2018 NHL Draft Profiles: Joseph Veleno, Jonatan Berggren, Ty Dellandrea

joe veleno

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Our draft preview continue, this time with guys that the Rangers may be looking at for the end of the first round. The Blueshirts have the 26th (Bruins) and 28th (Lightning) picks in this draft, in addition to the 9th overall. Many expect the Rangers to package the later picks to move up, but there is still a very realistic scenario in which they stand pat and make all three picks.

Joseph Veleno

Veleno is one of those kids that is very high ceiling, and may actually slip in the draft. The 6’1″, 195 lb center finished a solid draft year in the QMJHL, putting up 22-57-79 in 64 games with St. John’s and Drummondville. Veleno has size, speed, skating, playmaking, and vision.  Veleno was just the fifth player to be granted “exceptional status” in the CHL, meaning he could play in the league at 15 years old.

His playmaking skills are some of the best in the draft. He makes great reads, which complements his superb passing and elite level skating. On the defensive end, he has a solid work ethic and is a tenacious back checker. He also uses his body well.

There are a few that think Veleno falls because he “leaves more to be desired.” I don’t get it, since everything I’ve read has been positive about the kid. Perhaps it’s a case of “exceptional status” working against him. If he’s there at 26 or 28, he’s likely the best player available.

jonatan berggren

Jonatan Berggren

A speedy Swedish winger whose stock is rising? You know how much I love Swedes. Berggren lit up the J20 SuperElit league, with a line of 18-39-57. He played 10 games in the SHL (Skelleftea), staying off the score sheet. However he notched an assist in two playoff games in the SHL.

The 5’10”, 185 lb winger is lightning fast. He’s dangerous on the rush, taking defenders wide, and on the forecheck. He’s also a truck when it comes to moving him. He’s very strong and difficult to move off the puck, which makes him great along the boards. Think Chris Kreider, just a few inches shorter and with softer hands.

Berggren is a solid two-way player, which as you know is fairly common in Swedes. He has great vision and hockey IQ, which helps him play in all three zones. In this regard, he may be a little like Michael Grabner in that his anticipation, IQ, and speed make him a breakaway threat regularly.

Ty Dellandrea

Ty Dellandrea

Dellandrea is another solid center that projects to go in the first round. The 6″, 190 lb righty put up 27-32-59 in 67 games with a downright terrible Flint team. As you’d expect from this crop, he’s a solid skater with superb all around speed, acceleration, and agility. The knock, however, is that he can be knocked off the puck easily and needs to work on strength and balance.

Despite this, Dellandrea has tremendous hockey IQ and vision, which makes him dangerous on offense. He’s able to find the holes in the offensive zone and then plants himself there. This gets him open for shots, which are the dangerous combination of heavy and accurate. He’s very sound fundamentally too, and you’ll rarely see him try to do too much or be too fancy.

Dellandrea’s lack of strength has had an impact on the defensive front, but that is something that is easily corrected. After all, he’s just 18 years old.

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  • I am hoping that in this mix we find a throw back power player , give me the second coming of any of the following, Cam Neeley, Gary Robert’s, Jerome Inginlia, Rick Tocchet , Brendan Shanahan. Players who could get you 30 to 40 goals. But also be very uncomfortable to play against. If it means 200 penalty minutes so be it. Heck I would take the next Tom Wilson if available ??? Old school .NHL hockey..

    • Bobby

      I tend to agree, but many would say the game has changed. Just look at the two remaining teams, and their styles, nothing soft about them, or their game. I haven’t seen any Katrina Witt’s out there, just saying!!!!!!!

      My thought is that JG sees this also, and will make major adjustments to rectify this problem, just watch and see…………………….

      Of the three players, Joe Veleno sounds like a good selection, but the Swedish kid sounds like a very good choice, especially in the later part of the first round!!!!!!!!!!

    • Tom Wilson is a piece of garbage. He’s already cost his team one game in the Finals due to his cheapshotting nonsense. And that hit last night on Marchessault was ridiculously dirty, if the league had any disciplinary guts they’d suspend him for the rest of the Finals. At first I was rooting for Ovechkin to get his Cup—but I don’t want to see Tom Wilson’s name on a Cup.

      • That was a late hit but on his defense it was 1 second, so it looks a lot worse however yeah….observing, it was late. Penalty was fine, no suspension warranted.

        • Disagree, I thought it was a typically predatory hit by this season’s worst repeat offender. Might cut Ovechkin slack on a hit like that, but Wilson has a track record of reckless late hits. The guy is a cheapshot artist who doesn’t have to play dirty to be physically effective—yet he continually throws dangerous hits. It’s like Raffi Torres, at some point you’ve gotta give Wilson a massive suspension before he ends someone’s career.

