McKenzie: Rangers may have interest in Antoine Vermette

January 22, 2015, by

Per Bob McKenzie on NHLN’s NHL Live yesterday (via Nichols on Hockey), the New York Rangers may have interest in Phoenix Arizona Coyotes center Antoine Vermette. Vermette is one of the few offensive bright spots on the ‘Yotes, but the 32 year old center is also a pending UFA primed to get a decent pay raise on his $3.75 million salary this season.

Vermette is a more expensive option –both in salary and price to acquire– than Mike Santorelli, but he has more offensive upside. Vermette is a little below the 0% median in CF% relative (usually within 2% of a 50% CF). But Vermette wins 55.2% of his faceoffs, so people will like that, even if it is a relatively insignificant part of the game.


  1. George says:

    If the price is right. sure. He could be a 3rd line center

  2. Walt says:

    If we have cap issues currently, why trade for this guy, who will walk at the end of the season????? How much will he cost us, and who do we give up in return????

    • Joe719 says:

      Well, Walt, you know the answer to that—Hagelin of course, and maybe throw in Zuke for good measure—-team chemistry be damned!!! It makes good business sense, right? (;

    • Ray says:

      Hagelin is a real possibility – for Vermette and a draft choice. Since Hagelin is an RFA and Vermette a UFA, Hagelin should be worth more. It’s not a good trade if the Rangers want to keep Hagelin, but if they can’t afford him next year, they can perhaps get something for him and upgrad the team.

      Caveat – Is bringing in Vermette to replace hayes and letting Hayes replace Hags at wing an upgrade?

  3. Zen says:

    If Hagelin is not in the Rangers plans beyond this season due to salary cap issues, then Hagelin+ for a playoff run with Vermette might not be out of the range of possibility. Vermette would be one hell of an upgrade to the Rangers lineup, particularly because he is strong on faceoffs and is good offensively. Right now, Hagelin is nothing more than a checking 4th liner doing very little offensively.

    • Paco 33 says:

      Actually, he’s a 3d line wing who drives possession at even strength, is one of the better PK’ers in the league, is the fastest skater on a team known best for its speed, and has 9G 9A and 18 points.

  4. Ken Snow Bird in Sarasota says:

    Is everybody just a cog in the wheel? Including you? Including me? I would like to see us go with what we’ve got. I truly believe we can win or at least compete with what we’ve got. I know, I know, it’s a business, owners, players, fans. We’re all supposed to be bottom line. But that’s hard for me. Hockey is supposed to be just a diversion. Like the mystery books I read, the crossword puzzles I puzzle over with my wife, or whatever turns any of us on. I understand that. Still, bottom line thinking (wasn’t the Say-hey kid supposed to be a Giant forever?) seems not the perview of a fan.
    That being said, and, bleeding Ranger blue, as I do, I’m just venting. I really do enjoy the perspective I gain from you who Author this site as well as from you who people it and are willing to express your own views. It’s all fun isn’t it? It’s all part of this trip we’re lucky to be on together!! Go Rangers.

  5. Rangermom says:

    We really need more depth at center. If one guy goes down, we’re cooked. Even as it is, having a rookie 3rd line C is a little scary (as much as I LOVE Hayes). So I would definitely entertain a trade before the deadline. it’s absolutely a risk, but it should be considered, and Vermette is intriguing, if pricey.

  6. Bob S says:

    I agree with the statement that dept at center ice is imperative. The missing of Stepan at the beginning of the season as well as 2 games recently, seriously showed this to be true. I only wonder why they dis not call of Oscar Lundbergh from Hartford, at least as a help but also to see him in true NHL competition. As far as Vermette is concerned, a decent price should solidify this area, as well as to help with their abominable face-off record, which is a serious issue for the rest of the year.