Rangers no longer in on Jack Eichel?

It’s funny how the offseason goes. After two weeks of nothing, we get two big bits of news back-to-back. First was the hiring of Gerard Gallant, and now we have something from Rick Carpiniello that the Rangers may not be in on Jack Eichel anymore.

I’m also hearing the Rangers are not likely, or much less likely now, to be taking a big leap into the injured and expensive Jack Eichel pool.

There’s a lot to unpack here, as it’s phrased very carefully by Carp. The phrase “big leap” sticks out to me, meaning the Rangers aren’t going to sacrifice big pieces, both current and future for Eichel. Given the injury and drama in Buffalo, that checks out. After all, we were just talking about how he might come at a discount now.

Something else to keep in mind is what Carp mentioned just a few paragraphs prior. Chris Drury plays things very close to the vest. Carp himself noted that he was speaking with the team hours before the Gallant announcement and came away with nothing. What makes us think this is any different?

In the end, perhaps the right move is just to offer sheet Elias Pettersson?