2016 NHL Draft Open Thread – Day One


The first round of the 2016 NHL Draft is upon us, and it’s already been interesting. Before today, the Rangers traded Keith Yandle’s rights to the Florida Panthers for a 6th round pick this year and a 4th round pick next year. The Panthers then promptly signed him to a massive seven-year deal. The Rangers are also apparently looking to deal both Marc Staal and Dan Girardi, but nothing is imminent.

Around the league, Frederik Anderssen went from Anaheim to Toronto for the 30th overall this year and a 2nd rounder next year. He then signed in Toronto to a five year deal. Alex Goligoski’s rights were traded to Arizona, with Dallas receiving a 5th round pick. Goligoski also signed with his acquiring team.

  • Apparently Kevin Shattenkirk really wants to be a Ranger, but take this with a grain of salt.

  • Auston Matthews is the first overall pick to Toronto, no surprise there.
  • Montreal trades Lars Eller to Washington for 2nd round picks in 2017 and 2018.
  • Chicago trades Andrew Shaw to Montreal for Montreal’s 2 2nd round picks in 2016 (#39, #45).
  • Patrik Laine goes second overall, no surprise.
  • Columbus surprises people, going with Pierre-Luc Dubois third overall. Jesse Puljujavri was the consensus third best skater, but Columbus didn’t like him, apparently.
  • Puljujavri goes fourth to Edmonton, who for some reason forgot that they had the first overall and slept through to the fourth pick this year. Also, Edmonton will have 12 first line forwards in their lineup, with no one playing defense. Poor Cam Talbot.
  • Olli Juolevi goes to Vancouver at fifth overall.
  • Matt Tkachuk goes to Calgary. Son of Keith, who was always headed to the Rangers at some point in his career.
  • Arizona selects Clayton Keller seventh overall. Very skilled. Arizona is loaded up front.
  • Alex Nylander goes to Buffalo in the shortest draft announcement yet. Buffalo is efficient.
  • Brian Elliott goes to Calgary. St. Louis gets the 35th overall pick and a conditional 3rd in 2018.
  • Mikhail Sergachev goes ninth overall. Josh profiled him here.
  • Tyson Jost to Colorado at tenth overall. Another team that has Barney the Dinosaur playing defense.
  • The Devils trade down from #11 with the Senators for picks #12 and #80. Ottawa selects Logan Brown with the #11 pick.
  • With their pick, the Devils get Michael McLeod. Getting into the territory where the Rangers might make a move, if they do.
  • Jake Bean goes to Carolina, who is really stocking up on the blue line. Wonder if the Rangers can grab one of them. Would be super.
  • Charlie McAvoy goes to Boston at #14. Guess they are trying to replace Dougie Hamilton.
  • Luke Kunin goes to Minnesota at #15. There goes the Stepan-to-Minnesota rumor.
  • Detroit trades Pavel Datsyuk’s contract and the #16 pick to Arizona for Joe Vitale and picks #20 and #53. The #20 pick was originally the Rangers’ pick, acquired in the Keith Yandle deal. Arizona uses the #16 on Jakob Chychrun. Oh hey, the Rangers were involved!
  • Dante Fabbro goes to Nashville at #17.
  • The Flyers have traded the #18 pick and the #79 pick to Winnipeg for picks #22 and #36. Winnipeg takes Logan Stanley with the pick.
  • The Islanders take Kieffer Bellows with the #19 pick. Son of Brian Bellows.
  • Detroit selects Dennis Cholowski with the #20 pick. Lots of good defensemen off the board. Wonder if they can keep up with the Rangers blue line, though.
  • Carolina, picking again this draft –I wonder what that’s like, two first round picks. Hmm. Someone?– take Julien Gauthier at #21. This pick was from LA for Andrej Sekera.
  • Philly takes German Rubtsov at #22. Josh also profiled him here.
  • At #23, the Florida Simbas Panthers take Henrik Borgstrom. This is an off the board pick, but the Panthers are huge on draft analytics, and once you get to this stage in the draft, we will see things start to shake up a bit.
  • Max Jones goes to Anaheim at #24. Cam Fowler is still with them for now. Maybe they weren’t so keen on a Fowler/McIlrath swap after all.
  • Buffalo gave Lindy Ruff a nice ovation. Probably the highlight of the night for me. Woohoo.
  • Riley Tufte to Dallas at #25. So much for Staal for Nichuskin. I tried. I am not good with The Force. I have no Jedi mind trick powers.
  • Washington trades down with St. Louis, getting picks #28 and #87 for pick #28. St. Louis takes Tage Thompson from UConn. He will be teammates with Adam Huska.
  • Tampa Bay gets Brett Howden at #27.
  • Washington selects Ryan Johansen’s little brother Lucas at #28, received from St. Louis from trading down.
  • Bruins take Trent Frederic at #29. Another off the board pick. Boston hasn’t really figured out this drafting thing, have they?
  • Anaheim wraps up the first round with Sam Steel.

