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With Tampa Bay winning their second straight Stanley Cup last night, the NHL season has officially ended. This means the buyout window, which opens 24 hours after the conclusion of the Final, will open on Friday. It’s a foregone conclusion that the NY Rangers will buyout defenseman Tony DeAngelo. Now it’s just a matter of when.

The first buyout window runs through July 27, so there’s no rush for the Rangers to do so. There is a second buyout window in August, but that will depend on whether the Rangers have a player file for arbitration. It is likely this will happen, so that’s a relative moot point. It would then become a matter of which window to use.

If the Rangers think there is still a potential trade to be made, then they might wait a little bit. However it does look like that ship has sailed, given they’ve tried to trade him twice already. Maybe the third time is a charm, but it’s more likely that Chris Drury and company want this drama over with and just buy him out relatively quickly.

The DeAngelo buyout likely won’t happen on the first day of buyouts, but expect it to happen before the 2021 Expansion Draft.

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