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Brian Leetch resigned from Rangers hockey operations advisory position

A little bit of a stunner, as Brian Leetch has resigned from his position with the Rangers in hockey operations advisory.

This is a stunner because for the life of me, I couldn’t tell you what Leetch did or what his official title with the team was. I didn’t even know he had a position with the team. Shows what I know.

Update: Per Mollie Walker, Leetch was asked to stay with the Rangers, but he opted to leave. Sounds like he didn’t like what had gone down. Given how Glen Sather traded him, can’t blame him.

Whenever Leetch comes up, I have to mention the only time I met/spoke to him. I asked him who, if he could get away with it, he would have speared in the NHL. His answer was Claude Lemieux. I always laugh at that.

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  • I don’t want to read this, I want to read that Gordie Clark has been shown the door.

    • those are all excellent points, just seems like Gordie Clark has been in place forever and has never really hit any ground rule doubles let alone any home runs in the later rounds.

    • I am mixed on Clark, he made some great picks and some terrible ones. Last draft I was pretty happy with everything except Tarnstrom. So I am fine keeping Clark. But they can definitely beef up the scouting department.

  • You’d see Leetch at Traverse City as an extra set of eyes, don’t know what he did beyond throwing his 2 cents in on players. I know the boys like to stay busy so they don’t tap into the pension early, but it’s not like he had to work.

  • Maybe they’re forced to trim the fat a bit because of Covid? I didn’t even realize he was with the Organization anymore. Last I saw him, was a few years ago doing some pregame stuff. I do remember there being some sort of dustup in a local watering hole involving his sister and his wife, a few years ago, but I don’t know if anything ever came of it.I think that’s the last time I heard the name Leetch in the news.

    • Just read an article that Dolan was trying to get the NBA to waive revenue sharing this season due to Covid, so I guess cash flow crunches even happen to the biggest of them.

  • Interesting that Brian mentioned his loathing for Claude Lemieux to you, b/c he’s also admitted that he was so sure Lemieux would something dirty towards the end of regulation in the Matteau! x 3 game, that’s why he left Zelepukin wide open in front of the net. Of the 2, he figured Lemieux was more likely to cause damage, either physically or on the scoreboard. Oh well…..

  • I suspect Brian Leetch may have had little to no impact on the make-up of this team so I do not believe that his resignation ( release?) will hurt the team. Leetch had what I refer to as a courtesy position. Maybe Dolan is cutting costs in a tough season. No playoffs means less revenue.

  • While it’s true that Leetch has little impact on the team, he was part of the Ranger “family”. He was a Hall of Fame player and always represented the Rangers with class. It’s never a bad thing to have a Brian Leetch around your young players. He appeared at many Ranger promotional and charitable functions. Some of these guys, Fox in particular, grew up watching not only the way he played, but the way he conducted himself and represented the Team.
    Perhaps he also wasn’t fond of the way JD and JG were dismissed. I still say Dolan had every right to fire whoever he wants, however, he could have showed both JD and JG the respect both were due.

    • Who was the owner when Leetch was traded –it was before Dolan, right? Was it Bob Gutowski, the head of the Gulf + Western group that owned the Rangers? (without Googling my question).

      (If Leetch was traded before 2000, then it was Gulf + Western (and Neil Smith/Sather.)

      Perhaps Brian saw, shockingly, how Dolan was so quick to take the axe to his friend, JD, and that turned Brian off? Could be one of the factors leading to his resignation.

  • Waahambulance for leetch! Grow up this is a business. Either you’re a Ranger or your not!! Good riddance!!!!!!

    • That’s ridiculous to say. Leetch is the greatest player to ever be drafted by the Rangers, the greatest defenseman to ever play for the Rangers, and the greatest american-born defenseman of all-time. Show some respect if you’re really a fan of this team.

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