David Quinn is officially on the hot seat

With the first day of exit interviews wrapped up the message from the players was clear. They know they made great strides this season and developed nicely as a club. Ultimately they came up short in the battle for the playoffs. There is no doubt the New York Rangers are in great shape going into next season with the kids getting some much needed experience this year. Among some Rangers accomplishments; Alexis Lafreniere looked great in the second half. Kaapo Kakko began his ascension to being a great all-around player and Adam Fox might just win the Norris Trophy. The Rangers will acquire some talent this summer to add to their talented core but the question remains. Will David Quinn still be the Head Coach much longer, or is he on the hot seat?

Quinn has had an up and down time as head coach. Some fans think he is bringing the kids along fine and others thinking he has been in over his head and hasn’t really adjusted well to becoming an NHL coach. This season in particular was rough for Quinn for a few reasons. He refused to give Lafreniere power-play time and kept him in the bottom-six far too long. Kaapo Kakko was demoted in the lineup after having fantastic games for seemingly no reason. There was the famous “Vitali Kravtsov is not a fourth line player” quote. He also forgot Julien Gauthier existed. The decision to even insert Jack Johnson into the lineup earlier this season was…not a good one. 

Quinn also got over-matched by some of the better teams. He also couldn’t seem to get the Rangers ready for big games. In “must-win” games –the play-in series versus Carolina last year and games against the Islanders this year– the team has come out flat. Rod Brind’amour and Barry Trotz have coached circles around him time and time again. Quinn might have been an intriguing choice a few seasons ago, and maybe he was what the team needed at the time after Alain Vigneault. But now he looks like a guy who is overmatched at the NHL level and was coaching more to save his job than for development at points during the year. 

Chris Drury was instrumental in the hiring of David Quinn, and he has a huge decision in front of him the next few days. Does he keep this same coach who doesn’t seem to have a strong system and can’t get his team ready for big games? Or does he begin a coaching search for the coach who will lead this team through their Stanley Cup window? It’s a first big decision for the new President and GM and he would probably want a new guy installed before the draft. 

James Dolan has made it clear that he wants to speed up the process and having Quinn still learn on the job wouldn’t fit with that order. An experienced hockey coach, preferably with playoff experience, would be the best way to go this time around. Someone who knows exactly how to get the most out of his players would be needed now. Not someone who leaves important players on the bench when they’re needed. For that alone, David Quinn might be on the hot seat.

Who could replace Quinn? Names like Mike Babcock, Bruce Boudreau, John Tortorella and Gerard Gallant have been floated around. Personally, I’d love Gallant to be the next head coach of the Rangers with Bruce Boudreau running the power-play and the incumbent Jacques Martin to stay on to lead the defense. We will most likely know in the coming days if Drury intends to keep Quinn or install a new head coach just weeks before the draft, expansion draft and a busy offseason. Stay tuned Rangers fans.

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  • That was a good article Russ. New York is not a good place for a rookie head coach to start. I new when they hired DQ there was going to be a shelf life. The next coach has to be a veteran. With a system and a discipline.

  • Why isn’t Torts a good candidate? Seems like he wins wherever he goes and even overachieves. Hockey coaches seem to last like 3 years these days so why not try to catch lightning in a bottle?

        • Or maybe Laine and Dubois are just flawed players that can’t play a 200 foot game. Torts wants guys to be effective in all 3 zones, those guys are unidimensional players. I’m not saying Torts is the right coach for this team, but I’m not sure those 2 guys are the best examples of Torts “failing” to develop young players.

          • First off, everybody on TB when he won the Cup. They were all pretty young.

            I think Torts would love Kakko (this year’s version), Lafreniere (definitely would love his “mix”) and Buch (this year’s Buch). I think he would also get a kick out of working with Kravs who showed us his willingness to pressure players on the forecheck and play in the defensive zone. On d’, Lindgren would be his new Girardi … Fox for his balanced two way play, Trouba …. maybe Miller, but he would want to see him be more assertive. Unless there’s something we DON’T know, I think he’s fine with Panarin’s game.

            This isn’t to suggest I think Torts is the right coach for this team, I’m not in the dressing room … but I do know he will give this team an identity of being tough to play against. There’s no shortage of “will” in Tort’s game, he’s demanding and a pain in the arse, he will rub some players in the wrong way no question. Dolan LOVES him … just saying. They might think a 2nd go round with Torts would work better because now we have talent to spare (unlike the team from a decade ago).

