Game 40: Nobody likes Patrick Kane

January 3, 2018, by

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After the win in the Winter Classic, the Rangers are back at MSG to take on the not-so-surprisingly mediocre Blackhawks. The Hawks are no longer the feared team in the West, as a few bad contracts and a pair of monster deals have hampered their ability to get depth behind their stars.

That said, Chicago is still a potent offense. They can demolish an opponent on any given night. Remember this is the team that ended the Rangers six game win streak in November with a 6-3 win. The Rangers were sloppy, and the Hawks can still put the puck in the net.

Hawks Systems

Joel Quenneville is one of the best coaches in the game. His Hawks play an aggressive 2-1-2 forecheck, keeping the back forward and defensemen ready to jump on turnovers. In the defensive zone, the Hawks play a standard zone defense looking to defend you in layers based on puck location. On special teams, they run a 1-3-1 power play, and a wedge+1 penalty kill.

Hawks Lines

Brandon Saad-Jonathan Toews-Vincent Hinostroza
Ryan Hartman-Nick Schmaltz-Patrick Kane
Patrick Sharp-David Kampf-Alex Debrincat
Lance Bouma-Tommy Wingels-John Hayden

Duncan Keith-Jordan Oesterle
Connor Murphy-Brent Seabrook
Gustav Forsling-Cody Franson

PP1: Debrincat-Schmaltz-Kane-Toews-Keith
PP2: Saad-Hinostroza-Hartman-Franson-Oesterle

Jeff Glass gets the start.

Rangers Lines

JT MillerMika ZibanejadMats Zuccarello
Michael GrabnerKevin HayesRick Nash
Jimmy Vesey–David Desharnais–Pavel Buchnevich
Paul Carey-Boo Nieves-Jesper Fast

Ryan McDonaghNick Holden
Brady SkjeiMarc Staal
Brendan Smith-Kevin Shattenkirk

PP1: Nash-Zuccarello-Buchnevich-Zibanejad-Shattenkirk
PP2: Vesey-Miller-Desharnais-Skjei-McDonagh

Henrik Lundqvist gets the start.

Scratches/Injuries: Chris Kreider (blood clot), Steven Kampfer (healthy)

Crazy Prediction: A game where we don’t shrug when a questionable defensive play is made.

Game time is 8pm. Be sure to follow on Twitter for gifs, and on our Snapchat for in-game

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  1. Lace says:

    Why does nobody like Patrick Kane? Because of that stupid incident with the cab driver a while back? If the Rangers managed to dump Nash’ contract and add Pat Kane, he would instantly become every NYR fans favorite player.

  2. Stevem says:

    I may be in the minority here.. but I like Kaner… And I’m not ashamed to say that I rooted for the Hawks in each of their trips to the finals.. of course they were against Philly, Boston and TB.. But I’ve always liked the Hawks organization

    • Lace says:

      I’m not a fan of the Hawks really but I don’t hate them. They have a good organization and play the game the right way. I pulled for them in their Cup conquests too.
      I like Pat Kane as a player, even if he’s a bit doochy as a person.

  3. Chuck A. says:

    Is Lettieri back in Hartford?

    • Richter1994 says:

      I bet he wishes that he were, being scratched for 2 stiffs like DD and Carey.

      These are “decisions” where the coach knows best.

      • Lace says:

        I said this would happen when the Rangers signed him. I didn’t think they would trade for a star centerman but I thought it would at least be a player that belonged in the top 6.
        Everyone was all excited at what a great move it was. Sure it was a savvy signing but they really needed a 2nd Line Center. Not a bottom 6.

  4. tanto says:

    Wow, that Chicago lineup is what I would call revamped. This is the problem when you put all your eggs in a couple of baskets, lots of perfectly fine eggs are going to fall out and break.

    • Stevesse says:

      How many cups did Chicago win in the last 10? The Rangers fans( like myself)would have loved to see those Cups and then have the same problems as the Blackhawks have now

  5. pavel_burrito says:

    I like the forward lines for tonight. Very curious to see what JT accomplishes on the first line.

  6. Spozo says:

    I bet this game is giving Dave a cold sweat with the amount of times they are saying the name “Glass”.

  7. Buch Nieves says:

    Rangers being outplayed, sure, but Staal does not knock that puck in without a humongous shove in the back, uncalled penalty, on Chicago, so instead they get a goal.

    • roadrider says:

      And that shows what a joke the offside challenge rule is. You can get a goal overturned because a guy not involved in the play had his skate a few millimeters above the blue line (with possibly more than one intervening change of possession inside the zone before the goal was scored) but not for a blatant penalty like that.

