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Trade target: Cody Franson

Franson posted 17 power play points two seasons ago

Note: No goal breakdown from last night. Sorry about that.

Today marks one month until the trade deadline and buzz continues to build that the Rangers are seeking help for the right side of their defense. TSN’s Bob McKenzie reported that the Blueshirts don’t want to part with any of their young forwards in a swap – but they are expected to look for cheaper solutions.

We’ve already discussed Michael Stone and Ryan Murphy, so today we’re taking a look at Cody Franson. Two years ago, Franson was one of the hot commodities at the deadline and he was shipped from Toronto to Nashville with Mike Santorelli in exchange for Olli Jokinen, Brendan Lipsic and a first-round pick.

Franson, 29, flamed out in Nashville and signed with Buffalo that summer, where he’s been ever since. Franson missed the final 23 games of last season with a concussion and hasn’t been quite the same player.

But he’s displayed signs of life lately with four points in four games heading into the All-Star break. Franson is a UFA to be and not part of the Sabres’ future plans, so he’s a very realistic trade target.

He has experience running the power play and still has intriguing #fancystats that suggest he might be a useful acquisition.

For some more background on Franson, I sent a few questions to Andy Boron of Die by the Blade:

Q: Franson had a tough season last year cut short by a concussion. How has he recovered from that and is his level of play back to where it was pre-injury?

A: Last season Franson went from a possibly-exciting acquisition to a disappointment really quickly. It was clear that the game, both speed and confidence-wise, was passing him by. Yes, he put up 17 points in 59 games, but it seemed like they were offset more often than not by a defensive blunder in his own end. However, this year I think Franson has turned things around in a small way. His defensive miscues have been fewer, and he’s currently one of a small handful of players who actually have a positive +/- this season. Or maybe this is just Stockholm Syndrome settling in with how bad the Sabres defensemen (minus Ristolainen and McCabe) have been overall. The thing that hasn’t come back for Franson is the offensive production. He can still make a solid outlet pass, but the guy who just a few years ago was racking up points on the power play has not resurfaced.

Q: He was once known as a PPQB but Franson has just one goal on the man advantage this season and has seen his ice time cut. Is he still useful there?

A: The issue with the Sabres generally decent power play is that they have one All-Star squad with all of their best players, and a B-squad of whoever else happens to be around. Franson has played almost exclusively on the B-squad, so it’s hard to say whether he can effectively quarterback a true #2 power play unit. He is still a good passer, and if there’s any place he’ll put up points it’s on a strong power play – but I’m not sure he’ll ever approach his Toronto numbers again.

Q: Franson seems to have plenty of critics, but his underlying statistics still look pretty good – what’s your take?

A: I think as a No. 5 or 6 defenseman on a good team he’s…fine. The problem is he has to play protected minutes in order to maximize the return and not every team can afford to do that. For perspective – he’s been a 5/6 defenseman most of the year on the Sabres, who regularly dress four players that I would consider 5/6 defensemen. To not be able to rise significantly above players like Justin Falk or Taylor Fedun is slightly concerning. Funny story: I’m actually typing this while watching the Sabres play in Nashville and Franson literally just took a holding penalty to prevent a guy from skating by him.

Q: What are Franson’s strengths and weaknesses? How would you describe his career arc right now?

A: Strengths: Good, calm passer, uses his body effectively against the boards, can get his shot through from the point, good puck control and vision in his own end.

Weaknesses: Franson is slooooooooowwwwww, and while skating backwards he looks like he’s stuck in a tar pit. Doesn’t always use his size to his advantage, and suffers from the occasional defensive brainfart – though who among us doesn’t?

Q: Are you of the opinion that Buffalo will look to deal Franson? If so, what would you expect for a return?

A: I think the Sabres will ultimately be sellers, and I don’t see them wanting to retain Franson, so I say get whatever you can for him. Got any third-round picks burning a hole in your pocket?

Big thanks to Andy for the help with this post – be sure to check out his site!

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  • Don’t bother.

    Gorton should watch last night’s tape every single day from now until march 1st to realize he has 2 D men worth a damn: McD and Skjei. The rest totally suck.

    Klein seemed liked he was a -38 last night. The meaningless goals at the end kept him from being a sterling -4, and believe me, he was worse than that. he should never play another game in a Ranger uniform ever. Worse than Girardi, and that’s saying something. Killed Skjei all night when they were together as a pair.