            Not sure what you mean re: the posts, when I sort by newest it gives all the newest posts — newest responses included which of course contain some older posts as well. Most of the time comments here tend to be somewhat sparser (20 or 30) than some other unnamed sites before the next blog comes along, so I just scroll around rather than sort. Lately though the site has been hopping — their play the last month, the whole DQ situation, the Tom Wilson fiasco and now the JD/JG firing has really seemed to heighten the traffic/comment count.

          • I love Torts and I think he does a great job developing young players that have it right between the ears, but I think I’m with JTF on this one. I’m not sure he’s the right guy for this market.

            Not because of tactics or meshing with players but because of the media. Columbus beat writers took it pretty easy on him. NY beats are still grinding an axe with him and he’s been gone 8 years. He’d have to be some sort of masochist to come back here and get questioned over every little decision by the press.

            If I’m him (he’s what mid 60s?), I’m going to a small market team or someone who needs a boost mid-season to win a Cup ala Sutter in LA.

          • Panarin produced under Torts just like he did under Quenville … don’t think there’s an issue here.

            Laine has always been an offense first kind of player, not big at the other end … he’s a scorer pure and simple, he thinks points (specifically goals) is the only measure. Dubois is a big softie for the most part, he hasn’t raised his game in Winnipeg. I think if either of these guys were playing here we would be raking them over the coals. I think both a great talents, but both don’t get “it”.

            Despite his lack of offensive production this season, Kakko’s defensive play has improved 200% … I don’t think he’ll ever reach the heights of Laine’s first few years of production, but Kakko will be a much more complete player.

            Again, I’m not pushing Torts here … just acknowledging that his teams have an identity, they always put out the effort … will is never an issue with Torts. He lasted 6 years in Columbus before the wheels came off, they met or exceeded expectations most of the time … but yeah, there’s always a risk he won’t get along with certain types of players, he’s stubborn … but at least he’s honest — and he gives the best press conferences of any coach in the League. lol

            Yeah, not sure what goes on with the IPAD/IPhone, I deal strictly with PC only. I assume Dave would have the answer. Sorry.

  • Boy you really hit every catch phrase here. Problem being you’ve never played or coached hockey yet you put everything on coach because it’s his 1st head coaching job. You do realize that some teams are just better and more experienced and Rangers aren’t beating them regardless of coach. Every coach starts out with 1st job. GM did nothing in off season or at deadline to improve team. Quinn dealt with a sub par Zib, DeAngelo and Panarin absences, multiple injuries and playing youngest roster in league. Look at LA and their prospects. Byfeld, Turcotte, and Kaliev have total of 7 games in NHL. Nobody pushes prospects and has higher expectations than NYR and fans. Would be a huge mistake to can the coach and start over. Especially if they’re going after Eichel.

    • Slick62..are you sure you are not Brett21. Its easy to assume people’s status wrt coaching or playing but who cares. Fans aren’t always stupid. Its easy enough to question the use of prospects vs obvious coach’s favorites. Its also easy enough to judge the lack of preparation and effort. The Isles were assumed to be among the worst in NHL until Trotz came along. With a coach like Trotz,we are that much closer to contenders. Coaches have to start somewhere, but they also have to show they can improve. Quinn is the Brett Howden of coaches. Good intentions but just won’t ever get it done.

      • Section 403, I love your comparison of #CollegeQuinn to #AHLHowden. Spot on. Nice guys, try hard, pass the me the beer nuts. Another year of DQ’d from winning is a setback and waste of time building a Cup contender. Drury needs to bring in an experienced, proven NHL Coach.

      • Unfortunately for Rangers fans like me, your comments are right on point, especially the Howden/Quinn comparison. Simply put, as constructed, this team is not tough enough to survive the playoffs, if they even make them. It is apparent, at least to me, that DQ has two different sets of expectations for the rookies and vets in terms of making mistakes. And can we PLEASE get a guy who can win a critical face off? Lastly, forget Eichel. The guy is good, but soft, and we don’t need another square peg for a round hole.
        In short, well stated ‘Section 403’.

