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Rick Tocchet given second interview with Rangers

The Rangers appear to have narrowed their coaching search to two candidates. One of them, Rick Tocchet, had his second interview with the Rangers yesterday, per John Gambadoro.

It is worth noting that Tocchet had (or will have) second interviews with the Rangers, Seattle, and Columbus, per Craig Moran.

It is expected that once Canada is out at the Worlds in Latvia, Gallant will have his second interview as well. We haven’t heard of the Rangers interviewing anyone outside of this pair, so they are banking on one taking the job. As far as we know, Gallant hasn’t taken on any other interviews. However that may not mean much, as he made a pitstop in New York for his interview before heading to Latvia.

It is likely the Rangers will have their head coach long before the expansion draft in July.

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  • One of the many reasons on why I continue to follow a certain NHL trade twitter account. They been calling that Trocchet is a top tier candidate that has been on NYR radar since the firing of JD and JG.

    This coach had zero skill to work with in ARZ.. When Derek Stepan is your 1c, you won’t get very far as a hockey team.

    • Derek Stepan was traded to Ottawa before this season began. And he didn’t play first-line center minutes for Arizona in his last 2 seasons with the team. Cool story tho.

      • “Derek Stepan was traded to Ottawa before this season began. And he didn’t play first-line center minutes for Arizona in his last 2 seasons with the team. Cool story tho.”

        ^ You failed to remember that Stepan had Rick T for the last 4-5 years down in Arizona? That was a failed era which due to how the FO relied on analytics that got them thinking Stepan was a 1c. You’re correct about Stepan was exiled for the second time in his career while his girl was pregnant lol. This time during a pandemic when all he was owed was less than 4-5 mill.

        • You said Tocchet had Stepan as his first line center. He had not been that for Arizona since the 2017-18 season. Like much of what you say, you distorted a fact to fit your point.

          And again—last year Stepan was in Ottawa, so it is impossible for Tocchet to have “had him for the last 4-5 years”. To further tighten up the facts of your post, Tocchet was the coach in Arizona for 4 seasons, not 5.

          • **Okay Tocchet was Stepan’s coach for like three and a half years. He was forced to be their 1c until they finally revamped their middle and traded him during a pandemic lol.

  • Tocchet is an “in-your-face” coach, very different than DQ. Also has a bit of fire to his style, so asking for tougher players is inline with his coaching style. Still feel we should be talking to more than 2 prospects.

  • I saw a bit of the Coyotes this year and my overall opinion is I wasn’t too impressed with much about them. Chychrun and Garland were the highlights. The roster is nothing special and it really hasn’t been during his tenure. So a little hard to gauge Tocchet based on his time in Arizona. I understand why he decided to not resign with them. But IMO if our goal is to absolutely make it to the play offs next year, he’s seems to be a risky choice to me.

    • My favorite thing about Tocchet in AZ was that he gave zero f**ks. PP wasn’t working? Tocc would lay it out on why it wasn’t working, what the ideal was and would point out the players not doing their job.

      Needless to say, Coyotes front office is a mess.

  • Hiring Tocchet would be a f-ing disaster… There is absolutely NOTHING on his resume that even suggest that he actually competent… I predict a tremendous pushback by the fanbase…

  • Tocchet? Why not see if Dave Schultz is available? If the Rangers are stupid enough to hire that jerk will we see more of Janet Jones Gretzky @ MSG?

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