Thoughts following the Mika Zibanejad/Derick Brassard trade

derick brassard mika zibanejad

The Rangers made their first, and possibly only, big move yesterday, shipping Derick Brassard and a 2018 7th round pick to Ottawa for Mika Zibanejad and a 2018 2nd round pick. The move saves the Rangers $2.35 million in cap space while getting arguably equal –with the distinct possibility of it evolving into better– production while also getting younger. They also nabbed a second round pick as well. All in all, it was a solid trade for Jeff Gorton, adding to his already solid offseason. Here are my thoughts on the trade.

1 – First things first, it stinks to see Brassard go. But if any of the centers were to go, he was the only logical choice. Brass was the best trade chip for the Rangers, as Gorton cashed in on what is likely a depreciating asset. It was highly unlikely he was going to score 27 goals again next year, as he needed a whopping 15% shooting percentage to get to that. It was the first and only time Brass had ever cracked 20 goals, and at 29 years old when the season starts, he’s already peaked. Zibanejad already has a pair of 20-goal seasons at just 23 years old. Both Brassard and Zibanejad will put up 50 points next year. I’ll take the cap savings any day.

2 – While the above three points are critical, don’t sleep on the fact that Zibanejad is a right handed shot. The Rangers have been lacking a right-handed trigger man on the powerplay forever now, and it’s something they’ve needed to address. Derek Stepan wasn’t getting the job done, as he was too deliberate with the puck. Zibanejad set up for the Sens as this trigger man. I’d expect him to give the Rangers more of a threat from that side of the ice, perhaps opening things up for players like Rick Nash and Mats Zuccarello. He’s also a 50% faceoff guy, so there’s that.

3 – The elephant in the room is still the defense, and I will get to that in a moment. But let’s take a step back and appreciate the type of trade this. The Rangers recognized that change needs to happen. They recognized that they may not be able to address the blue line this offseason (again, more on that in a bit). So they made a trade to get younger and cheaper without sacrificing skill level. Plus they got a high pick out of it. Most seem to agree that next year is likely not a year of realistic contention for a Cup, so this move loads up for 2017-2018, while keeping an eye on 2016-2017.

4 – Make no mistake, the Rangers will not be significantly improved unless they make major changes to the blue line. Kevin Shattenkirk is a start, but only if it comes at the expense of one of Dan Girardi or Marc Staal. If no trades can be made, then they both need to see fewer minutes. It’s not for lack of effort on Gorton’s part, he’s certainly trying based on the news that’s leaked. But if there is no trade market, there is no trade market. It was a poor hand to be dealt, but Gorton is doing a masterful job of filling other needs and not letting this make or break his offseason.

5 – I have a feeling Eugene Melnyk was behind this trade. The Sens waited until after July 1 to make the trade so that they didn’t have to pay Brassard’s $2 million signing bonus. That makes his actual salary out of Melnyk’s pocket $3 million, as opposed to the $3.25 million owed to Zibanejad. After this season Zibanejad is going to get relatively expensive, potentially up to Stepan money if he has a monster season. Brassard, on the other hand, is due just $3.5 million for each of the next two seasons. That’s a lot of money saved for a team that doesn’t spend to the cap. Aside from real dollars, I honestly have no idea why the Sens would make this kind of trade.

6 – My initial thought on lines is that Zibanejad gets first crack with Nash and Zuccarello. The Chris Kreider, Derek Stepan, J.T. Miller trio had some good chemistry, and my guess is that Alain Vigneault will keep them together for a little bit before switching things up. It wouldn’t shock me to see Stepan and Zibanejad flip flopped, but I think those six players make your top-six. That cements Kevin Hayes as your 3C, likely with Pavel Buchnevich and Jesper Fast as his wings. The fourth line will be Michael Grabner, and some mix of Josh Jooris, Oscar Lindberg, Nathan Gerbe, and Tanner Glass. I really think Glass is on the outside looking in with some of the depth signings, but I won’t buy that until he’s not in the lineup.

7 – If you want some Brass memories, here’s his gif archive. So long Brass, we will miss you and those lovely goal celebrations and awkward fights.

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  • playing buch with fast would be an absolute waste! fast is a 4th line player at best! hopefully jensen makes the team and gives us 3 skilled lines and an up graded 4th line!