  8. Buch Nieves says:

    Nasher having a stinker of a game.

  9. Leatherneck says:

    Oh Leaky Leaky…what happened on the Sharp goal?? Spozo bozo…bad goal bad time…perfect example of it….you don’t get that…pfftttt to you …awful goal at a bad time in concept was that goal which Leaky is notorious for

    • Spozo says:

      If you think that’s a “bad goal” then I don’t have anything to say. He’s notorious for this only in your head. Where have you been for the last month when he has been lights out?

    • Spozo says:

      I swear you probably blast a pitcher for going 8 innings and giving up 2 solo home runs to leave his team down 2-1.

      • Leatherneck says:

        figures …I expected this denial syndrome answer from you…you’re just as irrelevant to me too bubba….Point of my post was to describe bad goal bad timing concept.

        4 minutes into the 3rd period…team playing aloof and he gives up a very VERY soft goal…..Yeah YEAH that was a bad goal

        He has been good….lights out…going too far there. Many of his wins were team wins, but yeah to you Leaky fans he is a one man show. Yeah ok.

        Happy New Year Spozo

        • Spozo says:

          You really proved this bad timing concept trust me. He let up a go ahead goal. According to your theory of general goal timeativity any go ahead or tying goal has been called a bad time to let one in. NEWS FLASH: every goalie to ever play the game is notorious for letting some of these in.

          If you can find any professionally sports reporter that supports your “very soft” description of that goal can you please provide me with the link tomorrow?I’d love to see someone who gets paid to watch this team for a living agree with your ludicrous trolling observations.

  10. Leatherneck says:

    Awful team loss from goalie on up….no urgency….no passion….no umppphhh no nothing….horrible effort

    • Hockey Sittoo says:

      Almost not worth replying to Leather about Hank but I thought why not? Leather, you’re certifiable if you actually thought Lundqvist had a bad game. If you’re just trolling, well then, I guess I should say well done…

      • Stevem says:

        If not for Hank they lose 7 or 8-2.. Sharp’s goal was a snipe. I missed the first two periods but was able to see the 3rd.. way too many times were the Hawks aloud to come thru the neutral zone with ease and they had many grade A opps on Hank.. I don’t fault him whatsoever on Sharp’s goal. We didn’t do enough to get to the career AHL/KHL’er to warrant winning this game.. and when we did have opps the Hawks did a good job in front of Glass

  11. wwpd says:

    Becky nailed the final score!

  12. Leatherneck says:

    I swear….Vegas Golden Knights are 10 fold better than the Rangers…they are absolutely exciting….why because they don’t play games like this….they fight from start to finish.

    Living in Las Vegas I get to see them often and will be at the Ranger game there, I have not seen one game in which they were off….not one

    I want to see that attitude on the Rangers

    • Spozo says:

      Maybe you should be a Golden Knights fan from here on out. Unfortunately though you may have to wait a few years for them to get a HOFer for you to troll.

      • Leatherneck says:

        Haha….you’re funny….bozo….nah…I stick with my Blueshirts….but yeah Knights are fast becoming my 2nd favorite team

        they certainly are more entertaining than this team right now…they compete 100% of the time

        How far back do you go with the Rangers?

    • Richter1994 says:

      The one thing that I will say is that you have guys on there playing for contracts. JAM is getting a nice new one as we speak.

      Unfortunately as much as that shouldn’t matter in pro sports, it does. That’s why I don’t want Kane. Great on his last year but average the rest of the contract. It’s not a coincidence.

  13. Peter says:

    That wasn’t a leak. Sharp just beat him with a good shot. Hank had an outstanding game where he was peppered with shots. The fella in the other end was quite good too, but he faced a lot less shots.

    Face it, the Blackhawks are still good. They played a terrific game snd made the Rangers look slow.

    • Odielishous says:

      blackhawks are not good. 4 points out of a playoff and were 1-3-1 on there 6 game road show. Rangers just are not that good.

      • Peter says:

        I say that they are still good because they have some decent talent on that bench. Their best players played well against the Blueshirts and the team executed their system quite well. If they keep that kind of play up, then they will get into the playoffs, and if they get good goal tending the Blackhawks would likely make some noise.

  14. James Carr says:

    The only aspect of that game worse then the officials missing multiple cross checks was the rangers refusal to shoot the puck on a guy who legit was a backup KHL goalie

    • Richter1994 says:

      I am near the goal where the Rangers shoot twice and Zuc had a 5 foot shot that he passed up only to turn it over by passing it into a maze of players.