    This is not fixable this year unless Gorton pulls off a miracle and gets the 2 D men I think they need to contend this year. If not, then don’t waste trade assets, won’t help.

    And I can’t believe that I am saying this, but with all the issues that I have with the coach, the fact is the D men are horrific and have no business playing for the Rangers.

    I kept saying it: Wait until the Rangers play better teams, which they will from here on out, as their D gets shredded night after night. Blame on Hank? Go ahead, but the only way they keep goals out is if they build Trump’s wall in front of their goal.

    Also, is it possible to get a 2nd chance shot on rebounds? EVER???? I would bet that they are near dead last (like last year) in 2nd chance shot opportunities.

    • To get a rebound, that would require a Ranger to be camped out in front of the goalie, so the answer is NO! Another soft characteristic trait of this team and why I like throwing the word “gutless” out there that Eddie Cubed loves so much ?

      • Brutal, even in front of their own net, there are 2 CBJ players closer to our goalie than our closest D man.

        Save the assets for this year, make a run at Trouba before the expansion draft, buyout G, somehow trade Staal and Klein, and sign Shatty.

    • Totally agree man. I know you’ve been wanting to get this fixed asap while we have Hank and all that but this looks beyond fixing this year. I never seen a player go bad so fast as what I’m seeing from Klein. I wouldn’t bother with Franson either. Why would we go get another guy that’s slow and has mental breakdowns. I thought we had that already. I really think they should give Graves a shot. My only concern with that is if we stick him with a partner that stinks (and we have plenty of guys to choose from) then will that hurt his confidence and mess with progress going forward.

      As far as the 2nd chances, I’ve been saying that forever. We went out and got guys with speed and seemed to have leaned toward the style of game the Pens were so successful with last year and this year too really, but the difference is the Pens get crowds around the net. You watch when they take a shot, there’s always at least 2 more guys right there for the rebound. I remember when the season started. I was seeing us take a lot of shots and guys going to the net. I don’t know what happened to that. We still have times where we’re there but it doesn’t look like it’s nearly enough times. We just played a guy who’s got 6 games in the NHL now. We shoulda been all over him.
      One thing I can give to the D is Staal just got back and he was playing much better this year so let’s see or at least hope him and Holden can get back to being a decent pair again. Then we would only need 3 more D men. Lol

      • It’s very sickening, quite honestly my friend.

        While everyone was giving Holden love, I could see what a train wreck he is too in the D zone. Really, they had 2 D men, and it’s not even that Skjei is that great in as much as at least he can skate.

      • “My only concern with that is if we stick him with a partner that stinks (and we have plenty of guys to choose from) then will that hurt his confidence and mess with progress going forward.”—-You mean like AV did with McIlrath in training camp? Then Graves is doomed. Maybe he’ll turn into a “golden boy”, who knows?

        • So what about all those minutes McIlrath had with Yandle last year, which was his first in the bigs? Yes, the same Yandle who empirically strengthens numbers of those he is paired with?

          • Ya that was really a ton of minutes, & back to the bench so G could play on one leg.

    • Agreed, not fixable this year. Gorton need to remain calm, not force any desperate deadline trades, take value where he can find it, and manage the roster more meaningfully over the summer.

    • Funny how fast Klein went from poster boy to worse than Girardi status. Things change very fast, don’t they?

      • That’s the danger with players in their 30s in the modern NHL. The guys that weren’t blazers in their 20s become far too slow as they move through their 30s. The result is that their play collapses in the blink of an eye.

        • Actually some of the best conditioned athletes are in their thirties, like MSL for instance. Thirties is not old for an athlete & if you are Chelios, Jagr, Messier & Howe, it can go to forties.

    • By the way, we’re not allowed to criticize Vigneault any more until non-bloggers tell us it’s OK. Since those non-bloggers are often two or three years behind the times, we might be able to talk about him honestly somewhere around where his contract ends in 2020– Joe Fortunato

      Joe must be reading Eddie’s posts. OK no more dissing AV until Brooks says it’s OK.

        • Paul, I’ll to put it plainly- criticize AV all you want. Don’t confuse me as someone who gives the coach unwavering support. He does some things well. He does some things poorly. As a fan, with an eye for advanced stats, I commend those who are critical and dig into what is really going on.