    • I agree with the Fast comment, and I still think one of the many player signings may be a better player to open the ice up for Buch than Fast. I for one do not think Gorton is done. While the defense may be cemented in place, I still feel the Hayes signing may not go as smoothly as some think. I see Oskar being a centeman on this team.

      • Maybe but Hayes will have at least until November to prove he is the right guy. He fell 9 points shy of his rookie point totals. Not all that bad for a sophomore slump. Landeskog had one, MacKinnon had one among many others. The kid in EDM tied to the NYR the last couple years had a Calder calibre rookie season in the lockout shortened 12/13 season and was never the same.

        The NHL doesn’t know you until they see you a year. Then they watch you and develop a book on you and exploit your weaknesses. Even Ovechkin had a year when defenseman shut down the 2 moves he used as he became predictable. He worked on some things and got back. Hayes needs to figure what teams are trying to do to shut him down and re-invent his game, develop some new moves. He should be fine but I think the reason some of the forward’s had disappointing seasons was because of how bad the defense was as a whole at moving the puck out of the Dzone and 1st passes.

        Staal seemed to make 75% of those right to the opposition. AV will need to mix in another breakout play or 2 in order to keep the opposing forecheck off balance. Too predictable were the NYR breakouts.

    • If the Rangers had 5 or 6 right handed forward’s, then you can utilize Fast and his defensive play on the 4th line. No one seems to even acknowledge the importance of having wingers on their side at even strength. And off wingers on both sides of center on the PP. Its imperative.
      Nathan Gerbe is a shooter. He have broken 200 SOG the last 2 years. His SH% is low but that may change in NY but if it doesn’t then at least we have a shoot first guy in the lineup. The Rangers seemed too cerebral with the PP. Often over thinking it when a one touch pass and a quick wrist shot or one timer is all you need. Hopefully Zibanajad helps in that regard too.

      What about Marek Hrivik for 4th line duty. He didn’t look out of place for a second of any NHL shifts he played. He’s a righty shot too that would play well as a 4RW. He skates decent, board play was pro level, and he’s got good size to him. I would consider him in camp as a possibility.

  • It’s very simple, the 2013-14 Ranger team was all about speed. Teams could not keep up with them and the Rangers were a tough team to play because of it. This is a trade with that in mind. Rangers just got younger, faster, and bigger all in one trade for one player. Also, Zib is a shooter which the Rangers need badly.

    My hope is that the new found cap space is a step towards another move. Because making all these changes at the forward positions will not be meaningful unless the back end is addressed. And it only takes one move. I wanted Demers, he’s gone. So who? Shatty? Will cost trade assets. Nash with retained cap space? Only if STL lowers their asking price for Shatty who can be had for nothing next year.

    I have been on the Trouba bandwagon. Why? Lots of rumors that he doesn’t want to stay there. 22, righty, talented, etc. Kreider (Jets need a lefty as a lot of their forwards are righties) and McIlrath maybe gets it done? And then with Kreider not here to be paid almost $5M per, there’s the $$ to sign Trouba long term.

    You follow that up with a low cost signing like Hudler, or Gagner (my choice), or Pirri for the top 6 and the team looks a whole lot better:




    Then for next year, you add Shatty as a FA and finally buyout Girardi, unless Staal gets traded. Maybe the above line up looks even better if Staal somehow gets traded and Holden takes his spot. Then it’s a home run.

        • I read Dave’s comment the other way, meaning McIlrath and Kreider have more value than Trouba…I wouldn’t want to make that trade.

          However, I am interested in Trouba, as he is a young talented righty d-man. I just don’t know if we have the right pieces to make a deal there. I could see the Rangers offering Hayes + Girardi/Staal and taking on some of the Pylon’s contract, but that may not work out numbers wise and the Jets most likely do not want a pylon.

          • Interesting…I would think Kreider straight up for Trouba would at least get them thinking. No way I would trade McD and Kreider for him.

    • Sam Gagner? For real? And top 6? You know Arizona traded him to Philly because they believed he couldn’t play hockey at the NHL level, right?

        • I mean the guy can play, but he’s nowhere near what some people believe he is. He had 16 point in like 60 games last season. At best, he’s a fourth liner, not top 6. My bet, dude goes to Russia.

