BSB Round Table: Who should the Rangers use their amnesty buyout on?

If there is one, of course

As news about the potential flat NHL salary cap spreads, the rumors about the league granting teams amnesty buyouts to stay cap compliant grow. The Rangers have a history of using their amnesty buyouts, using it all three times the option was available:

This time around would be no different, and the Blueshirts really only have four options: Henrik Lundqvist (one year, $8.5 million cap hit), Marc Staal (one year, $5.7 million), Brendan Smith (one year, $4.35 million), and Jaocb Trouba (seven years, $8 million). Remember an amnesty buyout removes the full cap hit without penalty, unlike the Dan Girardi and Kevin Shattenkirk buyouts.

I polled the BSB team about who the Rangers should use their compliance buyout on, if that comes to fruition, and why not some of the others. Believe it or not, we didn’t all see eye to eye*.

Tyler: Staal. Not Hank because you’re stacked in goalie prospects but they’re still magic beans. Keep him as a backup or 1A/1B with Igor Shesterkin and trade Alex Georgiev for extra left side defensive help. My head says Lundqvist because of the cap hits, but it’s clear Hank is far better at his age at his position than Staal at his age and position. And my heart says Lundqvist needs a proper retirement tour

Rob L: Staal. Anything else is a cap play and it would cost more to replace anyone else other than Staal (because you gain the most by replacing him with an average player).

Conall: Has to be Staal. I also think you can make a strong case for Trouba given the RD depth and that Staal, Hank, and Smith are all guaranteed off the books after next season.

Rob C: I could absolutely see it being Lundqvist, and it is kind of defensible… but it should absolutely be Staal.

Justin: I think it honestly makes the most amount of sense to amnesty Staal and keep Lundqvist, for a couple reasons. 1) Staal’s subtraction is an addition, 2) Lundqvist would be a useful mentor/backup to Shesterkin, 3) Georgiev most likely has more value in a trade than either a retained Lundqvist or on-ice production as Shesterkin’s back up, and 4) you can avoid a PR issue by doing right by a franchise icon

Dave: It has to be Staal for me. Smith at $2.35 million of actual cash vs. $4.35 million cap hit has value, so that eliminates him. Georgiev+ at the draft for something significant is something I firmly believe in, so leave Hank as the backup and don’t deal with the PR nightmare. DeAngelo to the left side, paired with Trouba, makes the most sense as a top pair right now. That leaves Staal. If the Rangers are able to amnesty buyout Staal and trade Smith, it frees up $10 million in cap space.

*-I lied.

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  • Surprised nobody said Trouba. With all the D in the system, and Trouba proven he’s not a #1 D even though he is being paid like one, plus long term implications, I would think it’s a consideration.

    • Agree 100%. It’s a business. Staal can go 7D for his final year if a young LD steps up. Hank is already obsolete. It is way less than optimal ending, but Hank is completely expendable here. Keep Gorgie, don’t trade him.

    • Hank deserves the proper send off. He’s earned that. Any other way is the ultimate diss to one of the most popular Rangers ever. Trade Georgiev at the Draft.

      • Like I said, if you don’t think Hank is the odd goaltender out then you’re thinking with your heart, not your head. Just because a once great player doesn’t realize his skills and abilities have diminished to the point where he should choose retirement doesn’t mean the team should hold on to him to the detriment of their ability to compete for the SC for the next 5-10 years.

  • Re-post:

    Assuming Dave’s parameters are correct, and that any one of these buyouts would give the Rangers the ability to keep any and all the players they wanted:

    -So the hockey business side of me says: buyout Hank, no brainer.

    -The business + fan side of me says: buyout Staal, gives the most relief without having to hurt Hank.

    -The Fan solo side of me says: buyout Smith, and allow Hank and Staal to finish their Ranger contracts with the dignity them two great Rangers deserve.

    Not a very enviable position for the management team to be in regardless, but I have faith they will do what is right for the fans and the Rangers

    Please stay safe!

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  • Has to be Hank, as painful as that may be. The $ savingse with a flat cap is huge. It’s like adding a player better than we can get trading Georgi all by itself. Georgi’s trade value appears to be light and he can backup Shesty as well as the King, with the possibility of increasing his trade value in the future if he continues to play well, and he can still improve. There is nothing in Shesty’s demeanor that indicates he needs much mentoring. Finally Staal has some value as a 3rd pair LHD. He played satisfactorily there last season and the Rangers do not have even one LHD prospect who figures to be ready or as good as Staal next season. The only reasonable alternative to Staal is moving ADA to LHD and it is far from certain that it would work well.

  • After reading this post these potential amnesty buyouts are going to be the straw that stirs my next drink once this hard times passes.

    godspeed all.

    Let’s Go U.S.A.

  • Sorry folks, but my heart says Staal, but my brain says Hank. We get $8.5 million relief to sign our UFA, and possibly get someone, UFA, who could help on a wing, or a solid fourth line, shut down forward, with a chip on his shoulders. Hank is a great guy, and was a great goalie, but that’s history. All good things must come to an end!!!!!!!!

    • Yeah I agree with that. Staal is also blocking the strength of the Rangers system and that defenseman. Lundqvist makes more and his cap could be used elsewhere.

