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Rangers take Yegor Rykov off IR; send him to Hartford Wolf Pack

Rykov had been on SOIR with an ankle injury

After injuring his ankle in camp, Yegor Rykov spent the first two months of the year on season opening IR (SOIR). He appears to be healed finally, and has been returned to the Hartford Wolf Pack to begin his season in earnest.

To make room for him in Hartford, the Rangers sent Sean Day to Maine. Day had a line of 1-3-4 in 16 games with the Pack this season.

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  • There are 2 pieces of info to note hear
    – Rykov will be an option to make the team if an injury occurs or on next years roster

    – Sean Day has seen his last NY Ranger uniform

  • Yegor Rykov will finally get to show us what he is made of, let’s hope he works out for us!!!!!!!

    • Yep, we will see. The bar isn’t too high for LHD’s on this team and Rykov is a pro that, from all reports, is a pretty good skater with size and mobility. I’m going out on a limb and (foolishly) predict that he will be the best LD on this team by March 1st… again, not too high a bar to jump over. Lol 😝

  • Well that’s the good news and the bad news I guess. There has not been any news on Rykov so glad to see what he has got. Too bad on Sean Day. This would qualify as a bit of a setback I suppose???

    If Rykov pans out, could there be a chance that Staal could become a potential deadline piece? There would need to be some calculation of how much salary to hold vs. a buyout, if that is even an option.

    Either way, not much room in next year’s cap…

  • All that raw talent and yet Day can’t even secure his spot in the AHL. It’s disappointing to say the least, especially after the improvement he showed in the 2nd half of last season … a great hockey brain can make up for average skill, but great skill can’t make up for a faulty hockey brain.

    At least it will be good to finally see what Rykov can bring to the table.

  • Very interesting notes about Lias for Puljujarvi today. Even more interesting is the comments that they didn’t see much more than a 4th liner in Lias.

    That deal would have been a steal for Gorton, IMHO. But the lack of pace to his game is the same criticism that DQ labeled him with too. It’s very telling though, and gives some insight to the perception that teams have of Andersson (and I’d say about half to 3/4 of the fanbase has too). He ain’t exactly lighting up the AHL either. I expect him now to be dealt at or before the deadline. But I just hope he’s more than just a throw-in so we get some value back.

    I know the message boards have some attachment to him. But it’s becoming obvious he’s a bust at this point. And sadly, I believe the NYR are losing faith in him. There needs to a better argument for him than just “Howden sucks too” and that’s really all that’s left. I really thought the AHL would help him reset himself. But at this point, I just don’t think he has what it takes…

  • It’s going to take time for the young Russkie to get back his game legs. Sean Day getting sent to the Iron league doesn’t sound like he is going to pan out. I guess the Rangers will keep ole red beard around for some depth on the Blueline.

  • Sean Day….Big time bust….So many fans would say to me to watch this kid. Well, I will be watching Day in Maine. Day will never see the big club….

  • Looks like Hartford has a pretty busy schedule next week. Hopefully, we’ll get a read on Rykov’s progress soon.

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