          • I was reading up on Sam and they were saying that Philly stuck him on the 4th line which is like putting Hayes on the 4th line. Kid has skills and talent. Someone will take a chance on him for the right price.

          • Except the fact that Sam Gagner is older and has been playing in the NHL since 2007 and actually played on the second line with Sean Couturier and Michael Raffl, both much better players than Gagner. I mean wasn’t he only even called up from Leigh Valley because of injury? I mean, Philly has been dressing some AHL guys for a few seasons now–Chris Vandevelde, anyone? Gagner’s as good as that guy. I’ll pass.

      • He doesn’t play defense. from what I heard, He’s a 100ft player.
        On a cheap 1 year deal for depth. He could be a valuable righty shooter. I don’t know if he’s a good Faceoff man and maybe the man defensive assignments are a bit much for him to play center but he could add a little more righty balance to the lineup. I wish there were at least 3 righties playing the RW. Miller & Zuc were the only off wingers that handled that position well most of the time at 5 on 5.

        On the PP we need righty shooters for the left side of center as well. I felt like if the oppositions PK guarded the right side where all the dangerous off wingers were, our chances of scoring were cut in half at best. Stepan is not the best trigger man for the left side with the man advantage.
        I may beat this to death but it’s important to have balance with left & right handed forward’s. We have added a few more with Zibanajad headlining the list but I would kick those tires if Gorton doesn’t need money for a plan on making a deal for a defenseman, then why not? He is close to being out of the NHL. Lots of guys have come thru here and reignited their careers (Pouliot).

    • Why not target Ristolainen rather than Trouba?

      Include Moulson or Kane to incentivize Buff

      Zucc, Hayes, & McIlrath for Risto, Ennis & Moulson/Kane

      • Risto is considered a franchise D man there. Trouba is too in Winnipeg but there’s a lot of rumors that Jacob doesn’t want to play there, that’s why he may be in play.

  • I like the move a lot. The Rangers save a few cap dollar which to them is most important. The Rangers also now have a righty shooter for even strength and the PP.
    I think the Gerbe signing was also a good one. He’s a pure shooter. Always near the top of the NHL in SOG. His Sh% is low but that may change a bit in NY.

  • The Rangers as currently are a fringe playoff team…if the goal is to get younger, trade nash and klien, maybe even zucc, and build around step miller krieder

  • What’s to say Kreider is still here by Friday? If anyone were to take stock in what “Stop coaching, Pat” has to say then Kreider could very well be the piece that helps the Rangers get ol’ Shattenkirk. Pat has been on Kreider alot lately.

  • The Rangers utilized one of the organization’s strengths, “Cash”, to structure a very favorable on-ice transaction. Good business.

    But my sense is we are all ahead of ourselves in terms of not expecting any on-ice performance drop-off between Brassard and Zabinejad. It takes time for players to settle in with a new club and linemates; we’ve seen that numerous times in years past. I expect this trade to work out very well for the Rangers (who remembers throwing some extra “cash” into the mix?), but most of those benefits will accrue beyond this upcoming season.

    Brassard had great chemistry within the team and was a leader on the ice. He and Mats, in particular, played very well together. Love the trade but it will take some time for “Z” to grow into the team.

    • AD, I think it’s easier for a player to integrate at the beginning of the season than in midsteam, like at the trade deadline, where players seem to struggle & then get better the next year.

  • All the reason’s mentioned by your thread are spot on, and if we have to trade a popular player, at least we get all those benefits in return. Our forwards are fine, maybe throw Oscar on the third line with Hayes, and Buch, for defensive purposes, upon his return, and go with the cast of characters we currently have.

    Our Achilles heel is the defense, with the two slow pokes, but that also can be worked around. Look, I don’t see too many GM’s knocking on our door for either Dan, or Staal, so use them as the 5-6-7 defensemen, limit their time, and pray that at the trade deadline some team, due to injuries, will be desperate for one of the two, and we get cap relief, and an asset in return. Jeff Gorton has done a pretty good job thus far, given the hand he was dealt, and in due time, a year, or so, we will be much better off with some of the contracts coming off of the books, and possibly getting rid of the twins !!!!