    • The perfect solution. Chances of Hank doing that – maybe 10%. Not sure the NHL would even allow that as it may be looked at as a scam to avoid the cap.

  • You really have to give serious thought to Trouba. Seven years at $8 million. He was OK last year, but not as good a right D as Adam Fox.

    • Just think about it. Seven years. You have Panarin, Zibanejad, Shesterkin, Fox al coming up for new contracts during that time. Is it worth possibly any one of them because of Trouba.

      • Exactly, the money and the nmc is a huge problem. Trouba has all the talent in the world, no question. But his hockey iq makes me shake my head sometimes. Hard to watch.

  • I say Stall as well. I’m also agreeing with trading Georgiev at the Draft so Hank can get his one last chance at a Cup and the proper send off.

  • The buyout question, should an amnesty buyout become a real option, should be a discussion around Hank, Staal and Smith. Trouba is going to anchor the defense for a long time. I simply do not get the dissing he is getting. I don’t believe that the Rangers will have any intention of buying out their big 25 year-old defenseman.

    On the business side, yes Hank has to be in the mix, unfortunately, due to the size of his cap hit and his age. Igor might have a few rough patches here and there if called upon to be #1 immediately, but it is obvious that he has the skills to be a #1 net minder. If the Rangers went this route it obviously would not be ideal, but it is a certainty that Hank would slide into a very public role with the club, thereby easing the pain some. I don’t know if the Rangers will go this way, but there are arguments for it that have merit.

    Staal is also older and past his prime with a big cap hit so he comes into play. The one factor that argues against his buyout is that the Rangers don’t have a lot of LD’s lined up to take his place. That is solvable, but it is a consideration.

    Smith also is to be considered, but I think he has some trade value or could spend time in Hartford, so there might be other options regarding him that could make using the buyout for Hank or Staal more appealing than doing it with Smith.

    Finally, Dave’s suggestion of moving ADA to the left side to pair with Trouba, trading Smith and buying out Staal has a lot of appeal if the Rangers and Tony D are comfortable with him moving to the off hand. I think he probably can do it, but who knows if the club wants to do it.

    I don’t want to see a Hank buyout, but I would understand why it was done if it came about.

  • There will be no amnesty buyouts. Why?

    1: they need to be collectively bargained. Not gonna happen. It will all come out of escrow.

    2: In a crisis like this, most teams don’t have the cash flow to afford to buy out any contracts or kick out any signing bonuses. So not enough votes on the owners side.

  • You people are actually so dumb. Never read a more laughable article in my life. Know hockey or don’t write at all. Staal and smith are the two worst players to pick in this situation. They literally have 1 year left on their deals. Why tf would you do that. It can’t be lundqvist, because he’s the king. The only logical answer here, is the rangers 4th d-man right now, the most overrated defenseman in the nhl, the guy that got traded for a better player and a 1st rounder, the guy that is going to be paid 8 million dollars per year for the next 6 years with a NMC enacting after this season, Jacob Trouba. If the rangers cannot move this guy through a trade, he is the obvious pick in this scenario. They will be in a very poor situation moving forward if they hold on to him for the length of the contract. They made a huge mistake in acquiring him and an ever bigger one in signing him, but they can lessen the damage by using the buyout on him.

        • Stop texting, and start writing, then you’ll appear a lot less like a childish moron, Bquinn86.

          • I’ve been following this guy for a long a time. Since his days in the U18. Then he played phenomenal at Michigan. I liked him a lot, I liked his talent. No question he’s extremely talented, he’s got a great shot and is a big body. But his hockey iq was always a problem. Winnipeg could look past that in drafting him because he was a young kid. The problem is that it hasn’t changed. I never liked the trade from day 1. The guy is so talented, but he makes so many mistakes. Im not going to lie, I didn’t see every game in Winnipeg, but definitely enough to evaluate. Now that I’ve been able to watch him every single shift, I can truly evaluate his iq. He really makes me shake my head. I’m not making this decision on his rangers debut because obviously its only been one season. I’d love to give him another shot. But his no movement clause is going to create huge problems. This may be their only chance to relieve themselves of the $8 million. That’s top dman money, unfortunately he does not fall under that category. The defensive prospect depth is crazy. With DeAngelo, fox, and lindgren here to stay, I’m very high on miller, and lundkvist had an insane season for lulea. Then hajek, rykov, robertson and zac Jones. He has all the talent in the world, no question, but his decision making is so hard to watch. Please watch him before you think he is even comparable to John Carlson, because he is also making $8 million.

          • Someone who writes as poorly as you do isn’t fit to evaluate anyone else’s intelligence, in hockey or in life.

          • The only facts are coming from my end buddy. I clearly know more than you because all you have to say is how bad my writing in a comment is.

          • Both of you cut the shit. Stick to actual discussion, not name calling.

            Bquinn – you’re new here. This is a warning.

            FQ – You know better. Don’t stoop to his level.

  • Would the league allow The Rangers to use an amnesty buyout to take a previous buyout penalty off the books. Getting rid of the $6M Shattenkirk penalty would solve the team’s cap problems. Otherwise, I think it has to be Hank, like it or not.

  • I would say Hank, the problem is the expansion draft is next year and you are likely to loose Georgie. So trade Georgie this year buy out Staal.

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