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Rangers fire David Quinn and assistants

The Rangers have fired David Quinn and all assistants that aren’t Benoit Allaire, per Larry Brooks.

This was something that we knew was coming, as Quinn was on the hot seat the second the season ended. His seat got even hotter when both John Davidson and Jeff Gorton were let go. It is also believed that both David Oliver and Jacques Martin were let go.

Of this, the only surprise is Martin, as he was just hired this offseason. He had a remarkable impact on the defensive play, as the Rangers blue liners pulled a 180 from last year’s performance.

The Rangers will now begin their coaching search to move the team from rebuilder to contender.

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    • Same here. I thought he would be asked to stay, but maybe Drury already reached out to a prospective Coach and the feedback was to go in a different direction regarding the assistants.

    • Does Martin have ties to Babcock, Torts, Gallant or Messier?

      You have to wonder why he was let go a after the dee improved and PK as well.

  • Drury hitting the ground running. 2 for his first 2 transactions. While Quinn is far less loathsome a personality than Vigneault, this move was just as necessary for progression.

    • Agreed to Gallant

      DQ had too many games where his team was unprepared. Time for a change. DQ groomed the kids, who are now NHL players. Now we need a coach to turn NHL players into champions.

  • They are cleaning house.

    No way they let go the president and GM while claiming the organization needs a culture change and then keep the coach. They are giving Drury a clean slate to work with.

  • I wish Quinn well. I really do. He seems like a really nice guy..passionate and dedicated to his job. Its just that at too many times, he seemed way over his depth. No shame there. He won’t be the first or the last college guy that didn’t make it.
    He’ll land on his feet.

      • I agree, MickeyDee.
        I liked him as a person and as a no-nonsense coach.
        Just didn’t work out for him here. (I’m sure those exit meetings revealed many who wanted the organization to go in another coaching direction…which lead to his dismissal.)

  • Good move. Although I would have kept Martin. It indicates Drury is doing what’s right for the team not what’s right for his buddies.

  • All of you who wanted this….hope this meets your needs. Firing Martin now resets this team in a way that will hurt. Stupid impetuous move. Its just more evidence why this franchise is, has been and will continue to be an afterthought for the Cup. How nice it would be to have your team run by real hockey people like Yzerman or Sakic or Brisebois or Sweeney. Instead we now have Gumbie who is controlled by that corpse, Slats all in service to that moron owner born on Third Base and somehow translate that to competence.

    • Maybe…but you’re getting into prostate territory with that list. Lots of standing behind the bench…..(;

      • we’re still smarting from my vicious “attack” on you last night…that we have to resort to comparing apples and oranges. A joke about getting old is compared to a wannabe(and I’m kinda’ getting the suspicion that this is who I’m talking to)… calling somebody a drug addict from afar as the same thing?? Really??? Thats where your mind is at?
        You know, sensitive flowers like yourself, who always see people who disagree with them as attacking them….maybe fan forums aren’t the best place for those “special” people to hang out on.Just sayin’

        • Are we having a stroke there….or is English your second language?
          Do you whine like this in real life too?
          I’m not interested in fights either…but you seem to be itching for one by responding, every time, as if I’m attacking you. Truth be told, I didn’t even realize who you were, until your answer. Then I remembered your hissy fit from last night, and how fragile you are.
          But whatever……I’ll just go on with my “entitled” life, while you go on with…uh… whatever you got going… I guess? Its been a slice!

      • There’s something about Hartley that just rubs me the wrong way…always has. I get the same vibe from Cooper in Tampa. Its probably just me, but they look so disconnected and full of themselves…I don’t know…I wouldn’t hire him.

        • Again…….in your haste to flame me…you disregard my comments that it was probably just me that had those feelings…unrelated to any kind of success they’ve had. I just get the vibe that you get when you look at a Saban or Coach K. To me, its like they act like they invented the game.
          If they hire Hartley and he wins, great…he’s just not my first choice.

      • I don’t think Gallant really got the opportunity — the guy has been fired too quickly, like at the very first sign of hardship. Not sure why, would like to know what was involved in his 2 firings because it caught everyone by surprise when they happened.

