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Gallant interview with Rangers goes well, expected to interview 3-4 others

Per Pierre LeBrun, the Rangers interviewed Gerard Gallant, as expected, yesterday. The interview went well, and was an in-between stop for Gallant on his way to coach Team Canada at the Worlds.

Two things to take away from this, at least for me. The first is that Chris Drury rushed to interview him before he was heading to the Worlds, which means the Rangers want him on board sooner rather than later. He’s clearly their top choice. The second is that Gallant, by making time for them, wants this job as well.

The Rangers will of course interview other candidates in addition to Gallant, as LeBrun noted. But it looks like this is Gallant’s job to lose.

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  • I do like the urgency that Drury has demonstrated so far, small sample size. I think Gallant’s my preference, as well.

  • IMO, Gallant is a very good choice to get this team moving in the right direction but in any job situation there is never a one and done scenario. Drury has to go through the motions but I’d bet Gallant will be the choice. Hartley and Boudreau would make good assistants but I believe the head coach figures heavily in that decision.

  • I think the rush was that Drury wasn’t going to Riga so they needed face to face to show intent rather than a cursory phone call. If Drury went over, they really could’ve things nailed down.

    To be honest, I’d rather have seen Drury go. More than enough eyeballs on the cup and he made the USA commitment a while ago. Unless he feels needs to go to the Erie showcase to interview, everything else was manageable at the end of the day, it’s small beer.

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