Rangers trade rights to Keith Yandle to Florida


The Rangers and Keith Yandle are officially parting ways, killing the hopes of many fans that this club will actually make moves to revamp the horrible blue line. Yandle’s negotiating rights were dealt to the Florida Panthers for a sixth round draft pick in this year’s draft and a conditional pick (4th in 2017if he re-signs with Florida, if he signs). A sixth round pick.

Yandle was acquired by the Rangers at the deadline last year in a deal that cost them Anthony Duclair and another first round pick. They also got Chris Summers in the deal, so, hooray.

Yandle was the only defenseman on this club who moved the puck consistently and efficiently. He was also the only one capable of actually exiting the zone properly. But yet he’s gone. The Rangers are left with McDonagh-Klein, Skjei-McIlrath, and Staal-Girardi on the blue line.

Jeff Gorton, you have a lot of work to do. But….a sixth round pick? Thanks.

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    1. They get a headstart on the rest of the league. Yandle is now their player until July 1 so they can start negotiating with him immediately.

    1. Different situation. Vesey’s rights were acquired by buffalo for a 3rd rounder. However, he will be signing a elc no matter where he goes so money isn’t an issue. So if he thinks Buffalo is a good fit then there’s no reason for him to wait until he can sign elsewhere. Also he had to wait until aug 15 so it’s a longer time period.

      Yandle has a ton of incentive to wait 11 days and see what the highest bidder has to offer. His rights are worth a lot less.

  1. I am no great fan of Yandle but…a 6th rounder for the rights? Really? Unless that conditional pick is a doozy (which one can only hope it is), then Mr. Gorton will have some ‘splanin’ to do.

    1. Why.?? We took a pick to let somebody have his rights till July 1 to sign him. July1 comes He is not signed anybody can sign him including the Rangers.

  2. Really? Did you actually expect more from a foregone conclusion? Be happy we didn’t get a bag of pucks.

  3. Man, the hits keep on coming, great move for the Panthers, a team on the rise who look to improve themselves, while the declining NYR continue to go in the opposite direction. This move has Sather and Dolan, written all over it, the blind leading the blind. I am beginning to think Gorton is just a puppet.

    1. You do know the Panthers didn’t actually get anything yet, right? There’s no guarantee that Yandle signs. It’s likely that Florida just gave the Rangers a 6th rounder for nothing.

    2. You better look in the mirror. Maybe Yandle had told the Rangers He wants out of NY, or wants to go to Fla. We just received a draft picks to let Fla deal with him till July 1st. After that He is a FA.

  4. Part of a deal not completed yet? Can’t complete until Yandle signs with a team, and they know the value of today’s conditional pick.

  5. What more did anyone expect?

    6th rounder for our troubles and an additional 4th next summer if Yandle signs in Florida isn’t a terrible haul, it’s about average for these particular deals.

  6. You are telling me they are getting rid of Yardley and they are keeping Girardi? What are they thinking? The way he played last year I would rather have the bag of pucks for Girardi.

  7. Yup…i was PISSED when they gave away Duclair in a stupid Sather dumb trade.
    Duclair will be a 35+ goal scorer for a long time. Sather ssooo overrated. He won cups only with the Gretzky/Messier leading the way. Grandma could have coached those teams to Stanley Cups.

  8. The coach NEVER cared for Yandle’s reckless defensive play. This shouldn’t have been a surprise to anyone. If anything, it reinforces the fact that Mgmt is keeping AV for the foreseeable future. A sixth isn’t much, but they get Cap space to sign a Kreider et al. Now lets see if they drop more salary to maybe get that one “difference-maker” this Organization sorely needs. Give Gorton some time. Its still only June!

    1. More face palm! Trading your best prospects and highest picks for a star with a style of play the coach won’t like. rangers!

  9. Good riddance, Yandle is absolutely awful. I personally breathed a sigh of relief when I read this. You think Girardi and Staal’s contracts are an albatross? We just dodged a bullet.

    1. So, Gologski gets a 5th and we get a 6th, Man, I was really Groton was gonna be good but all those magic moves in Boston were not his moves. It looks like he has no idea how to be a good GM. First the Staal trade and now this. Scary!

      1. 6th for the chance & a 4th if he signs. Making chicken salad out of Chicken scratch.

        Klein is not a 1st pair D on a good team, much like Yandle. Problem of pairings still not fixed.

  10. I’m on the other side of this. Instead of losing him for nothing, we get a 6th this year and if he signs with the Cats a 4th next year.
    Management must have know we didn’t have any chance in hell of signing him, so we got something…….. albeit a low round pick, a VERY low round pick. Still with no hope of signing him, it’s something. This one’s not on Gorton.
    I am on record as saying the Yandle trade was only a good one for us, IF we resigned him. We didn’t so we lost a nice young player and a first. That mess is on Sather.

  11. Jesper Fast and Carl Hagelin were both sixth rounders.

    And the Rangers gave up nothing. This was a very simple deal. The Rangers put out the word that they will deal Yandle’s rights and then listen for the best offer.

  12. I liked Yandle (well most of the time) but I don’t want any part of the contract he will most likely get as an UFA. Yes, this probably makes the Rangers a bit worse next year (and maybe the next one) but from a long-term perspective it was best to let him go.

  13. The only thing I’m pissed off about is if they knew they weren’t keeping him then I wish they would have traded him last season so they could get more for him. Instead they went n traded more prospects or picks for E Staal. I realize a team doesn’t want to quit but they had to know it wasn’t our year last year. Well now we at least cleared 2.5 mill that we were paying him n don’t have to think about paying him 6 mill or more. I’m just praying we don’t blow up the whole team here. Also as much as I liked Yandle I guess in the long run it will help when we’re not paying a guy lots of money for what he used to do but can’t anymore. Who knows maybe well actually get a guy like Tyson Barrie now. All I know is this is gonna be one strange looking team next year. Just hope it’s a good one.