    • Hey there, appreciate your comment and the fact that you read my piece! I actually have seven years of hockey experience and a bit of coaching experience as well! Quinn just seems to me like a college coach. He isn’t cut out for the NHL. Have a great day

    • Slick, this was his first NHL HEAD coaching job, but he’s been around the block before, not just college … and that may be a valid argument for the first year or two coaching in the NHL, but at what point do you expect a head coach to learn? Have you seen any changes in DQ since his arrival that evidences growth?

  • Good article, Russ, nicely summarizes why it’s time for a new coach. As one of the posters wrote yesterday in the confidence poll thread, Drury is on the clock, and he should establish credibility by moving on this now. If this lingers, it won’t reflect well on him, or on Dolan’s statement that JD and Gorton were let go because the team appeared unprepared to compete in too many big games. How can you make that statement, and keep this coach around?

    • When the coach goes down with Covid and the minor league coaching staff comes in and gets the team to go on a run. I think that was pretty much it for Quinn.

  • Bruce Boudreau would be my guy. He also is motivated by not winning the cup. Really good for kids as excellent teacher and is due for a few cups.

  • I like a coach that sticks to the plan, an we are right on schedule in development . Quinn has done what he was ask to do. An so did Davidson an Gorton. When dolan gets involved its a problem. ASK THE KNICKS.

  • Gallant is interesting. Nice Cinderella story with Vegas. Not sure why he was fired. Maybe there’s some “secret” issue there that needs to be investigated? Love Torts and his press conferences but both him and Babcock are eventual player mutinies. All I do know is that Quinn needs to go. I don’t know about Quinn’s X’s and O’s, if he even has any. What I do know is that every time he gives a press conference it’s “North/South” and “shoot more”. His players do anything but that! So, that tells me his star players haven’t bought in and aren’t listening to him at all. Strome’s comments quoted by Brooks kind of proves that. Yet he kept rolling them out at the expense of the kids in desperation to win games instead of benching them. We can’t keep going with that. If we don’t change the coach, what could we expect to be different next season? The coach should have been the ONLY one fired. At least the first one.

    • Re Quinn’s lack of ability with the X’s and O’s—don’t forget the swagger too, that’s a VERY important concept to Mr Quinn.

      Absolutely agree that Quinn should’ve been the first person jettisoned by Dolan.

      • I don’t mind swagger, if by swagger he means players developing a more aggressive/assertive approach to their game — confidence. The problem I have though with wanting players to be more assertive is that you have to give them the proper environment to be so. Instead when a prospect makes a mistake, DQ demotes them, loses them on the bench, purposely decreases their ice time … not a good recipe IMO to develop “swagger”. lol

  • Good job summarizing up the overall situation. There’s two points to consider in my view. 1. Quinn was brought in to develop the players in the rebuild. 2. The rebuild is over.

    I’ll be surprised if Quinn comes back.

  • We need an overhaul from the coaching staff to the players. We have a quick fast team, which was exactly the same type of team that got beat by the Kings when last reached for the Cup. Speed is good but they had speed and size and knew how to use it. A Few points:
    Rangers are one of the worse teams along the boards any time there is a puck along the boards we lose it about 70% of the time.
    How many too many men on the ice penalties did we have?
    They need an enforcer in a big way.
    Denying players by sitting them does not work with guy’s who are millionaires.
    Bring in a few players and a coach with rings, thinking you know how to win a cup is different than actually doing it.
    The big question is who do you give up out of the young guys to revamp the roster.

    • Blow up the rebuilding team again and bring in a bunch of retreads the Sather way? No thanks. The secret is coaching the highly skilled, big and young players they have to become players who can win playoff games. They have the size necessary. Take a look at the roster. School them in taking the body, battling for pucks and heading to the net. Those are all things that can be learned and reinforced and required by the coaches. Beef up the 4th line with players who like to hit and will drop the gloves if necessary, but aren’t an embarrassment on the ice. The team needs tweaks and filling in, not blowing up. They might need a new head coach, but not a new team.

    • This “quick fast” team has a lot more high-end (but still young) talent and skills than the team that lost to the Kings. In a year or two it is going to be a much better team than that one was, especially without older retreads. Building from the ground up was the point of the rebuild. We are much more present-day Colorado Avalanche than 2014 Rangers and I’m good with that.

  • More than likely we’ll probably hear something today or soon after. He wasn’t available to the press yesterday, maybe to avoid having to have him answer the inevitable questions. But, IMO, hes done.
    My question though, was Panarin there yesterday? Didn’t hear that he was, and didn’t see any quotes. Would be kinda’ odd that their best player isn’t there on “bye-bye day” no?