The Rangers did nothing, but that’s not unexpected, despite the snarkiness. Today was a huge day for American hockey. It was the first time in history there were more Americans taken in the first round than Canadians. It’s the first time we’ve beaten them at something hockey related since the 1996 World Cup.

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  • Boy, Columbus is going to regret that. Puljujarvi (and Laine) are 1st overall picks in half of the other draft years.

    • Maybe they decided in the end that Pul was so good due in large part to playing with Laine? Or maybe they found some sort of character flaw with Pul that soured them, that us as fans would never have access to? That’s about all I can think of. I do think Dubois should be pretty good too, though…but I probably would have taken Pul.

    • I’m hearing now, this was a positional decision. CBJ wanted/needed a C. I’m also hearing that they called EDM about swapping the picks…which in turn basically signaled to EDM that Pul was theirs anyways. Seems like spinning the wheels to even bother making that call, but that’s what Complete Hockey News on FB is reporting.

      I don’t know how I’d operate as a GM in terms of the draft…take best player available no matter what, or need-based. I might do a hybrid approach, I suppose.

    • Puljujarvi Is a guy who drives teams, made Laine better at WM20 while out scoring him.

      Laine got better in Tappara when he moved to 1st line. I don’t think he showed much spatial awareness. Wholly dependent on quality of service, should be pretty good w/ Scheifele.

      Dubois will be fine for CBJ.

    • Haha, for real though. The only reason I’m watching is for the “Let’s go to Darren Dreger with some breaking news…Yeah guys, I’m hearing that the Rangers have traded…”

      • I put Slats/Gorton (still not convinced Gorton has any real pull until I see a move that is patently un-Slats-like) odds of making a stupid move to a smart move at about 2:1. If they are going to make dumb moves, I just want to be done with them! I don’t want to have to keep checking eight different Rangers blogs six times a day for the next two to three weeks, haha. Certainly hoping they surprise me with a smart move or two. The last time I was all in on a Rangers non-draft-pick related move was probably when they nabbed Hayes, and the time before that may have been signing Nash. I haven’t fully agreed with a ton they’ve done, in other words.

      • I was semi-okay with the Yandle move but just really, really wish they could have done it without Duke. And I’m no insider, but I got the impression that we offered the best package by a good distance based on the chatter at the time.

          • Yeah, and hindsight is 20/20 and all…I will admit, had we retained Yandle long term, it would sting a lot less. Of course, the origin of all of this situation was thinking Dan Boyle was going to magically restore himself to five-years-ago production upon signing with us.

  • Kevin Shattenkirk was rumour to Boston for a 1st round pick, so much for that as Boston picks Mcavoy. Still a possibility Shattenkirk winds up in a Ranger jersy.