    If Jeff can continue making deals like this one, Rangerland will be well positioned for the future……………

  • Hate to see Brass go, but I agree, he was the most valuable chip they could use to get something back. The 2nd rounder is a nice thing to get back, especially for a team that gives away its choices like candy. At the very least, they got younger, bigger and saved some money. If Mika Zibanejad can give us the same production as Brass, and the fact that in everybodys estimation, he has a greater upside than Brass going forward, then its a good trade. I’m just kinda’ shocked that they did anything—I was getting used to the idea of bringing back the exact same roster as last season—-not happy about it—-but getting used to the idea. Now that the ice is broken, I wouldn’t be that shocked to see at least 1 more significant move; especially after the arbitration negotiations are dealt with.

  • it was a move we had to make we are getting younger and he has excellent hands he will win his share of faceoffs and he will be good defensively I will miss you brass

  • I will miss Brassard. He had become my favorite Ranger. I thought he played like a guy who really wanted to win. He was good in the playoffs too. But the deal clearly makes sense. The size, speed and right handed shot. Not to mention his age. I just hope the chemistry is there. I think it will be. It may take time. I’m sure there’s more moves Gorton is trying to make. So far I think he’s doing a good job. He’s got a hard job to take over after slats

  • I liked Brass.
    BUT Zibanejad is
    Better on face offs
    Shoots Right
    And not to be overlooked, came with a 5 spot bump up to a #2 in the 2018 draft

    Great Trade, period.

    • All true, but only cheaper for 1yr. Next summer we will all be discussing whether or not he is worth $6.5mm

      • Its doubtful he’ll get $6.5 as he is a RFA. Most likely 2 yr bridge deal. if he has a monster year then lets sign long term for 6.5

        • Can’t bridge him, he’s UFA in 2 years. He gets a long-term extension either this year or next summer and Ottawa has a very tight internal budget.

  • Gotta like this move. Brass had a great year but getting a younger forward with a lot of upside as well as a 2nd rounder is tough to pass up.

    Brass had a great year and had some good chemistry with mates but you’ve got to start somewhere. I don’t buy-in to conjecture that he has peaked because there are a lot variables that influence performance. True he may have, but some guys get better with age and none of us has a crystal ball.

    Not worried about Zab being an RFA. If he has a great year then dealing with his contract is a good problem to have.

    Good move by Gorts and I like the patience he is showing.

  • Great write-up Dave.

    “Aside from real dollars, I honestly have no idea why the Sens would make this kind of trade.”

    This gem (as point #5) was buried in your post, IMHO. Brassard gives them a productive offensive player at a very reasonable and known cost for three seasons. Zibanejad will probably get paid at least as much as Brassard does after the upcoming season. In NHL salary cap math, both teams were able to dump salary in the same deal with the Rangers dumping figurative salary while the Sens dumped actual salary (“The Sens waited until after July 1 to make the trade so that they didn’t have to pay Brassard’s $2 million signing bonus. That makes his actual salary out of Melnyk’s pocket $3 million, as opposed to the $3.25 million owed to Zibanejad.”)

  • Zibanejad is not a playmaker. He is a north/ south player with a good shot but not someone who is going to make electrifying plays. Despite his size, he is not a physical player. He is better suited to pivot the 3rd line. Kevin Hayes would be more effective as a 2nd line center.

    • MZ had 111 hits last year – not Matt Martin but a far cry from Henrik Sedin or Phil Kessel (9 hits each)

  • One more thing Mika brings is the ability to score in the shoot-out, something we sorely need also.

  • Just one comment, a little off topic.
    If the Rangers are relying on Kevin Hayes to grow up and become a productive player, they will be sorely disappointed. Trade him now before the rest of the league realizes this. We waited too long with MDZ, and we were very lucky to come away with KK. We may not be so lucky this time. Ship him out now.

      • Dave, I just don’t like Hayes. Been watching hockey for nearly 50 years, there’s something missing there, I can’t put my finger on it, but he’s just not the player a lot of fans think he is.

          • I know, for a guy that almost had his leg amputated and came back to play in the NHL, Hayes has no heart …

            Just because he’s a little awkward and goofy looking that doesn’t mean Hayes isn’t working hard. He’s just going through the maturation process that about 95% of NHL’ers go through.

          • I have not been in the Haye’s camp and have considered him as a decent trade chip for something bigger over the off-season.

