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Signs pointing to when, not if, Rangers and Gerard Gallant agree to terms

All signs are pointing to a when, not if, the Rangers hire Gerard Gallant as their next head coach. Darren Dreger would be “gobsmacked” if Gallant passes. Dreger also noted the Rangers are extremely interested.

As noted multiple times, Gallant seems to be the clear cut number-one choice for the Rangers as their next head coach. Despite giving Rick Tocchet a second interview, it seems to be Gallant’s job to lose. With Canada coming back with gold from Latvia, a second interview is guaranteed shortly.

If a formal announcement isn’t made by July 1, I’ll be surprised.

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  • Good to hear. There’s gonna be a pro behind the Ranger bench again, who’s not a deceitful clown like Vigneault, or an overmatched rah-rah uptight guy like Quinn.

    • Perkele,
      AV a deceitful clown? For him, that is a compliment. He wears out his welcome where ever he goes. Another year in Philly and he will be gone. Gallant should be a great choice, but I would be OK with Tocchet or Hartley as second choices.

    • If they REALLY want to make the playoffs next season, they should have interviewed Barry Trotz’s ASSOCIATE HEAD COACH on the Islanders — Lane Lambert. The Defensive system that Trotz and Lambert employed with the CAPITALS for 4 years and led them to defeat the GOLDEN KNIGHTS and their Coach Gerard Gallant in the 2018 Stanley Cup finals. And after Trotz resigned a few weeks after he won the Cup with the CAPS, the Islanders signed him and he immediately hired Lane Lambert and stole him away from Washington.

      But that Defensive system was able to help the Islanders go from LAST TO FIRST in the NHL in Goals Allowed in ONLY 1 Season!! They gave up 295 Goals allowed in 2017-18 and then hired Trotz and Lambert and finished the 2018-19 season #1 in the NHL with ONLY 195 Goals allowed —- a reduction of 100 Goals allowed in only 1 season!!! A TRULY AMAZING REVERSAL.

      And that system had the Islanders in the EASTERN Finals against Tampa last season and now again ready to eliminate the Bruins tomorrow night and probably compete in the Eastern Conference finals again vs. the LIGHTNING. So that Defensive system can significantly restrict Goals allowed and subsequently can lead to playoff success and ultimately help win a Stanley Cup.

      • Lane Lambert is one of the very very few assistants I would even consider. He’ll be a head coach in the NHL sooner rather than later.

        • Totally agree with you Tanto. He has been personally trained for the last 8 years by one of the BEST Head Coaches in the NHL currently — Barry Trotz. Too bad the Rangers weren’t more patient after the 2018 season ended and were so anxious to sign David Quinn, otherwise if they waited till after the CAPITALS won the Stanley Cup that season vs. VGK, they could have hired Trotz and Lambert who would probably still be there now and probably would have made the playoffs the last 2 seasons.

  • No complaints. I would prefer Hartley as he has won championships everywhere and communicates well with players from different countries (won Lord Stanley and just won KHL cup) but if it is Gallant, no issues. I keep hearing how players will ‘go through a wall’ for Gallant which is what we need.

  • I wasn’t Quinn’s biggest fan either, but he did some really good things too. He demanded that the future stars on this team were defensively responsible before they had increased ice time.He made them earn everything they received, which will go a long way in their future development.

    • Peter/tanto Gallant is still in no position to ask for a raise before he settles in… This is Rob B with Carolina that where talking about.

      • I tend to agree.

        Especially coaches who do not currently have jobs. I would think that the job itself has more allure than the $$ itself. I would not think that the $$ are all that different from team to team.

        Trotz had the most leverage and was let go. But I bet that the Caps would like a “do-over” on that one.

      • Kevin Hayes? Philly? Lost his luster already? I heard Hayes had abdominal surgery, the doctors looked and looked but couldn’t find Hayes’ guts anywhere. He had them implanted instead.

      • Yes, clearly the same writing style Peter and I use. You’re such a moron that even the morons want nothing to do with you.

  • Gallant is the perfect coach for this group mix. I would be shocked if he’s not the hire. He was the favorite going into this process and nothing has changed, though Tocchet is getting serious consideration, I believe. But, ultimately it should be Gallant.