    • It seems like other GMs manage to put us through the ringer when they know we have our backs against the wall (perhaps Hags for Etem and the pick – who ended up being Gropp which is good but wasn’t exactly guaranteed – is one recent example, or what we gave up for E. Staal). STL kinda sorta has their back against the wall with Shatty since they are in a similar position to us heading into last season without the money to talk about an extension for Yandle, and they are a team who probably won’t necessarily want to sell at the deadline just like we didn’t with Yandle. I’d like to see us get him, preferably tonight of course…but I’d also like to see us not overpay significantly in talent to do so. STL isn’t to desperation mode yet obviously, but it’s also not a good situation, not to mention Shatty more or less publicly pining to be a blueshirt is added pressure on their end.

      • STL still needs to compete. They are right there, so they will hold on to him if they think they can get a Cup run out of it. Keep in mind they are already losing Backes this summer.

        • Indeed. That’s why I’m not so sure they would move Shatty midseason if they can’t find a deal they like now. It’d probably be a lot easier to sway them if we could comfortably dangle one of Brass or Step (I’d dangle Brass; I like his game plenty, but he’s older and likely heading out of his prime, and losing Step’s D would compound an already bad D situation), but then we are hurting at C ourselves. Which again takes us back to getting some money freed via Girardi or Staal. If we could do that first, we would have the money to figure out C depth someway somehow. Le sigh. I know, I’m kicking the dead horse. My shoe is about to fall apart from it, haha.

          • As GM, I probably would have made a really tough phone call and bought out Girardi when the news came that he’d have to be protected in expansion, honestly. You just can’t bank on some salary floor team taking him off our hands. I hate that it’s come to that, I really do…but it just is what it is. As low as either of their trade value is right now, I think Staals is sadly significantly higher, even if that’s not saying much.

            Speaking of…my god, Detroit did well with Datsyuk. I wish we would be gifted such a scenario.

          • In a static cap environment, a buyout of either player is crippling. You can wait a year on Girardi playing him as a 7D and ease him in to the lineup, then ship him to AZ where he can be a 6D.

          • Not necessarily. Depends on how they spend the money. This year it’s $3m in savings, and you’d likely get a player that is better than Girardi at this point.

  • To be honest, I really didn’t expect much from anyone for those two, and was not disappointed as I type away. Who in their right mind wants those two guys, sorry they are useless !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • I’m not saying this is at all a probability – in fact I think it is about 1,000 to 1 odds – but I suppose there is some remotely small chance AV will adjust his D scheme to at least mitigate some of the damage if we are stuck with them both again next year. I don’t like AV’s D scheme period; it allows for way, way too much passing through the middle (among other problems) unless it is executed extremely well. However, if he were smarter about deployment – didn’t insist on overload with the roster we have at hand, which can’t execute it – I think it could help a bit. Not enough to turn us into contenders…but a bit, I think.

      I really don’t know how that man has won so many games in the last three years. As I’ve said before, I think we have done well despite his system, not because of it.

      Here’s a question for people who know a lot more about high level hockey than me…completely hypothetically speaking, is it unfathomable for a coach to run one D scheme with one pair on the ice (let’s say overload with a McD/Skjei pairing – again, completely hypothetical just based on style) but a different style with another pairing (let’s say zone/box +1 with a Klein/Girardi pairing)? Is that at all a thing that has ever been done? I know handedness (at least with AV) and other things come into play here, but I was just curious if this has ever been a strategy a NHL coach would think to employ; to split the D style by the personnel pairings…

      • To answer your question, no………..

        Things on defense have to be spontaneous, due to repetition, and how can a given d-man do what your asking if he is out there with Mac Truck this shift, and Staal next? It just doesn’t work, and AV would have a canary if someone screwed up, and have to sit the entire defense !!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Skinny doesn’t really change until your metabolism shifts gears. For someone 15lbs under optimal H/W draft year ratio, that’s a lot to try and make up for by the time they decide to make you a qualifying offer.

        Another example of where the farther away from an optimal height+H/W proportion, your point output has to be outsized.

  • There’s an old saying “Some of the best moves are the ones you don’t make”. I hope that’s true. Lets not forget it takes two parties (or more) to make a trade. Gorton doesn’t have Sather to trade with, so getting good picks is easier said than done.

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