          • nothing wrong with that hit …stop being a overreactive pansy. He didn’t leave his feet, target the head, or any of the vicious predator hits you feel he is king of. Make hockey violent again. I hate this pansy hockey with tards like you screaming for punishment for playing hockey like it should be. That clown had his head focused on the pass and not what was around him. Next time he will remember to look around.

            Dirty hits are scott stevens realm. Ask lindros if caught that freight train that leveled him? That is a cheap shot.

          • Odie, go kill yourself already, you’re stealing oxygen from the rest of us. You have nothing to say, you’re a simple minded troll.

          • Pansy hockey is right up your alley fruit cup! Swallow those swords fudge packer!

    • Antoine Roussel would be the perfect piece to replace with. He could also be useful for the next 5-6 years, he doesn’t score that high but puts up Fast type of numbers. I would be happy if JG got him and if Beleskey earned a spot back in the NHL in this team.

      Maybe if Kreider put up above 55 points or played like a power forward than you would see that throw back. What a waste…. He has McDavid like speed to top off his underwhelming game.

  • “Having David Quinn, a coach he is comfortable with, gives him a lot of confidence heading into next season”

    A quote from Kevin Shattenkirk on the SNY site today. Could there have been issues with the old coach?????? As the off season goes along, little by little, we are hearing things along this line. Makes one think that could well have been a problem with many others on the roster????????????

    • No unless you want to continue to spin words around to fit a narrative of yours. It’s a ex coach of his which makes sense to bring up confidence and excitement for the upcoming season. Dubi had a falling out with Torts back in the NY days and he said the same thing right after CBJ hired him.

      Everyone besides Buch hasn’t trashed AV. Go look at what Zucc said in the recent weeks. One interview was praising AV that he finally got his real chance to play in the big league because of AV. His more recent interview sounded a lot like the old policy of making the younger guys accountable and not slowing down to cater to them.

      JT never really trashed AV besides mentioning a difference that they had.

      McDmentioned how he’ll find a new gig real quick and sounded like he was still cool with him.

      Hank has never once dragged his name through the mud.

      Hayes praised AV like Zucc did by being the first coach to believe in him at this level.

      Sorry but I haven’t seen any negative comments about him besides Buch. There certainly hasn’t been any low key disses towards him. I think this is why he’s still getting played handsomely by the Rangers, he didn’t lose the team until midway through last season.

      • AV was not a bad coach – he was just a coach who needed to change with the times and the players provided. His system was aggressive, which is necessary in these times, but he was stubbornly negligent of changing things towards the strengths of his team and reacting to styles other teams played.

        He will undoubtedly find a spot with another team, but like all coaches in this league, will get to a point where a change is necessary.

        I cannot tell you how he managed the lockerroom, but neither can others here.

      • No player ever publicly buries a coach, so even the mildly negative things leaking out along with the shade getting thrown via the comments in relation to Quinn speaks volumes(which is more than AV ever said to a player on the bench.)

  • AV was a terrible coach before they hired him and he was a terrible coach when they hired him. He only cared about himself and not was was best for the future of the team. We could have traded Cally for prospects and picks and AV and Sather decided it was best to give up two first round draft picks and Cally for a guy heading into retirement. I know we…we made the Cup, blah, blah, blah…all it did was push us back another 5 years from winning.

    We could have hired Gerard Gallant when he was fired…but we wanted to give AV and his cast of misfits another kick at the can…until Sather retires…this organization will always push the panic button

    • I am with you. Also we could have kept Cally for the playoffs (probably the same result). Not re-sign him as he was a FA. Then use that $ to sign a real FA. What a stupid deal.

  • We could use talented players, like most teams. I think we need to lean towards speedy players with good hands with the later picks. As much as we can train players, I find it hard to teach speed.

  • If Dobson, Bouchard and Kotkeniemi are gone at 9, I would prefer Veleno over Smith or Bovquist

    Ty Dellandrea…..Yes, Yes Yes at 26….this kid is going to be special.He was once speculated and projected as a mid 2nd round pick. I want him as a Ranger.