    If Gallant is hired, then the players would have no excuses.

    • Totally agree pal!

      Don’t want Torts/Lunatic

      Big fat no on Maurice. Most overrated of coaches.

      Hartley isn’t an NHL coach anymore. Latvia is fine for him

      Tocchett isn’t a good coach either

      Rod B is but he isn’t going to be available

      Gallant clearly is the best coach with experience out there

    • I think Tocchet is 100% a fallback consideration. One thing we can say for sure, there’s NO WAY Tocchet would turn down an offer from us, given the condition of our team as compared to the other teams looking for a coach. He would be desperate to coach a club with this much talent.

  • I don’t know if Gallant is the best coach in hockey, or if he’ll be the one to take the Rangers to the promised land, but I believe he’s the best available coach out there for this team. Hopefully the Rangers will land him and he’ll add some new wrinkles into the Rangers culture, helping the this young team take the next step in developing. Learning how to win a face-off, hold leads late in games, come from behind and win more than once or twice a season, win one goal games consistently, and be difficult to play against would all be welcomed attributes for this team. Hopefully he is the coach to instill these aspects and more.

  • Drury get this deal done now!!! Or fear a backlash from the fanbase like you never heard before…

  • Don’t think Gallant is a good match, we don’t have his style players almost at all, this coach didn’t pan well with more skilled players in a lineup, the only team it went well was average but bumpy Vegas…

    • I guess that Jack Adams finalist nomination in Florida, paired with the best regular season record the Florida Panthers ever had and a division title doesn’t mean anything. He then led an expansion team to the Cup Final and won the Jack Adams award for best coach.

      Yeah, that sounds pretty average. Lots of coaches can say they’ve done all that in the last 7 seasons.

  • Gallant is a good choice and likely the next coach of the New York Rangers. He is currently out of work so unless some better offers come in and if he is offered the Rangers job, he will probably accept. The only other openings may be at Buffalo, at Columbus, Seattle or maybe even Philadelphia. If the Rangers want Gallant they had better act soon.

  • From the things that I’ve seen written about Gallant, it seems that he could be the guy to get the team to the next level. He had good results both in Florida and Vegas. I don’t know much about the reasons he got canned in both of those towns, it seems a bit murky. But, I imagine that the Drury and his staff have been inquiring about that stuff too.

    He needs to get the youngsters to play an assertive style, to muck it up on the boards and go down low to the net. They need to learn to finish their checks. It isn’t rocket science, its hockey. If Gallant can do that, and if they bulk up the 4th line, maybe get a bruiser for the 3rd D pair, they will be ready to rock.

    • 100%, agreed. We have a lot of big young guys, they just need to learn how to assert themselves at the NHL level where talent alone doesn’t guarantee success.

    • May be right in that assumption, RF (and RB would be a fine choice, given his seriousness and no-nonsense style that would bring on both respect and success). …. I think all candidates should at least get 1 interview before zeroing in on and choosing a potential coach. I do like and would be very happy if CD chose GG.

  • Anybody but the over-rated self promoting Tortarella or Tocchet. Tortarella will ruin and waste all our young talent with his fake tough guy act, and do we really want that moron Tocchet behind the Rangers bench? Unless of course Janet Jones Gretzky starts showing up @ MSG with him?

  • 0-3 at the Start and all the
    ” Hockey People”
    had doubts about Galant , STOP THE CRAP AND HIRE HIM, That’s how ya lose him, The Rangers need him, more than he needs NY

  • The biggest concern all these young 0layers have (had) was getting benched for mistakes during games, then street clothes the next, Quinn was a clown These are 17 & 18 yr old kids that dont know when they made a mistake, its teaching them not to keep making them. Guys play with fear in the back of their minds from their HC. How many kids did Q hold back all season, and played them played them when forced, making his decision look uneven worse. LaFranier exploded when put on the 1st line, and not even mentioned for the Calder. Take his last 10gms, multiply that times 5, and you have a Calder Candidate at the very least
    You cant count how many times he said so & so isnt a 4th line talent yet that’s where he stuck them , an in game adjustment never EXISTED

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