jayden grubbe trade

Per Chris Johnston, the Rangers managed to salvage something for Jayden Grubbe. The Rangers are sending the rights to Grubbe to the Oilers for a 5th round pick. Since the Rangers weren’t going to sign Grubbe anyway, the fact they got anything out of him is good, even if he was a terrible pick in the 3rd round of the 2021 draft.

When the Rangers selected Grubbe, all they could say about him was his compete level was high. That’s generally not a good thing, as there were no specific skills that jumped out at scouts. He was also a reach at the 65th pick. Generally speaking, there should be at least one skill that a player can bank on while developing the rest. Grubbe had none of that.

Grubbe never craked 20 goals in the WHL, another red flag.

Getting something for Grubbe, given the Rangers weren’t going to sign him, is a win.

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