Adam Fox returns

The NHL Network continued its rankings, putting Adam Fox as the #2 defenseman in the NHL. This comes after Mika Zibanejad and Artemi Panarin were ranked in the top-2o centers and wings, respectively. The 2021 Norris Trophy winner and 2023 Norris Trophy finalist was behind Cale Makar, who won the 2022 award and finished behind Fox in the 2023 voting by a country mile.

To give you an idea of these rankings, the 2023 winner Erik Karlsson was 8th, so take these as you will. Personally, I think Fox is the best defenseman in the NHL, but it’s not a hill I die on between him and Makar. I think Fox does way more heavy lifting than Makar, and the overall team numbers with and without Fox on the ice have huge differences. But again at this point, it’s just opinions.

Fox is going to be a perennial Norris finalist for most of his career. All it cost the Rangers was a pair of 2nd round picks.