          My main gripe with the majority of your posts is that at some point (maybe from the beginning) you’ve gotten away from analyzing what is going on- you simply put all fault at the feet of AV. One example that comes to mind- it’s his fault that Vesey isn’t scoring because AV isn’t playing him with Nash and Stepan, as opposed to Vesey has come back down to earth like we all should have expected. He does not have the talent to score 60 points in year one. Maybe in year three. But instead of keeping a level head when his production normalizes, you blame AV for ‘messing with his head’. I agree that Vesey would have more points if he played in a scoring role, but when our scoring isn’t the issue, there is no need to put Vesey with Stepan and Nash as his point totals are not the main priority for the Rangers. Players in the NHL almost always go through a grooming process, its normal.

          It comes across in your posts that the players are the reason that we can score goals at will (not AV’s coaching/system/influence) but it’s not their fault that we witness an unacceptable amount of D zone breakdowns, rather it’s AV’s fault/systems/influence that the forwards don’t back check enough. Might that also be the player’s fault? I see no consistency from you…..except that AV is to blame.

          At the end of the day I am luke warm on AV and do, in fact, criticize him too. He is an imperfect coach. I do not enjoy watching the Rangers play ‘pond hockey’ lacking defensive structure night in and night out. I do not enjoy how he deploys his defensemen at all. I would very much prefer McIlrath back in blue contributing on our right side. I would very much prefer not to see Girardi out with McDonagh ever again. I would like to see Skjei and Clendenning leaned on much more to see how the state of the team would fare under such circumstances.

          At the end of the day, I like to keep an open mind and realize that sometimes what I think I know might not be a reality of the world. It’s great that you can make your mind up, seemingly arbitrarily at times, and parade around from that point until infinity blowing your own horn. To me, you share the same stubbornness you often critique AV for. In my opinion, a little humility could go a long way.

          In closing, it is fine, even encouraged, to criticize the coach, players and organization. My issue is that you do it with an agenda and thus said criticism is flawed.

          • In all fairness, I’m just as guilty of the charges against Paul, because AV has earned the criticism, in my opinion. Believe it or not, at first I thought AV was a good coach, who had some bad luck in Vancouver, but following this tea, as closely as I do, I have grown to dislike his style, and approach to the game………I’m also the first to admit it too……….

          • Hey I realize you are a stats guy & that’s fine, but having taken & used stats in my research life, I realize how flawed their use in hockey is & I’m not going to repeat why. Just because one uses stats to buttress one’s arguments doesn’t make one’s opinion more objective or more “right.” Run Corsi by me all you like but when the regression analysis(which is objective) demonstrates it covers only thirty percent of the variance, I’m not going to put much stock in it. If I crticize AV it’s because I live & breathe Rangers, ever since I was 7 & I’m 72 now. And anyone who knows me(& I don’t expect that any of us knows the other in depth) will tell you that I don’t make up my mind “arbitrarily” about most things, but opining can also be an educated guess, based on the data at your disposal & how you interpret that data. Often facts are nothing more than perceptions, and I’m quite comfortable with perceptions. In my opinion, AV has numerous shortcomings which are holding this team back & that frustrates me.
            (paragraph for Dave) As I’ve said before I’m prepared to be the fool, it won’t be the first time. I’ve already lauded AV & now I’m back to my original position, so be it. Like I said before if it drives you crazy, skip the post. If humility means that I should “confess” that my perception is wrong, why would I do that. Frankly your last sentence makes no sense to me. I also criticize players when I think it’s warranted. Hell, I’ve criticized Fast, McDonagh, Skjei, Klein, Glass, Pirri, Holden, Clendening, Stepan (I usually pass on G because that’s covered enough already.) I also realize that sometimes guys are playing injured, which is why I didn’t beat up on Girardi, even though he was awful.
            Like everybody here I have my faves–Nash, Zucchie, Kreider, Miller– and I really liked DMAC , not because I thought he was the second coming of Bobby Orr, but because I thought he has some promise & mostly because I thought he was a truly great kid with a fantastic sense of humor & a team first attitude. I detested what AV did to him, especially in training camp this year, which makes me think less & less of AV as a leader and a person. So there you have it, and yes my personality profile is Enthusiast-Challeger, & conflict is no stranger to me. I once led a 30 day strike against an employer who I very much liked, because it was the right thing to do & then I went to another job. Ya, you are right, I can be a pain in the ass & opinionated, but “arbitrary”, not a chance.