    • Regarding Panarin’s “absence” yesterday—it’s almost as if Panarin is suffering from some kind of injury inflicted by Tom Wilson. Almost. But who’d remember that? It happened a whole week ago.

      • Don’t be snarky just because I questioned any logic in your past posts. Kreider was there, Trouba was there and Howden was there…and Lindgren! All guys that were hurt recently. But I guess YOU don’t remember that. Now give me your daily thumbs down…..

        • I’ll be as snarky as I like, thanks very much. Especially to someone making something out of nothing.

          • Just asking a question. I’m sure if it was Mika, your’d be all over it. And by the way…Isn’t that Bread in that nice Blue suit ready to give his jersey to the fans…the day AFTER he was “inflicted with some kind of injury by Tom Wilson?” Again, just asking:


            And by the way…snark is never a good look…even for someone like you.

          • What, as usual, are you even talking about? Do you ever make a comment that’s not related to some made-up conspiracy? For a mouth as big as yours is, the law of averages would dictate that something interesting would come out once in awhile. But laws are made to be broken, I guess.

            You manufacture a fake “controversial” moment over Panarin’s absence. Here’s a possible answer: he’s an injured superstar player, so he probably did his exit interview early. Wow—downright mysterious, huh?

          • So angry….So stupid….but you keep responding. Again, don’t get upset at me because I continually, and will continue, to point out all your moronic ideas in all your moronic posts. You’re trying to punch way above your weight class..and failing miserably.
            I was asking a valid question considering that we haven’t heard much from Panarin on the Wilson incident or the aftermath..including Wilson reaching out to him. It would have been nice to hear his take on the future and where he thinks they might be at this stage. But you go right ahead…try and twist things….. because you’ve been, and will continue to be embarrassed for all the waste of space you contribute to this site.
            No mysteries about that!
            Note: I know you’ve probably been refreshing this page for a few hours, waiting for a response…but some of us actually have lives that don’t revolve around a fan site.
            Sorry! Now press the thumbs down….that’ll show me!

          • You’re as dimwitted as you are talkative. Save your made-up controversies for other forums.

  • DQ was the right coach to get us here but is he the right coach to get us over the hump? That is the Drury quandary. He has allowed the kids to grow and learn the NHL, but can he make them a playoff team. I say no.

  • Boudreau, Gallant and Martin sound good, 3 NHL coaches, with a variety of levels of success at that level previously. Drury would be nuts to bring Tortorella back, although absolutely like his intense presence, but its like fishing where alligators live, why bother.

    Russ, why Boudreau running the power-play, not against it, just asking? BTW, Running the power play and coaching faceoffs would be excellent opportunity for Messier to get back into the game, and the team would gain big time.

  • I would go with Gallant, he played in NHL, he has won 2 championships in QMJHL, he coached a bunch of NHL teams and had a couple 100+ point seasons.

  • Messier. Leave all doubts behind. He’s like the dark knight. He’s not the hero we want but he’s the hero we need.

    • How many Down voters watched the games in ‘94?

      Were you the same ones that didn’t like Leetch cause he was a 175 lbs defenseman ?

      • Which part of 1994’s title featured Messier in a coaching or front office position?

        I was pretty drunk for most of the playoffs, but I could’ve sworn Messier was the first line center for that Ranger team.

        • He ran that team on the ice in the dressing room and at the practice rink. Anyone who watched the games and pressers knew this.

          The man has an indelible aura and understanding of hockey and people that almost Everyone who played with him saw and described.

          He’s the type of person you take a chance on for a season with some good assistants to back him up.

          • Nah, he needs to learn at least a little down in the AHL, or be an assistant in the NHL before taking on the role of a head coach. But it appears that Mark’s ego is a little too large for a smaller role. That is a red flag for me. He’s a legend. I’d prefer that he remain one and not sully his reputation.

      • I watched all the games in ’94 (and many more since ’73). I love Messier and would love a team full of Messiers but that doesn’t mean he has the ability to be a good coach. I don’t want to hire someone whose first coaching experience is the NHL. Most great coaches were not superstar players.

    • I am a backer of Messier. But not as a coach. These types of personalities have been tried and tested at that position and almost always fail. Look at what happened to Roy in Colorado. They are good personnel/talent scouts.

