What’s missing from the 2022-23 New York Rangers?

What's missing from the 2022-23 New York Rangers?

Note: This week’s “What’s missing from the 2022-23 New York Rangers” episode was recorded on Tuesday evening. The Ryan Reaves trade happened on Wednesday afternoon, so any discussion of Reaves may be slightly out of date, though we all pretty much knew a move was coming!

On this week’s episode of Live from the Blue Seats, Becky and Rob are joined by Russ Hartman who filled in for Dave on short notice. The gang steps back and takes stock of the Rangers as they hit the quarter mark of the 2022-23 season. While there’s certainly more good than bad, consistency has been lacking in terms of results. Is it just poor shooting luck, or is there something missing from this edition of the Rangers?

The crew also shares what they’re thankful for on this year’s team, and discusses the inevitability of what came true on Wednesday: Ryan Reaves’ exit from New York.

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Happy Thanksgiving, all!

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