    • “Klein seemed liked he was a -38 last night. The meaningless goals at the end kept him from being a sterling -4, and believe me, he was worse than that. he should never play another game in a Ranger uniform ever. Worse than Girardi, and that’s saying something. Killed Skjei all night when they were together as a pair.”

      Favorite line of the whole night, forget which Blue Jacket goal it was.

      There was Hank, think it was the third goal, with Klein ON HIS man at top of the crease, watching Hank with googly eyes……Blue Jacket taps puck in for the goal. Joe Mic-a-icantspellhislastname says, and I quote “Klein just couldn’t get to his man.”

      Joe…Klein was standing right next to him. He couldn’t get any more to his man unless he was surgically attached to him!!!!

        • I don’t like him personally but why does he hate certain players like Hayes and even Brassard so much?

          Hayes could have two guys on him in the high slot for a spin around backdoor feed and he calls the play all relaxed.

          Stepan is 11-4 in the dot and finally wins one that goes to Girardi who scores his 4th of the season. You will hear about Stepan being a potent faceoff taker and passer with Girardi who must have a all star shot on him. Or else he’s up Glass’s a$$ if he was still up here with the team.

      • Right John, I don’t know how many times there were at least one CBJ player closer to our goalie than our own D men. Just awful.

  • I look at Franson as using a band aid on an open heart surgery incision, it’s a waste of time, and it won’t stop the bleeding !!!!!! Richter is spot on, and I agree, don’t waste any assets until after the expansion draft next summer ……………….

      • I believe you, I get to go to a few games with my son, and his boy, and they have looked pathetic to me at times………..

        • You know then when you see the whole ice and get the full effect of what is going on, it’s very troubling. The players have a big hand in it but what about the structure of the defense? Their positioning is awful. But then again, maybe they are so bad that they cannot get into position. A very good possibility.

          • That last thought, Richter, is the issue. Most of the Rangers’ D can’t move quickly enough to go where they know they should be.

            It’s a speed game, and if you are missing just a fraction of your former speed, you’re toast.

            Again, the D can’t really be overhauled this season thanks to the expansion draft. So it will have to wait for the summer.

            The bright side is that none of the Rangers forwards, save Nash and Grabner, are past their prime yet. In theory, the offense should be even better next year, add some quality D men that can move the puck and defend, and the Rangers will be scary good next season.

          • Right Chris, how many times is McD’s play influenced by what G does or doesn’t do? It’s basically all game long, a scenario like this:

            Opponents come down ice, the 2 Ranger D men are backing up, G gets blown past, McD slides over, leaving his own man that ends up getting a clear shot at the net?

            How often does that happen?

          • That’s basically what I was thinking when the season started. I didn’t expect Klein to be this bad but I didn’t think the d was gonna be good at all and that Gorton did what he could to fix the offense and make us a younger team and. Next year he can work on the D. There’s too many problems with the D now. It is funny to me how guys can blame AV for everything that goes wrong but at the same time say how bad the players are. ITs not like our D has been bad ever since he got here. When we had the players we played good D. I think he could be too stubborn at times by not sitting guys like KLein and Girardi but otherwise I think he’s been a good coach. I’m sure every coach has his flaws.

    • Now I’m not saying a bottom 4ish player might not get picked up besides the next thing that I’m about to say which would mean most definitely that either Staal or Girardi would be traded soon. I just think assuming Gorton gets a rental aging D man who fits the bottom 4 is a waste of energy. It’s been well documented that the moves from here on out are to add to the future, that is to the list of names Gorton mentioned yesterday about how excited he is to have AV coach during his extension. I think a big move that involves a package coming this way will happen with a young RHD in it. People might fight over how it should have beenTrouba or Hamilton but it will be about that type of quality and unfortunately Fowler is in play here as well.

      Gorton will use whatever Ranger vets who were included in the one last kick at the can talk if need be to add into this package. JT looking like a stud next to Hayes who is destined to play the 2c soon doesn’t help Zucc’s case who could be a add in to get a deal done. I would imagine JT and Hayes as a pk duo is a strong enough case to keep him around.

