As expected, both Gabe Perreault and Drew Fortescue made the 2024 World Juniors Team USA roster. Earlier this month, both were on the preliminary roster, with Perreault a lock and Fortescue with a good shot to make it. The roster was trimmed from 10 defensemen to 8, and Fortescue was one of the 8 to make it.

Perreault, the Rangers 1st round pick this year, is looking like an absolute steal at #23 overall. The kid has done nothing but impress despite his “size” entering the draft. Just goes to show you that height doesn’t matter and strength is built over time. The kid is looking like a bonafide top-six winger in the making.

Fortescue is just a good defenseman. He’s not flashy, he’s not going to put up points, but he’s just overall solid. He likely has a tougher road to the NHL based on skill set and draft status, but he’s looking like another solid pick in the third round of the 2023 draft.


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