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Rangers hire Mike Grier for hockey operations role

The Rangers have hired Mike Grier in a hockey operations role, per Larry Brooks.

Grier replaces the departing Brian Leetch. Leetch was asked to stay onboard, but opted to resign yesterday instead. Drury is very quickly filling out his front office staff, making you wonder how long the coaching search will actually take.

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  • Grier is a good hire. Has been an assistant coach, his dad & brother have been NFL GMs so he’s familiar with looking at /evaluating players/teams analytically.

    • I remember him from St. Sebastian’s … he was a really big ball of dough there, but got to BU and his body fat dropped 50% in one summer … pretty good player, good guy.

  • Waiting to read we hired Kevin Weekes..

    Can’t go wrong with ex-NhL guys who were know to be smart versatile players.

  • Brian Leetch was clearly not happy with the sudden departures of JG and JD……and Drury tried very hard to keep Leetch…

  • Loved Grier as a player and seems like a good person.

    Question: Why did the Rangers have to get permission from Vegas to talk with Gallant? I thought he was unemployed.

    • Antiquated NHL rule. A coach that has been fired is still under team control for the duration of their contract (including still getting paid by the team).

  • Jagr a little too busy getting the team he owns promoted to Extraliga and trying to keep them there.

    Gravy already doing community outreach for Rangers.

    Mess was already in the organization at one point, decided to step away.

    Less time spent trolling (while calling others trolls) and more time being familiar with how things work would probably be helpful.

  • Pay no mind to the incel who’s life sucks so bad that he has to resort to anonymous trolling on the internet.

    I’d say it gets better bud, in your case, probably not.

  • The position is pretty unclear and IMHO doesn’t have any specific point, doesn’t matter who is going to receive salary… I just rather wonder why the legend decided to leave frontoffice

    • I think it’s pretty clear that Leetch and JD are tight and he left in protest. But let’s be honest with ourselves here, the position, which none of us even knew about prior to a few days ago, is akin to Sam Malone’s desk job on Cheers when he was hired to be a ringer on a company softball team.

  • Graves is already with the organization. Maybe you people should go over to msg website and look this stuff up.

    Names like

    Tuomo Ruutu
    Adam Graves
    Jed Ortmeyer
    Brad Richards
    Tanner Glass
    Steve Emminger
    Jeff Beukeboom
    Steve Konawalchuk

    All these players are part of the front office or scouting.

    Of course you don’t know what they do. They are not playing the game, Leetch was responsible for new player development in the age and nhl levels.

    Silly armchair gms, that have no idea how a team is run trying to make picks for the next coach.

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