  • I respect Quinn as a man and wish him well… This step was absolutely necessary for NYR to take a step forward… Gerard Gallant & Bruce Boudreau would be my choices… I saw Boudreau months on NHL Network practically interviewing for the job when he was talking about the Rangers – certainly top players like Panarin and Mika would greatly benefit from his system…

    • Boudreau is another one of those excellent regular season coaches who’s teams never seem to live up to playoff expectations. I think he’d be a great offense/PP coach, but I wouldn’t give him the reins.
      Although yes, I bet our skill players would be happy (until the going gets tough…)

      • Interesting point… Rangers are still very much offense heavy team unless Drury decides radically reshape the team by essentially trading offense minded veterans – Mika, Strome, Buch and some of the offense minded younger players like Kakko, Chytil, Jones, etc… Which I see as unlikely scenario… If we are looking at relatively minor roster changes (like getting a tough guy + defensive minded faceoff specialist pivot) to make playoffs I wouldn’t really mind hiring creative offensive minded coach like Bruce Boudreau…

  • Drury got full control of the Rangers. Properly let go of Martin because of his ties to the former President and General Manger. Lets see why those other teams where after him. Rangers allowed the talks, but Drury wasn’t interested in any other team. He has the guts to hire Torts, if he wants. Might be what the Rangers’ need, especially those that defied Quinn, even though he was done, no one player is bigger than the team.

    • Right..because the 4th line, insignificant, barely NHL ready player- is the main concern when it comes to player movements. Got it

    • No way they hand this over to Knobloch..another untested NHL coach. Its gonna be an experienced guy….with and experienced staff. Although, I wouldn’t have a problem if Knobloch was considered for an asst. position.

      • I would think the dismissal allows the new HC to choose their own staff. In that case, Martin’s dismissal is not performance based, IMO.

        • Not at all. He is credited with turning around the defense. But Drury wants a clean slate, and new voices around the team, so he had to get rid of them all.

        • There is a possibility the new coach wants Martin to return, unless he was actually part of the problem.

        • I would imagine that if the new coach wanted Martin as an asst. there would be no issue hiring him back. This simply allows a new coach to choose his own staff.

    • Again, I will not stand for any disrespectful comments made about Messier. He’s a Rangers legend, and deserves nothing but to be treated with the utmost reverence by us fans.

      • So, asking where the guy heard about the supposed interview is disrespectful now? Ever hear of caffeine?

      • I agree! Only ingrate morons can disrespect the only man who delivered on his promise to bring the Cup to the Rangers.

        • Just 3 more guys to add to the list as unqualified, along with Mess.
          OH GEEZ!!!!! SORRY!!! I just looked at your name…really…just my opinion! No need to get your panties in a bunch….again! (;

    • God forbid, last thing we need is ANOTHER “rookie” NHL coach — Messier is even greener than DQ by a country mile.

      Absolutely positively don’t want Messier as the coach of this team.

    • Is that a joke, I’d like to see Mess. He knows hockey and is a leader. I believe he has made it known he wants the job. Besides, how many coaches with experience have failed at opportunities.

  • This is the right move but its only 50% of what needs to be done! Drury needs to get rid of Clark and his staff and promote Nick Bobrov to run the player development and draft operations.

  • Martin did very nice work but the new coach will pick his own assts.

    Sorry to see anyone fired but Quinn was atrocious. Gets paid for 2 more years and probably goes back to college ranks, where he belongs. He’ll be fine.

      • Gallant, #1, or even Julien. I would not be upset by Bylsma either.

        Torts is a great coach but too intense for this group. I think that Gallant is a better fit.

        • Torts is intense, no doubt about that and he might not be right. I love the guy but I doubt that he is being considered. I am curious why Gallant got canned fairly quickly by Florida and Vegas. I do not want Messier. Maybe as an assistant but not HC. Way too green.

          • Supposedly philosophical differences with the higher ups.

            That won’t happen here, as I am sure the vetting will be heavily weighed in on the vision of the team on the ice and as to direction.

