s going nowhere. Stastney’s salary is nuts, but he’s still better than Strome (certainly defensively) and can be a decent 2C this coming year. McNabb is perfectly adequate at that salary, and I’d put him with Trouba until one of the young ones is ready for more. The big get is Glass or Krebs.

    DeAngelo right now is the best player in this trade, so Vegas should be willing to ante up to get their “poor man’s Pietrangelo”. Howden is included to fill the center spot from Stastney (one of Roy or Stephenson goes up to 2C for VGS).

    In this scenario, Strome is traded for whatever you can get. So in terms of salary, you are trading around $8M (DeAngelo + Strome, est) for $8.5M (Stastney + McNabb).

    • Not sure they would really want to trade Statsny at this point, that would leave them without a key center — and since their goal is to win the SC, that would be counterproductive. One could argue that Glass (or Krebs) might step up and fill hat void, but we could say the same for Chytil.

      Vegas really needs to get out of their Fleury contract.

        • I had heard he was on the trade block, and last night saw rumored reports that Winnipeg wanted him back.

          But am I missing something, or did Vegas just give him away? I know nothing about Dahlstrom. So far he looks like a 7th D / AHL guy at least if you go by his playing time the last 3 years. And at 25 how much is he going to improve?

          Even for a salary dump this looks pretty bad for Vegas.

          • At best Dahlstrom is a depth d’man and a 5th is a throwaway draft pick … it’s better than paying for someone to take $6M+ cap hit off your hands, but he’s still a serviceable player. I just don’t understand who they think will replace him, unless it’s one of the young Centers.

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