  14. In the short term, this might hurt, but in the long term, a 30 yr old payer with a 6 yr contract with uncertainty of the cap, might be best. Yandle is going to productive still but Gorton is under a difficult circumstance with the mess Sather started since the end of the 2013 season. See Aton Stralman all the way down.

    Trade winds are blowing and they are heading to the Anaheim Ducks my friends….Stay Tuned..

  15. So we traded duclair and a first for

    Summer’s and a sixth.

    I guess he wasn’t an AV kinda guy.

  16. Wake up people, this guy wasn’t the holy bud of the blue line.
    Pass that dutchie…

    Gordon just got something for nothing, and showing he is making room and not giving the bug $$$ away…

    move on

    lets go baby, 2-3 weeks to see what else GORDO can do!

    I am personally pumped… LETS GO!!!!

  17. I may be in the minority, but I’m glad he was traded for the picks. Not that the return was anything worth a darn, but the fact that we didn’t give him $6.5-7.5 mil, for 7 years.

    I honestly believe he is over rated, can’t play defense at all, and is soft. I like the guy, he seems like a decent person, but knowing that we would be in a cap jam, why the heck didn’t the Rangers move him at the dead line? We could have recaptured at least some value, maybe a #1, but we did what we always do, trade for some over the hill player, E Staal, gave away the store for him, only to not re-sign him later on. These moves are typical for us, why should we be upset, and some were happy to get another retread. the more the merry !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. This is like the blind leading the blind. First they trade for Yandle, knowing full well what they gave up to get him, then instead of extending him let’s say 2 – 3 years when they first got him or trading him at the dead line this year, they let him walk and get a 6th rounder. What a joke this team has become. I have been watching these guys since the early 70’s. They’ll never learn. I would blow the entire team up and start over and yes, hank can go to. build a team from the draft, make sure you draft some BIG wingers/centers/defense men.

  19. Reading some of the comments, I think that people tend to fail to understand Yandle’s game. Guys like Yandle, Stralman, LeTang, Sergei Zubov, move the puck, and break out passes are what they do. Paired with the right defensive partner, you don’t worry about their weaknesses in their own zone because the other guy is back there. You want a Yandle or a Zubov to make that pass that gets your forwards breaking the other way.

    Seemed to me that when Yandle was paired with young Dylan, the pair worked and he was able to do his thing. But then AV paired him with Dan Boyle in playoff games and I just shook my head.

    That all being said, because of the bad contract situations with Girardi and Mark Staal, the Rangers probably couldn’t bid for Yandle and have enough cap room to do other moves. That’s too bad and it illustrates the mess the team is in because of long term contracts for older players. Also, Yandle is 29 and although he is extremely durable, it probably would have taken a contract paying him for six years to keep him, paying him when he is 35. Although I for one am sorry to see him go, there wasn’t much choice. Losing DuClair for what ended up as a rental is exactly the kind of thing that just should not happen.

  20. good move since we weren’t going to re-sign him anyway. For all the people mad at Sather for dealing Yandle for Duclair, give me a break. We were close and Sather went for a deal that probably would have put us over the top in 2015 if not for major injuries to our top 3 defenseman and #1 playmaker for that season.. I’m glad he went for it when he had the chance.

    1. sorry, totally disagree. Yandle was no Coffey, or Leetch to get the team over the top. He was an above average defenseman only

  21. I got a lot of thumbs down for stating before the trade deadline that Yandle should be moved ASAP but the lunacy of Rangers management thinking they could win the Cup with him in the lineup took over. All that silly talk about him loving NY was just that & it is my opinion that he was never going to come back after AV was given a vote of confidence. Not moving him at the deadline for draft picks was THE major error of the season and a big mistake by Rangers management. So getting a 6th or 4th is better than nothing but they could have done so much better at the trade deadline.

    1. Yea, but then we would be reading about how the Rangers went out in the first round because they traded Yandle away and didn’t believe the team had a shot at the Cup! You guys are too funny!

      1. And you always have the questions, but never suggest an answer.

        Now who’s too funny Joe. Anytime someone posts, you always question them, how about you put out an idea of your own, and stop the criticism ????????

      2. Who gives a #$@# what we’d read about. This is about being smart with one’s assets.

  22. Feels like we probably could have traded Yandle for a pick at the deadline, kept our picks/Saarela that went to CAR for Staal and still lost in 5 games of the first round. I know Gorton/AV/Sather wanted “one last kick at the can” but hopefully they learn from this outcome.

  23. The stupidity and irrationality of the recent decisions made by Ranger management the past few years borders on insanity! They seem like they are backed into a corner. I can’t believe one of Gordon’s first moves as G.M., is to get a washed up Eric Staal for a good prospect and high drift choices. You think he would have known better because of some of Sathers blunders. And to top it off, they don’t trade Yandle last year, thinking we were going to win a Cup. Give me a break. Even if they somehow won the cup this year, what about the following years after the long term damage has been done anyway. The goal should be to build a lasting dynasty not a one shot at the Stanley Cup, to seemingly throw a bone to the fans. The problem is that the Philosophy of the Rangers for years is to build by free agents and table scrap players and trade away the future. To their credit,they have put together some really good decent teams, but not really elite teams or dynasties. We do have some very good young players that hopefully will get better next year, but Its somewhat scary to think what might lie ahead for this team if Gorden follows Sathers footsteps..

    1. Do I hear an echo??????????

      Your post is so well stated, I wish I could have used your words, because I’ve been screaming the same message for years. And, probably will continue to do so for years to come !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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