            I’m getting the feeling that Drury is very smart, yet very practical as well. Locking in Lindgren was very smart. I think that he does this with others too. Maybe Fox next.

            It’s early of course, but I have a good feeling going forward. I hope it’s not gas.

          • JG was probably negotiating that deal because I doubt things got done so quickly between Drury and Lindgren.

          • Not necessarily. Drury’s been here a long time too. He has the lay of the land.

            For all we know, Drury could have suggested it and Gorton disagreed with it.

            We will never know.

  • Good for the new GM. I’m sure he made the right and most difficult decision, he had no other options. As Richter1994 noted….the new coach picks his staff…and Allaire is legend. My confidence in the club goes from a 4 to a 7. Lets see the draft, free agents and trades. Got my hopes up again.

  • I saw somewhere that Brind’Amour might leave Carolina. Is his contract up? If he might be available–that is an interesting choice.

    • His contract is up, and word is he’s been playing hardball (offered an extension but hasn’t signed). Still expected to sign there tho, and we wouldn’t be able to even find out until Carolina is done, which might be a while. I wonder if they’ll wait, he’d be a great choice!

      • Hasn’t signed because he’s specifically waiting for ALL his assistants to be resigned as well …. unless he himself is using this as an excuse to drag things out and then be free to receive some offers. The question is, can we wait that long with no guarantees? Does he want to go to Seattle to reunite with Francis?

        • The context I read this in was he would leave to join his buddy Francis here in Seattle. However, if the Rangers can get him to move to NYC–that is far and away the best choice for this team.

  • Hartley is the only one of those I’d consider, those he only won with 5 Hall of Famers on his team (Sakic at MVP levels, Forsberg, Roy, Blake, and Bourque)
    Bylsma has looked terrible since his first year in Pittsburgh. His other Pens teams flamed out in the playoffs in spectacular fashion. Then he coached awful Buffalo teams that made O’Reilly hate hockey.
    Torts coaches teams to the 7th or 9th seed and that’s all.
    He’s the right coach for a low talent team to maybe barely make the playoffs based on a ton of loser points, but not the right coach for a talented team to win with.
    John Stevens has never looked like a good coach.

    • 7th or 9th seed? The guy has a SC and few President trophies … that hardly qualifies as “7th or 9th seed and that’s all”.

  • This was no surprise at all. This is what most of us wanted. I wish Quinn good luck. He was never going to be the guy to get the Rangers to the promise land.

    The team needs a coach that has extensive playoff experience. Has to be able to develop and have patience with young players. He needs to put a system in place for this team to be successful. He needs to name a captain. There needs to be a liaison between players and coach.

    There a number of candidates:
    Bob Hartley- I don’t see him being the coach but Drury won a cup with him. If he changed his style and can adapt to today’s player he could be the guy.

    Patrick Roy- I just don’t like but Drury did play with him. Roy develops young talent and can help the goalies. All time great players very rarely translate to good coaches.

    Rick Tochett- I love his no nonsense approach and gets his teams to play hard. I would have no issue with him.

    Gerard Gallant: to me he is the guy. Did very well in Florida in a weird situation. He took a group of players teams gave up on and went to the cup. I just think he is the right guy.

    Bruce Bordeau- just can’t get teams over the hump.

    Babs- no chance

    Gallant is the guy in my opinion. I wish Sullivan was available.

    • Roy has a rep for wanting to be TOO involved in the province of the GM, I think that’s the last thing Drury would want. Input is fine, but Roy gets pissy and quits if he doesn’t get his way.

  • Not a shock. Why Martin? They must a have a new coach lined up with his own personnel in tow. Very irresponsible to sack everyone without having replacements lined up. More news tomorrow I think.

    • Normal course of business in the NHL — and it is customary to give the new coach his “own” staff — except for Benny here because he’s a God.