  • Why does AV never take his timeout when the team looks like a disaster? Columbus give up 3 quick goals to start the 3rd and Torts takes his timeout. What happened next? They settled down. They still gave up a 4th goal but they stopped the bleeding.

    • Another issue I’ve mentioned a few times myself, questionable isn’t it ??????? Yes sir, AV walks on water doesn’t he !!!!!!!!!

      • Walt, why do you keep repeating that he walks on water? I see a lot of criticism (often deserved) directed his way.

        • Usually by the same folks, while others, E3 for one, can never find fault with anything he does. That’s also me tweaking his supporters, without getting personal !!!!!!!

        • Why not ask the same question of E3, and his use of the term HOF coach he loves using??? This by the way is not an attempt to piss you off, really it’s not !!!!!!!!

          • Lol, no offense taken. I probably don’t ask Eddie the question because I knowingly won’t read his lengthy response 🙂

          • You too! Now there is something we do agree on. Eddie, make it concise & I will read it, otherwise I’m skipping it.

    • I said this in todays other thread, last night up 4 or 5 nothing, a cbj player did something that Torts didnt like. Torts gave him the business when he got to the bench up by that much, AV complete opposite.

  • I do not see this team making any trades unless it hits them fine but we need defense as dan and marc are both getting old

    • Dan and Marc are getting a little long in the tooth amy. However, they are not nearly as bad as fans as they made out to be in Rangersphere. The Rangers need to bring in some youth on the Blueline. Brady Skjei is a good start, but they need more young talented defensemen in their organization.

      • “Dan and Marc are getting a little long in the tooth amy. However, they are not nearly as bad as fans as they made out to be in Rangersphere”

        I’ve proven how much better McDonagh is away from Girardi. Can you please show me any proof that Dan Girardi isn’t, anything less than awful? And no, using a worse defenseman in Klein doesn’t disprove that Girardi is awful.

  • Franson? Let me take something from the interview above – Franson is slooooooooowwwwww, and while skating backwards he looks like he’s stuck in a tar pit. Just who do we pair him with?

    I know we are looking for a change of scenery move here, but I don’t think this is the move. Graves is the better move for a few games. Are we really so afraid to hurt Klein or Girardi’s feelings? I guess Gorton must be in “wait until next year mode” or Graves would be at least getting a look.

  • Franson? Has he learned how to skate yet? Seriously. until the Ranger star netminder figures out how to stop a puck its not going to matter who is on the back line.

    • “Franson? Has he learned how to skate yet? Seriously. until the Rangers figure out how to play on the back line its not going to matter for any Ranger netminder.”

      There, I did my good deed for the day and fixed that for you.

  • You could bring in the two best D in the world right now, but if Hank is at .902 it truly doesn’t matter. The 2nd and third goals last night were comical. And the first was really weird too. Bite the bullet, make the playoffs or not (!), make the changes in the summer. There are plenty of teams out there who will need what we have in the summer.

    BTW, here come the Islanders.

    • Hank played to an .812 Sv%.
      Rannta played to a .700 Sv %

      Know the only constant in those poor numbers?

      The defenseman in front of them.

      • What about the forwards. Didn’t McDonagh say they were leaving the zone too quickly sometimes? Wouldn’t it be nice if a reporter talked to Beuke about the D? I bet that would be off limits.

        • That was the 2nd Raanta goal. Skjei was almost out of the zone when Klein made the tape to tape pass to Saad(?) and bing bam pow it’s 5-0 on a 3 on 1.

      • John B…I truly can not give you any credence….you are totally delusional in my opinion….how long have you been a Ranger fan? I am thinking you are a Ranger fan only because Henleak is on this team….Leaky has lost it….end of story….he will not rebound

        • If you want to convince others that he is the delusional one, instead of you, it would help to include evidence (numbers/stats) to quantify your points as opposed to solely relying on rhetoric. Since we all watch the games separately it helps to establish grounds of uniformity.

          On a separate note, you two are not preaching mutually exclusive ideas. Lundqvist has not played up to par this season. The team has not played well defensively in front of him. Methinks he would be making more saves (aka making you happy) if the team gave him more support (aka making John happy).

          As an aside, he played like ass last night and needs to have some of those back. That, however, does not mean he “has lost it….end of story….he will not rebound”.

        • Whether I’ve been a fan for 5 minutes, or 5 centuries is irrelevant to anything.

