Nick Bonino unconditional release

Per Vince Mercogliano, the Rangers have granted center Nick Bonino an unconditional release from the organization. This news isn’t overly surprising, as the Rangers granted Bonino a leave from Hartford for the All Star break/bye week. This was sold as keeping his vacation with his family, but clearly there was an agreement that if Bonino wanted, he would be released.

This doesn’t have much of an impact on the Rangers. When the Rangers waived Bonino, his cap hit was already removed from their roster. They don’t gain cap space, they don’t gain a roster spot at the NHL level, and now they won’t have him as a deep insurance option for the fourth line. It does, however, open up a spot on the 50 contract limit, even though the Rangers had breathing room there.

For Bonino, this means he can find a home to finish up the rest of his NHL career. It didn’t work out in New York, partly because Bonino may not have much left in the tank, and partly because he was forced into a position that he wasn’t suited for as the 3C. Filip Chytil’s injury forced Bonino up, and he simply couldn’t keep up. His hockey mind is there, but he needs the right spot now.

Good luck to Bonino. Hopefully he finds an NHL home soon.