  • Its so hard to love this team. My vote: Boudreau OR Brind Amour. Just make the deal. Both win. RB’A would be a steal. Or….Steel. Torts? Good god no. He will ruin these guys. Panarin ran away from Torts. This is my point with Dolan and the Gumby thing. Do we REALLY think Drury is making this decision? REALLY? This is Dolan and Dolan loves Torts and when Torts comes back you can be certain Kakko, Buch, Kravs…I would even throw Fox….they are gone. And Panarin too. Zibby is not his kind of guy either.

    • I cant see Torts coming back. When he was fired, he complained about the roster he was given…by Sather! If Sather still has Dolan’s ear, you know he’d advise a hard pass on Torts. Its not happening…unless that’s the guy Dolan wants…then we’ll see if Drury really is in charge.

    • Well obviously, Joe, we wouldn’t want that to happen (all those players “gone”). The decision needs to be made by DRURY, not Dolan!

  • so much for rumors that Drury loved Quinn and recruited him.

    too bad that Martin was let go.

  • I know he has no head coaching experience but anyone who has now spent two seasons working with and learning under who I consider to easily be the best coach in the game, Joel Quenville should be given very serious consideration. That person is Andrew Brunette.

    Only coach with experience who I want is Gerrard Gallant. I believe he can take this team to the next level but for some reason, he wears out his welcome after 3 years

    • Yes, have heard a lot of good things about him … also Lambert and Vellucci if we’re looking at assistant coaches. What if he surprises us all and gives us a Euro like Gronborg?

      • I doubt it as well. It’s a bold move, I think this will be a safer one … someone with specific NHL head coaching experience … but who knows.

    • not really. I think the only European I would consider is Zubie!!!!

      He has head coaching experience and has been assitant coach in the NHL briefly. He certainly has ties to this team and part of the second worst trade in team history

      • Not much. I wouldnt want Hartley lots of failed seasons too on his resume. And candidly, couldhave coached that AVS team to a Cup

        • lots of failed seasons? the lowly Atlanta Thrashers had a .550 winning percentage on his watch; similar % with a transitional CGY team; and he did coach the Avs to a Cup, so there’s that.

          as for Avangard Omsk, they were a mystic longshot to win out (over heavily favored CSKA)… Avangard has never won KHL championship.

          factor in that he speaks fluent French and Russian and the guy is head and shoulders more qualified than Gerard Gallant, who, it’s mystifying that he gets so much love for a guy with comparitively, very little on his resume.

  • if Brind’Amour is available then Drury will go for him, it is a no-brainer. There is no salary cap on coaching staff or scouting department. Spend away.

    • Over Cooper and Sullivan yes, over Trotz maybe. Brind’Amour is a good up and coming coach and was very respectable NHL player and his team plays an entertaining brand of hockey. Cooper I can’t stand. Trotz seems to focus on defense, but his team lacks scoring production. Sullivan already was here, move on.

  • On Yes Network just now Don LaGreca just said “He Would Be SHOCKED if John Tortorella is not the next Rangers head coach ………SHOCKED ” !

    • Then he’ll be SHOCKED!!! Just how do they get around Torts complaining about his roster,…. given to him by Sather,…. as we find out that Sather still has Dolan’s ear? How?

        • I think its an important point. Every time Torts rips into a guy, Brooks will bring it up…again and again. Who needs that crap, when there are other good candidates available.

    • in 7 seasons since being fired by Rangers he missed playoffs 3 times and the furthest he got in playoffs was 2nd round. Why the hell should we hire this moron again? So that Fox would have to block all shots?

      • lol, yeah he’ll make them all block shots till they drop …. but he’s had some low talent teams to work with — and the Vancouver debacle, well I thought they were a very mediocre “soft” team that was aging out.

  • Relieved to say the least. hate to see Martin go, he deserved better. I really hope they keep him around in some capacity, but I’m sure Drury is cleaning the whole house in order to let the next coach choose the people he’s comfortable with … let the search begin.

    I still think JD was let go because of an unwillingness to “fire” someone that Dolan wanted out — either Quinn or JG, or both.

  • Quinn’s mistake was hiring assistants who had even less experience than he did. Gorton should have replaced Quinn in the very beginning of this season with Gallant.