          I can pull and post the stats that show that even in a bad year, for him, Henrik Lundqvist is an NHL caliber goalie.

          You made the claim he was nothing more than a “minor league goalie”, a claim you’ve made no attempt to prove nor do I suspect you ever will. I suspect you’re going to start “yelling” louder and louder the same tired refrain “he’s lost it” despite evidence smacking you in the face that contradicts your argument.

          You were no where to be found the past few games when Henrik Lundqvist put the Rangers in a position to win in Detroit. You kept quiet while Henrik Lundqvist literally stole the LA game. You still remained absent and mum while Henrik Lundqvist kept us in the game at Philly. You only say “he’s done” when there’s a bad game.

          Did he drop the glove save on the third goal? Yes. Should he have had that? Yes. Can he stop a shot he can’t see? Last I checked no human being has X-ray vision, so he can’t do much more on the first goal. The 2-1? What more can he do there? Even on the third goal, if Klein plays whistle to whistle the Blue Jacket players stick isn’t free. The TEAM played just as poorly in front of Raanta. A fact that you chose to ignore to advance the “he’s done” mantra.

          I can prove very quickly how Lundqvist at the very LEAST, is an NHL Caliber goalie. Why don’t you try and disprove it, if you truly believe he’s done.

          And to be perfectly honest, I still have my #34 John Vanbiesbrouck jersey.

  • And to all those who ‘ragged ‘ on McIlrath…….you still want to say he shouldn’t have been given a better chance to play???/
    You still think Girardi, klein, holden, stall are better???????/
    He could not possibly have been any worse and he certainly knows how to cover players standing in front of the net!!!!!
    Careful what you wish for…..

    • Ah Rich…..McIlraith? Really? He can’t stay in the NHL for anybody. I think he’ll be at a rink near you before long teaching 10 year olds how to skate.SLOWLY.

  • This team is soft in character…there is skill….sure…but lacking in character and grit…it shows….this team will not contend for a cup as long as AV is the coach. They will be as they typically have been with a few ups and downs in standings an average team….because of this we will not land generational players in the draft….and without those….we will never compete on a consistent basis as the favorite cup contenders which means we will stay the so pretty pretenders.
    Staal, Girardi, Stepan, McDonagh and Lundqvist were once the core of this team…and proven they will not be the Cup winners we so want.
    I hated seeing the extention given AV…but…it is what it is….so….enjoy this style of play and fruitless results for another 4 years….average at the very best

    • This is not an AV problem, but a team leadership problem. Maybe we need someone (dare I say like a Callahan) to kick some butt in the lockeroom? I know it isn’t McD. Maybe they do need a big trade to shake them up. Give Krieder the “C” and tell him it is his team. Move Stepan and Zucc and get some real defenseman. I am beginning to believe we cannot survive with this defense in the playoffs against teams like Columbus.

  • Rangers must open the doors for a Tavares signing in a couple of years….and draft some right handed forwards…..Yes McDonagh is a piece to that puzzle either as remain on the D or as a trade chip….however I agree he should not be wearing a letter…..I lost so much respect for him when he allowed Crosby to walk all over him…gutless that was
    Lundqvist days are also over as he has proven he is susceptible to losing to other goalies who can make that one extra save that he can not make. That’s his legacy

    • You have a better chance at becoming a Hank cheerleader than Tavares leaving the Islanders my friend, lol.

      JT is not going anywhere. Though I will say that Stamkos was very tempted to sign here and it almost happened.

      • Oh hell, really? I was so excited about signing Stammer & if he was interested that makes it worse. However, he seems to be getting injured a lot, so who knows.

        • From what I heard, Stamkos thought long and hard about it. And on top of it, I heard that the Rangers had a deal in place to ship Stepan for Dumba if Stamkos signed here.

  • Unless Gorton wants to trade some of their best assets, there is no way the Ranger’s blue line gets a significant upgrade this year. Other teams will want to fleece him, and I doubt he’ll let them.

    So, expect at best a minor upgrade. Franson doesn’t sound like a guy they!d want, even if he is cheap. But, what are the alternatives in the bargain bin? Gorton might get someone who ends up a little better than advertised, like Holden, but I wouldn’t expect much. I expect to see more or less the same blue liners in the playoffs.