            I don’t dislike his play – I just have never become a big fan. A lot of you are strong on him and I agree with Chris as far as cutting him some slack.

            But….it is pretty much “a show me what you got” year for Hayes. If I’m Gort’s I am only giving him a one year deal.

            Everyone of these RFA’s have a great chance to shine this year. I like Miller’s deal and the idea of one-year contracts because of that. Give them some motivation. Hayes should be approached the same way.

            To me Kreids is the one that is tricky. If there is another Domino coming and it comes to using Kreider or Hayes as a piece if it then let’s keep Kreids.

            He is the one guy that I just don’t want to have to face on another team against us.

        • Hays changed during a playoff game where he was hammered a couple of years ago. Since then he has not been the same. I only hope he can come out of that shell shock. If he can he will be OK.

    • A 6’5 24 year old center who has averaged 0.5 points through his first two seasons. He’s cost controlled and cost the Rangers absolutely nothing besides his salary to acquire.

      That’s exactly the typ of player this cap strapped team should think about trading.

    • Simply put, the stats do not back you up. Especially not the advanced metrics. Whether or not you believe in those is up to you, but he grades out as a second line talent (and, very, very close to being a first line talent) going by advanced metrics such as a HERO chart. I’ll trust numbers before my eyes or my gut, eight days a week. He’s already a productive player.

  • Good trade Groton. We get younger ,bigger and faster. Mina is also a skilled player along with being a right handed shot for the PP. Cap space saved too. Now trade Stepan for Duchence and the center ice position looks much better. Now on to remaking the D. Revisit the Nash to Ana trade and make it work. DMc stay I want a full year of the kid. He has done everything asked of him without saying a word. He plays tough and clean and fights with honor. The kid has been taught well and he listens. This team of to many nice guys needs more Dylan Mc grit and toughness. Do what’s needed to move Danny G and Staal. I’m good with Ryan, Kevin K.,Brady, DMc, Cam and one of DV or Staal.

      • That my friend would be based more on homegrown bias than actual skill level. Duchene trumps(sorry) Step easily.

        • Noooo… I’m not the type to have “homegrown favoritisim”

          Anybodys that’s been at BSB long enough over the years, would know I don’t think that way.

          However, you my friend have the ole “grass is greener on the other side” mentality.

          Matt Duschesne – 495 GP 377 PTS -21

          Derek Stepan – 434 GP 305 PTS +90

          You guys (AD, Paul) are acting as if Duchesne is the second coming of Joe Sakic.

          Duschesne is a very good player with a VERY sexy name. He’s not that good.

          I rest my case!!!!

          • You buttress your case well, Original. (Even if you don’t spell your antagonists’ name correctly.)

            But wading in here I’d also have to line up in the Duchene camp. Step’s a good, solid citizen. Certainly scored some big goals.

            But Matt Duchene is a cornerstone player.

            Moreover, Rob, the dynamic Colorado pivot is an unquestioned 1C, where Stepan is better suited to 2C. Plus Duchene’s a year younger than Step.

            If Richter’s behind this one–plus Jacob Trouba, another cornerstone player–so’s Fotiu.

          • Nick,

            First off, I wanted to thank you for making me laugh…..Again 🙂 lol!!! Soon as I saw the picture of the video to one of my favorite movies :-).

            I understand that Duchene is rated a better player (net- net) by the “pro Hockey experts” I get it. I’ve watched both of these players extensively before they ever hit the Big Ice, but what I’m trying to get at here, is that the difference between the two isn’t that much at all, but that the sentiment on the difference between the two is that I get from guys here, is that it’s VERY big, which quite frankly has been making my scin crawl for a while. This, coming from people on here that I generally respect and value their opinions.

            I’m obviously very big on Stepan, and It hasn’t been no secret.

            Perhaps, I’m being a bit defensive for him, as I feel like we all can get carried away sometimes with some of these “sexy” players from other teams, when in fact, we have a hell of a player in Stepan that seems to be underappreciated by many Ranger fans, not only on BSB, but throughout Ranger Land.

            Derek Stepan is a unique player, in which he has brains, he’s got incredible vision, and his ability to see the play develop is something that is hard to find. Let’s not forget, he’s only 25 years old.

