Yegor Rykov not with Rangers for playoffs

Yegor Rykov is one of the few notable names not with the Rangers for the playoffs.

Rykov had a bit of a rough injury filled season last year. He spent the first half of the on Season Opening IR before being returned to Hartford in December. He was then a healthy scratch in Hartford in March before the season abruptly ended.

This does put a little bit of an end to the defense speculation. Yegor Rykov and Tarmo Reunanen are not with the Rangers for the playoffs. The competition will be between Brendan Smith, Libor Hajek, and Darren Raddysh for the final spot on the roster. The other two will presumably be healthy scratches.

This also means Marc Staal will more than likely be in the lineup for the play-in round. This should have been expected, but for those who were hoping, you can stop now.

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  • Least surprising story ever except amongst the Rangertariat.

    Just a guy to begin with, the injury stopped his year dead. When he got back on the ice, he didn’t know whether to wind his butt or scratch his watch.

  • I was one of the fans hoping that Rykov and/or Hajek would have taken over the 2 spots on left side defense. I’d rather see those 2 get playoff experience and lose this round. The Canes are a little further along in their current state. I’d rather the draft picks than winning a single round of the playoffs.

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