tony deangelo

As expected, the Rangers will be placing defenseman Tony DeAngelo on waivers for the purposes of buying out his contract this afternoon.

This has been long expected, as DeAngelo was booted from the team early last season after prompting a fight with Alex Georgiev. The fight was DeAngelo’s last straw, and even a new regime wasn’t keeping him around. The buyout will be official tomorrow, unless someone claims him, which is unlikely. The delay was Chris Drury keeping some expansion draft flexibility in case a trade came up, as he was still shopping him around the league.

The DeAngelo buyout saves the Rangers $4.1 (rounding) million this season, and $3.6 million next season. The savings are so high because DeAngelo is under 25 at the time of the buyout, so his buyout is only 1/3 of the contract, not 2/3 of the contract.

It is expected that Montreal, who was interested prior, and Philly will be involved.