      The ego just gets in the way to often and it never works out. There is a myriad of examples of this. There is only a handful that actually work out.

      I wouldn’t want Messier as the coach at this point. I would have take a chance 2 or 3 years ago, but not now. Not at this stage of this team’s development.

      I want Messier involved in some form with this team. Just not behind the bench as the head coach.

  • Russ, saying that Quinn is ‘officially’ on the hot seat is a stretch. No one who is in an official capacity with the Rangers has said that to the best of my knowledge? Not saying that he shouldn’t be, but I think the title of the article is misleading.

  • I’m surprised Knoblach is not being floated around. He did a good job here and really knows the prospects. And he seemed to relieve some pressure around the NYR when he had to cover for Quinn. If I’m not mistaken, Zibby had his 6-pt game with Knoblach behind the bench and basically turned his season around at that point.

    It was not lost on me that the team seemed to relax a bit and play confidently when he was in NY.

  • As long as we don’t hire Babcock … that’s my view of the coaching situation. The guy is a snake, dishonest as the day is long.

    • What relationship did Drury have with Dan Bylsma?

      Hartley is an interesting choice, but he hasn’t had NHL success lately. only made playoffs 2 out of last full 8 NHL seasons.

    • I like Hartley. I think this is a wise suggestion. The whole russian connection we have and him being a french canadian like our first overall pick.

      Problem I see, is he didn’t fair well with NHL rosters that were in their infantile stages. His successes came with veteran rosters. So there is a issue with that. But I do think it would go a long way with the Russian’s and Lafreniere.

      And we have a of Russians.

    • President and GM — one voice, not two … one person responsible for everything, not two. It isn’t unprecedented … besides, this might be a “for now” move as Dolan probably didn’t anticipate that he would have to fire JD.

  • Is Drury the interim GM or is he the Official GM/President of hockey operations? I ask this question because I think it needs to be answered.

    Before anything else.

    Why did we have JD as President and Gorton as GM and Sather in the background lurking and undermining those two? Point being do you hire a new President of Operations? Or do we hire a new GM and Drury does the President thing with Sather? I read/heard what Dolan thinks on this matter. But this is Dolan. He can change his mind in a instant. How does Drury himself feel about this? Is he maybe going to bring on a assistant to help him?

    I can certainly see Drury going a different route then recycling the same old coaches. I think this because it is “known” how Drury himself was a huge factor in the Quinn hiring. At the time I thought his hiring was a stretch and there are more proven coaches available, but I wasn’t against it. But Quinn is not the guy anymore that much is clear.

    I think a lot of things have to be answered before we see a coaching change. But I do think Quinn is a goner.

    Drury’s priority should be to fill out his staff if he is a real GM. He has to hire and replace people that he feels are unfit in their present roles. Like hiring a assistant GM, hiring/promoting a new head of player development, finding his own scouts and filling out those positions. If this happens then you know he is the real GM and not just another puppet of Sather’s. If everything stays status quo…what is the difference between him and Gorton? Then this is still Sather’s team and Quinn might not be going anywhere.

    Personally I don’t think Quinn isn’t going anywhere till after the Islanders get eliminated. It will be a statement firing.

    I think we need a coach that is a leader first and foremost. A guy like Brind’amour who is in the gym with his guys as much as they are expected to be. I don’t think we are at the tactician point (AV, Beaudreau) in our player development. Our players still have room to grow. We need a strength and conditioning type of coach. A ex player that is a coach. Someone who can clearly tell the players that are striving to be better vs. the ones that are not and be honest with that. This is Tort’s arena. I just think he is biased at this point in his career and would be ineffective. Especially with a player like Kreider who has played for him and knows his game. It really wouldn’t be effective.

    I don’t have enough knowledge in this area. But a Torts/Brindamor type coach is the way to go. You guys laughed at Justin Williams as a coach and no one wants Messier as the coach….so who is there?

    Gallant is the right guy now that I looked at it. He did great in florida with a young team, and he did great in Vegas making them into a team. I think you guys are onto something. Lets just see if we are wise enough to get his services before he is picked up by someone else.

    This team and front office have a lot of question marks.

    • “Personally I don’t think Quinn isn’t going anywhere till after the Islanders get eliminated. It will be a statement firing.”