  • I’ve stated this before, and I’ll repeat myself, I’d do nothing if need be until the end of the expansion draft. Why give up assets for rentals? Why trade for retreads? Why trade for d-men who can’t be protected at the draft. Unless we can unload the pylons, or Klein, then don’t do anything, and see how the season plays out. I wouldn’t throw good money, after bad again, it’s not worth it. Please prove my logic to be wrong !!!!!!!!!!

    • Walt,

      I want no part in rentals, but quality defensemen are expensive year round. Trouba/Hamilton/Vattenen cost the same today as they will in June/July/August. Gotta give to get.

      How to protect one of them in the expansion draft work a trade to for Vegas to take someome else, those talks can take place March 1rst. Tell Girardi waive NMC or be bought out. Girardi loses 4.29 million on a buyout, give something to Vegas for them to take him. If Vegas or Girardi wont Buy him out, which can happen before the draft. Protect the player you bring in.

      If Shattenkirk is their decision get him now, not the offseason. Make sure he fits and doesnt become the next of the Richards, Drury, Gomez, and Redden contracts. All players that were gonna fix the problems and didnt. All players that just needed money to get no assets. All players that had top line experience, Shattenkirk doesnt. Shattenkirk isnt who Id want, Id rather youth but if they are gonna get him in the offseason, Id rather they test drive him now, make sure that shiny used car isnt a lemon.

      Thats why I start fixing now and start with top line defense.

      • Kris

        With all due respect, I believe Buttman has stated he doesn’t want any back room deals with the up coming draft. What you suggest, right, or wrong, may be perceived as collusion, and I’m not willing to loose #1 draft picks for it. Isn’t that what happened to the Devils, with Kovi ????? I could be wrong, but that’s the way I remember it……..

        • Walt,

          I believe he said that, but how many things has he said and gone back on. I did some research to see where I saw the info. Not sure if your a twitter person, however Frank Seravalli who is a verified Senior Hockey Reporter for TSN sports, on January 31 tweeted these messages. These messages were retweeted by the official Bob Mckenzie account which when Bob or Darren Dreger say something seems to be correct.

          “Plan is for Vegas @GoldenKnights to make final installment on $500M expansion fee by March 1, but that date is not set in stone. If @GoldenKnights close in time, they will likely be permitted to make trades prior to March 1 #NHL trade deadline.These include expansion draft consideration trades (e.g. assets to agree to not select Player X in expansion draft)Vegas @GoldenKnights, however, would not be allowed to trade for any active player this season, even if already injured and out for the year. In theory, Vegas would be allowed to trade for a prospect playing junior this season, or a contract/protected player playing overseas.”

          He also has a article linked on the the following tweet (im not sure if your allowed to post links, so not wanting to get in trouble I will not post it). Neither says that you can say heres this to take him, but it says heres this to not take this is allowed, so I would think that is possible. If it is against the rules then you cant but I think you can.

      • I do agree with you on letting Girardi know in no uncertain terms, he agrees, or is bought out, at his loss. Also, there was no misspelling of the commissioners name, that was deliberate………

        • Walt,
          I did not think you spelled his name wrong lol. I am curious on your thoughts of test driving (getting at the deadline) Shattenkirk if they are going to target him in the offseason, to make sure he fits before handing out the contract hes gonna get. I believe when you saw what hes looking for, was too much, which I agree, but if they go for him and are prepared to hand that out.

          • Kris

            I know where your coming from, but then again how much are you willing to give up to get this guy?

            Who do we then expose for the draft? What happens if he comes here, and really wasn’t interest in us, but used us as a bargaining tool?

            Based on his defensive skills, I’m not convinced that he is the answer, I’d look for a real shut down guy who can do the job, and not cost us an arm, and a leg in the process. That’s where I’m coming from, I could be wrong, but for sooooooooooooo long we gave away the shop, only to have buyers remorse !!!!!!!!!!

          • Walt,

            Personally, Im not interested in him, with what his contract demands are, I dont think hes worth it at all, could be wrong. Id much prefer they go after one of the rumored names to be available or the name thats not out there. As long as its a first line rh dman, the younger the better.

            I think Gorton holds all the cards in the situation. How much is anyone going to give up for him as a pure rental. Ottawas second from the brassrd trade and mid prospect. Id do a first if they took Klein, just to ensure hes gone.

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