            Yeah Duchene’s special too, but more so a sniper, more explosive if you will. Stepan can do everything very well. Stepan is more my type of player, and the stats are very equal. Some may even say Stepan has an advantage if you were to pro rate the amount of games between the two. On the other side of the token, the argument for Duchene would be that he’s played for a worst team over the past half dozen seasons or so, so I’m aware.

            Also, I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again. Derek Stepan carried Team U.S.A to the world Championship in Juniors and from my experience, players that do so in Juniors, tend to repeat that same role at some point in the big leagues…. Stepan, as good as he’s been, still hasn’t reached his peak yet.

            If anybody hasn’t seen Stepan play in that tournament, THEY REALLY SHOULD as a Ranger fan (2010 World Junior Championships.)!!!

            It seemed like, on every other shift, Stepan was carrying the puck up from his end, going coast to coast, looking off defenders left and right on the opponents blue line and delivering Gretzkyesque primo passes, then flying back the other way, back checking like a rabid beast, AND was doing it like as if he was a grizzled old veteran of a NHL team of 20 years with unbelievable poise. You clearly saw his maturity level even at 18 years of age.

            He was the Captain of team U.S.A in that tournament and we beat Team Canada for Gold, all while he was the leader. I think he put up somewhere along the lines of 16 points or so in 7-8 games, but it was how he did it that was impressive.

            To me, Stepan will be a BIG part of this team winning it all in the next 3-4 years.

            Sorry boys. Down vote me all you want, because to me, Stepan> Duschesne.

          • Again, TOR, as a journalist and former magazine editor I recognize the impressive level of due diligence that go into your posts.

            I mean, hey bro, even though you sketched on Boxcar’s and Duchene’s spelling–again, Rob?–you’re still one of The Good One’s.

          • Holy smokes….. I forgot he says “Amphetamines!”

            TOR – “I really think Stepan is better then Duschene.”

            AD, Nick, Paulie – “Surely you can’t be serious?”

            TOR – “I am serious… and don’t call me Shirley!”

          • And since you opened The Original Bar to Swarty and I, Fotiu’s ‘gonna reciprocate.

            You and some of our more accomplished hockey hooligans, I mean, posters–Flashback Swarty, Dr Paul Raunchy, Coach Walt, Bobby B., Richter, Eddie-the Unabomber–are welcome at my Birthday Party.

            North end of Palm Springs; 114-115 here today, so you probably won’t need a coat.

            Look for the Sicilian flag flying alongside the Basque; lowered Dodge Magnum, a Rangers shield dominating rear windshield out front.

            You’ll hear the sound of small arms fire. (Doc Raunchy likes to plink with my 50-cal.)

  • I have a feeling that Ottawa thought they might have trouble resigning him to a number they were comfortable with so they wanted a player with more cost certainty. The type of deal he signs next year with the Rangers be a big factor in how successful this deal was.

  • Dave, I don’t know why you think AV would put out a line of Kreider, Stepan & Miller. I advocated for that line all of last year & AV finally put them together well into the season & then broke them up after only a few games together., Brass will have a great season in Ottawa, with Guy Boucher, and especially if he is paired up with Mark Stone. Ottawa had the same problem last year as the Rangers, with their coach flipping players around from line to line, even eliciting a complaint from Curtis Lazar about how he’d rather be a fourth line centre, than a third line wing. Ranger forwards were dreadful defensively last year and at centre, where more ice has to be covered, you need strong skaters who can, above all, forecheck effectively & then get back into the D-zone, to help the D men out with board play & getting the puck out of the zone. If Lindberg gets back sooner than later, as has been reported, I’d rather see him in the 3rd line centre role than Hayes.

    • I agree Dave. Leopold has not done anything logical as you suggested playing Kreider with Miller and Stepan for a longer period of time. Everything we think, Leopold will do the opposite as though he is saying I am the boss and do as I say and I don’t care if it works. Just look at what he did with Fast last year. Who thinks Fast will play on the 4th line this year? Wishful thinking. Fast was forced into the second line with Kreider and for some reason they did not play well together.
      I am probably the only person who did not like Brassard so this was a no brainier. I hated his non checks. He only checked when he was angry which was not much. But I must say he played well last year.