      And just what kind of statement are they trying to make by waiting for the hated rivals to get ousted? Suppose they get to the Finals and win it..then you fire Quinn to show everyone just how far away they are from their own Cup? I don’t think so.
      Better to do it quick, hopefully in the next day or two..cut the cord completely and turn the page on the Season.

      • You are mistaking my take on what will happen as I think it is the right move to make. It is not.

        I totally agree Quinn should have been fired. And it should have happened the day he fired the GM/President, if not way earlier.

        I just have a good idea about crazy and I might have a personal insight or two on how they do things. 👀

        • What…you have a cousin, who has a cousin, who is married to a secretary, who works for the guy who takes the orders for the guy at the Garden who makes the wake-up calls for the team on the road…and he says……
          Really???…….don’t we all??(:

  • Mike Babcock, Bruce Boudreau, John Tortorella and Gerard Gallant. Not one of them. Not one. Brind’Amour is the choice if Carolina’s owner remains true to form in the stupidity department.

  • I want a coach that brings structure and a system, as well as a team that shows up in the big games… you get this from a veteran coach. Please bring in Julien, a proven winner and a Stanley Cup Champion.

  • As far as DQ is concerned, I don’t expect him to be replaced immediately because I believe that Drury and Quinn have some connection. He might be on a short leash, but I would be surprised to see him dismissed before the coming season.

    I would be happy if he was replaced, however, with someone who is more in the Tortorella mold–demanding tough board work and hard forechecking, taking the body and crashing the net. I see comments over and over again that the team is too soft and needs more size. They have plenty of size. Their young forwards are big fellas. They need to be COACHED. They need to be taught how to play a game that will win in playoff hockey. I don’t buy the argument that Lafreniere, Kakko, and Kravtsov can’t do it. They certainly can if it is drilled into them. Torts would do that. I doubt he gets re-hired, but I am sure there are others out there who can do what he does.

    Then you get a couple of defensive minded guys who don’t mind dropping the gloves to fill out your 4th line (I like Barron there as a possible 4C.) You keep Smitty around because he also has an edge to his game, as does Trouba. There isn’t that much needed other than better coaching and a few role players. That is my take.

  • DQ needs to go for the simple reason that the team came out flat and unmotivated in 20% of the games

  • Quinn is really close with Drury and as Dolan said it is Drury’s job to choose coach for this team. I think DQ will stay for another chance to play full season. But this is step back for the team and players. More ice time for vets like Johnson/Blackwell/Rooney type players than #1 #2 #9 draft picks

    • If they are that close, then Drury will want to prove that he won’t let personal bias get in the way of making his first major decision as the boss. I think he’s a goner.

  • Old of respect by Drury, the axe had not become public. The way the Rangers were prepared and played proved he lost the dressing room. He is gone.

  • Its anybody’s guess why the Rangers hired an amateur coach for an NHL head coach position. Quinn isn’t NHL ready. In many games we see the same bad plays, wide open porous defense and an overall disorganized system. If Quinn cannot get his players to go on the ice, play rudimentary disciplined hockey as a tight unit, that says it all. The team needs a new coach.

  • You make plenty of good points as to Quinn’s short-comings, but we really need to stop exaggerating the role coaches play in getting their team up for big games.

    Hollywood aside, coaches giving rah-rah speeches –while they do occur– is not the sudden cause of light bulbs switching on for guys prepping for a big game. These are professionals. The best of the best. They love what they do. They know what’s on the line. They don’t suddenly play with more talent and more energy and more drive because someone reminded them what the stakes are. As someone who has played plenty of organized sports (obviously not professionally) that’s not really a thing. If you’re not motivated to go out and play your best, especially for a big game, because of your own passion for the game or your pride or your commitment to your teammates, some guy yelling at you about it isn’t going to move the needle.

    Coaches make strategic and tactical decisions before and during a game. They set an overall strategy (system) and they drill on that over and over again until it becomes second nature. They work one-on-one with players to develop and enhance particular skillsets. They set lineups, and make tactical in-game employment decisions. They manage the bench to prevent chaos because someone needs to be in charge. But we shouldn’t expect them to be the reason players hit the ice motivated or not.

    There is no reason to step onto the ice unprepared to give it your all. None. I don’t know when we tossed out player accountability in favor of throwing coaches under the bus at every opportunity, but it’s becoming a pretty tired and stale take.

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