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Rangers granted permission to interview Gerard Gallant

Per Darren Dreger, the Rangers have taken the next step in their coaching search. Vegas has granted the Rangers permission to interview Gerard Gallant for their head coach position.

This isn’t overly surprising, as Gallant had been rumored to be the front runner among a few potential prospects. Given how quickly this is moving, perhaps the search won’t take that long after all.

I would still expect a few other names to come up here and there, but it looks like Gallant has more than just the inside track for the job. He has a 10 minute head start too.

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    • this is demonstrably false, as has been outlined here for the last few days, conversely, he’s probably the least qualified of the candidates thought to be in the running… Gallant had one solid season, each, in Fla and Vegas, then was mediocre after each run; and said it himself that he’s “stubborn” and doesn’t really embrace analytics. I don’t see how this guy is the frontrunner, at all.

      • “One solid season each in Florida and Vegas”—Jack Adams nominee in that Florida year, and winner in the Vegas year. Set a single season team record for points with the Panthers, and made it to a Cup Final in the other year. I fixed your post for you.

        Actually the most recently successful NHL retread the Rangers are looking at. But why let facts get in the way of your bias?

        • Sorry man, that’s really not that impressive of a resume. He hasn’t won anything at any meaningful level. The front offices of the last two franchises he worked with didn’t think very much of him either that’s one of them literally sent him packing waiting for a taxi.

          It’s the Mandate of ownership and the new front office to bring in an experienced NHL coach.

          Gallant doesn’t really fit the bill.

          Like I said, both of his successful debut runs were flukey, followed up by mediocrity.

          I don’t think Drury rolls the dice on his first major hire, he’ll do his due diligence by looking closely at each candidate but when the rubber meets the road, it’s going to be A) someone more experienced and B) someone with whom he’s previously worked closely with.

          • Again, who out of the retread coaches allegedly being considered for the job has more recent success than Gallant? You didn’t answer my question.

            Cup Final, Jack Adams—only knocked out of the playoffs in Vegas in his 2nd year by the miraculous referee-aided comeback by San Jose in game 7. The Sharks went on to the Cup Final that year.

            I don’t care that spoiled rich people who own hockey teams fired Gallant. Supposedly he tells ownership the truth. It’s obvious the guy is a good coach.

          • if Boudreau winning a Cup in 2018 counts for anything, then there’s that.

          • Bruce Boudreau was the coach of the Minnesota Wild in 2018. The Wild have never won a Cup. Bruce Boudreau has never won a Cup.

            The Crapitals won the Cup in 2018 with Barry Trotz as the coach.

        • Wow, that was uncalled for. I guess I’m not voting for you anymore, Diamond Joe. I’d respond with similar profanity but I don’t play childish games with fake IP addresses like you do.

  • would be pretty crazy if Gallant hires Ted Nolan as his “bad cop”. He served under Nolan with the Islanders and I wanted Nolan as head coach really bad like 15 – 20 years ago.

  • 1. Hartley
    2. Gallant
    3. Brind’Amour

    …my choices in that order.
    I’m excited for whomever they bring in of those 3 –some good candidates out there, as is rumored.

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