        • Most of the hits are subjective. At home he could miss someone and still call it a hit. Last year he had 3 shitty plays to 1 good play. But last year he improved a little. I still don’t like him though. He is one of the players that gave up. Plays 1 good game and takes 3 off. Plus he is French. We We. He can’t get any better. 🙂

          • _,

            “Plays 1 good game and takes 3 off.” Really?

            “Plus he is French.” REALLY???

  • I don’t see the cap space argument as very compelling. It looks like the Rangers could handle the cap this year anyway and there is probably a better than even chance that Zibanejad will cost more than Brass next year. The only reason IMO to make this trade is that you think Zibanejad will be the better player – not sure about this, but it is a reasonable premise.

    One thing I like about this trade is the actual salary issue. A good trade is win-win; both sides get assets worth more to them than to the team that gives them up. Since actual money is worth more to Ottawa than to the Rangers, it is good to see actual money moving in that direction.

  • While we will miss Brass who is a talented player, I believe that this trade is exactly the kind of trade that the Rangers need to make. They get a guy who has skills and is young plus a second round pick for a player who is 6 years older. Any trade carries risks, but Gorton seems to have made a very good deal. He may have more moves up his sleeve. At least this trade shows the fans that he is working on improving the club with the long term in mind; this is not the kind of trade you make if you are going all out to win now. It will make it easier for guys like me who worried about the team’s future to stop yapping for a while!

    • Good place for him, because then he’s not in NY playing for the Rangers. Rangers don’t need another defensively challenged forward.

        • True that.

          It’s funny Yaku is still there – I’d like to see him with Buch.

          But then I do suffer from hallucinations – so I’d like to see Namestnikov at Center with Buch as well.

          • A goodfella but too much time on the bong or eating dutchies ar Tim Hortons.

          • The Hallucinations come from something. If Sal had been around then mystery solved.

            But no – I’m going with flashbacks…

        • Hey Consigliere, ease up on paisan Swarty. Swarty is a goodfella, just like us guys, capisce?

          • Is that salvo pointed in my direction, Doc?

            You know Swarty’s the Sammy to my Dean.

            The Raoul Duke to my Doc Gonzo.

            The Peachy Carnehan to my Daniel “Danny” Dravot.

            Nothing but love here for Swarty.

          • Nick,

            COME ON Nick lol?

            So I spelled one name wrong!

            You know it’s a peeve of mine when others spell the names wrong lol.

            Stall, Stephen, Haglin, “T.J. (Joe Mich) Miller”, Stalman, Hayse, Dom More, Kevin Kline just to name a few are my favorites 🙂

    • Oh thank goodness. If that’s true, it takes him off the board as a possibility. Last thing we need is an ego driven super skilled enigma.

  • I feel this is a move that will create another move.

    it will be hard to replace Brassys passion and zest for the game. Let’s face it that kind of stuff is contagious.

    I like the trade we got fair value and then some.

    I talked to some Sens fans today and they are pissed off. Mika is a fan favorite. And he will become one here too.

    Center depth will not be a concern. With stepan, z, Hayes , and Lindberg. That’s a tough lineup to stop.

    With the forwards locked down expect to see some trades on the Staal girardi front and many make another move for a sniper.

    It’s not gorton I am concerned about or his moves as he has shown a penchant for making the savvy trade. It’s AV. I don’t think he knows how to deal with these young guys.

    • Good points, my guess is AV got a end of year review from MGT that included his dealings with the youngsters. Shortly After this meeting his saw Ulf leave and then MGT replaced Ulf with Beuke, I am sure AV wanted his old pal…Rickie B… that didn’t happen..

      I’d say either AV deals with the youth better, or December comes and AV goes…

      Pass that Dutchie!

      • let’s all hope that is the case!!!!!!!!!!

        the team is getting younger, and still skilled, best of both worlds…..

        AV, adios my friend !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • I love this trade, not because Brass is gone, difficult not to love that guy. however, it makes the Rangers a better team. Do we need relief and help on the D front? Yes…yes we do, but Gorton is doing a great job and his patience is a breath of fresh air, I think we will all be singing this guys praises in future years, but time will tell. A little handcuffed on the D front right now, not his doing, but navigating admirable. All of a sudden, I’m looking forward to the year. LOL, love finally seeing a little optimism on the site, for the most part.

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