    Hopefully Kaut falls to 28
    Lundkvist falls to 2nd for our 1st pick
    Kotkov 2nd of our 2nd round picks and boom with 1 draft we have established solid depth

    At #9
    Wahlstrom wishful thinking
    Bouchard should be gone / Dobson might be gone
    Kotkeniemi might get selected by a team before us at 9
    Veleno will be there at 9 and a better selection than the smurf defensemen, though Hughes makes you rub the chin but I think Detroit will pick him

    My prediction

    Buf- Dahlin
    Car- Svechnikov
    Mon- Zadina/Tkachuk
    Ott- Tkachuk/Zadina
    AZ- Wahlstrom
    Det- Hughes
    Van- Bouchard
    Chi- Boqvist/Kotkeniemi (Boqvist is actually a good fit here)
    Rangers Select- Noah Dobson

    My wish list
    26- Dellandrea
    28- Kaut/Bokk
    39- Lundkvist/Ylonen
    48- Kotkov
    70- Regula/Hall
    88- Hall/Clark
    before the slash player should fall / after the slash next in line

    • I don’t think they are going to keep all there picks. I think you expect a couple of trades to either move up or some young, cost controlled player.

    • Boqvist not a good fit for Chicago if in win now mode as he’s three years away from being able to compete against men. Either they try and move up to 4, go for Kotkaniemi or auction the pick

    • Veleno may turn out to be a good player but there is NO WAY that I would take him over the likes of Smith or Boqvist. These defenseman are quite special and you can get Veleno-like players in later rounds. IMHO, yes, Veleno will go in the first round – Dellandrea may go late first-early second, Berggren? First time I’ve heard his name, looks like an interesting mid round prospect…..but frankly never seen him in any top round projections, yet.

      • Less reading, more watching.

        Berggren killed it as a U18.

        Boqvist can’t play D against his own cohort, got destroyed against men.

        Smith rode some pretty long coattails.

        • Sorry Reen – but I must respectfully disagree….and I do watch plenty. Boqvist plays D well enough and Berggren is as much a household name as many others who as you say ” killed it”. He is not a first rounder, period.

          • If you think Boqvist plays D well enough, you don’t know hockey or scouting.

    • Leatherneck who are the centers in that selection you have up? And are they all above 6 foot?

      All this team needs is some quality 6 foot centers with some speed and on ice iq. The speed can be learned but taking Maclrath as a example …speed couldn’t be taught cause he was to dumb to figure out the game …only thing he knew/knows is to fight the guy with the puck. So I think IQ is very important especially at center but unlike the NFL I doubt there is a IQ test for Centers.

      You can’t teach height or toughness. You can learn hockey IQ but it takes a while. For some it never comes so draft priorities should be Physical talent, hockey IQ, then speed. Speed can be learned with enough dedication. But we need talent that can help out now or atleast in 2 years. Not 5 years down the road.

      So I guess my question is who meets those criteria in your opinion? I truly think that Center is where we really need the most help/depth.

  • Agree with moving picks and players to move up in the draft. Could even move Spooner and a late 2nd for a late first.

  • No way Veleno drops that much unless he shows up at the combine and turns out to be 5’7”.

    Once he got traded and had a good QoT going, was above 1ppg.

  • Enough with the AV rants…please. He is gone. Plain and simple. The franchise is in this position for multiple reasons and they are all well covered at this point. We just hired a coach that has zero head coaching experience in the NHL. 0…zip, zilch. When he mucks up in the near future I can’t wait to hear all those rants. I truly am excited to hear the “why did they hire him” …he sucks, send him back to BU. Give it a rest and lets talk about the draft. Gorton has a BU connection. Just that simple. The guy is just going to be another fall guy in a long list of fall guys this franchise has. If AV was the sole reason we sucked then let the good times roll…next year we make the playoffs and who knows win the cup. OH WAIT …we only have 2 centers and no defensemen. And when we sign Nash this summer I don’t want to hear that either.
    If we draft a defensemen with the 9th overall pick especially if he was slated to be drafted later in the round I will be one here every day all day when he sucks and turns out to be another del zotto.

    Being a Ranger fan sucks and is just as painful as being a jets fan. We are never gonna win it. When Sather dies and Dolan sells the team lets talk then. Otherwise keep it cheerful and talk draft.

    Yeah the centers here in this post seem like solid picks. Can’t really go wrong with either one. Veleno seems like the better option. I hate swedes …feel that they are overrated do to international success. Swedes have a great program just feel like we take to much info from hank and sources. I feel that it is over scouted.

    So with Vegas winning the cup with no elite talent….what does that say to you guys? Think people are going to second guess their draft picks or free agent signings? That was a damn impressive outing last night for vegas. This really is going to change up the league and how GM’s view players at the bottom end. And remember at one point this past season Vegas was down to their 3rd string goalie.

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