  • That moron Dolan. Watch. Drury will hire a coach. And then Torts will be announced as an “advisor” to Drury and the coach whoever would be stupid enough to join this carnival.

  • Have been outspoken against DQ. Nice guy I wish him well. Just goes to show that it’s not an easy thing to coach in the NHL. He should have gone to AHL first. As far as the next coach – I don’t care who it is as long as he can adjust during games doesn’t give up the blue line have a real meritocracy and have a real system.

  • I would love to see Bruce Boudreau come in to fix the office, while he re-hires Martin to keep the improvements on defence

  • Hi all,

    Rod BrindAmour wore his heart on his sleeve as a player, would hold players accountable for as a coach. Showed so much emotion as a player winning the cup. I think he would also want to sign or get so and so player.

    BTW wtf is Clark still doing here as a scout? He drafted player after player the same mold same style, also missed out on many good franchise could have been players (Getzlaf, Brown, Carter, etc). Why are the Rangers so interested in drafting essentially the same player? Grit players get teams to the cup, we are too soft and finesse oriented. This rangers team would do well in the KHL or european league.

    My wish list: BrindAmour as head coach Messier assistant coach running the PP

    No no no no to Eichel, but what about Ryan OReilly, 28yrs old has a cup would give rangers experience, and in the long run save rangers cash.

    TDA to be traded to any team at this point, no more buyouts.

    I read before deals with TB, why not get a defensemen or two, if it helps us out.

    I have faith in Drury, he has a lot of work to do, but he needs to hire a coach that has current agenda (playoffs) and ultimately the cup. Drury also needs to name a captain get that whole thing situated/worked out.

    Hope all are well and vaccinated and we can get through the summer, and look forward to a well put together team with the right coach.

    • Nobody wants to trade for ADA. If anyone wants him they’ll wait for him to be bought out and sign him for much much less.

  • i was ambivalent whether Quinn stayed or not; but his misuse of the 1OA pick alone for most of the season is reason enough for me.

    a good barometer of his worth will be if another club hires him for HC (i don’t think this will happen, maybe an assistant somewhere.)

  • Drury works for Dolan. He pays his salary and is obligated to make the moves that Dolan wants. Don’t rule out that Dolan said we need a clean slate in all management positions and in that plan Quinn goes. It will surely require Dolans approval, but I do believe though that Drury and Sather will chose the new head coach.

  • Well I am not shocked, but I am surprised–which less surprised than being shocked! I thought that Drury’s connection to DQ would give him at least another season on a short leash. But Drury has cleaned house and that is probably good at this point. Bring in his own team who are all on the same page.

    Gallant is an interesting choice. He’s had some success. He’s also been fired fairly quickly a couple of times so just bear that in mind. Julien is also available and he obviously has had success too. I know that Dolan likes Torts, but he also let Torts be fired once, so I doubt Torts is under consideration. But, I’ve been wrong before (see the first paragraph.) Torts would whip the team into playing hard. But Torts can be hard to play for, so the Rangers probably will opt to go in another direction.

    My hope is that Drury is his own man and does not have Dolan ordering him to go all out to win now and spend the team’s assets on players whose future in the game is much shorter than the kids they have acquired, or on shiny objects. My belief is that the team just needs some role players with some added toughness, and better coaching so that they can be truly hard to play against. Coach those big kids into being strong on the puck and playing hard on the boards. Coach them to be players who take the abuse and do the battling necessary to get down low in the danger zone and in the goalie’s face. They have the size and talent. What they need is the will to do it.

  • I have no idea what your point is. I was not arguing that their connection should have given Quinn another year. I just suspected that it might.

    • I did not intend to imply that I thought Quinn should be given another year. I thought that their connection might give him another year, and I was somewhat surprised that it did not. But I should have used “might” instead of “would” in the opening sentence. That was my error.

      I was not a Quinn hater nor a Quinn lover. I thought he was inexperienced and quarreled with some decisions, and felt that the team often times seemed to lack a plan. Those are all things I’ve said on the blog in the past. I’d rather have someone like Torts, and perhaps Gallant as coach. The team needs to play harder and I believe that coaching will be key to that happening.

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