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Gerard Gallant a front runner for Rangers head coach?

The ink is barely dry on David Quinn’s pink slip and it looks like the Rangers have already identified a prime candidate. Per Larry Brooks, Gerard Gallant is a potential front runner for the Rangers head coach position.

Gallant’s name has been out there for a while, and he’s had some great success. He has a .600 winning percentage while coaching both Florida –a team that kicked him to the curb in a front office coup– and Vegas, and expansion team.

Gallant is one of the better names out there, along with Claude Julien and Bruce Boudreau. Other names that have been mentioned are Mike Babcock, John Tortorella, and Bob Hartley. Gallant is in the top tier of that group.

This won’t be an overnight decision. The Rangers will take their time to find the right coach to give this team an identity and take the next step.

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  • Julien would be *fine*, but not near my first choice. Gallant should be the front runner along with Boudreau.

    Just say no to Babcock.

  • I am sure we will get the right coach. I am concerned on the Eichel rumors with his neck injury and on a losing team for all these years. Say no.

  • Gallant YES, my #1 preference
    Julien Yes
    Torts Love him but no
    Tocchet Maybe
    Bylsma Long shot and probably not considered, but I would interview him
    Brindamour Resigning with Carolina, no way they let him go
    Messier I won’t even bother commenting, lol
    Roy No way

    Watch JD, Gorton, and Torts go to Buffalo, lol.

    • I was thinking DQ to be honest … best way to get Eichel to stay, if that’s their preference. I don’t think JD would ever go there, the Pegula’s are not held in high regard.

      The disconnect though about this “experimental surgery”, this surgery that has “never been performed” on a hockey pro, that’s without a doubt the biggest red flag ever — and the rift just may not be “fixable” — but that info also means his trade value should take a HUGE hit because you have the player wanting the surgery and the team looking to trade him not wanting it because it’s “iffy” in their eyes. Whoa.

      • I don’t think the trade cost is such a big deal. Taking on a $50M for five years contract is a big deal and potentially can come close to sinking you all by itself. If the contract isn’t worth a nickel (and it might not be), it hardly matters if the price gets cut from $1M to $50K. One shouldn’t get sucked in, buying something you don’t want because it is a bargain.

        OTOH, if Eichel is actually worth a seventh round draft pick, he’s surely worth a lot more than that.

        • They are both a big deal … and the trade cost becomes an even bigger deal if this guy is always injured because of a chronic neck problem.

  • not sure why people are so hot for Gallant; was sent packing with a cold cup of coffee in less than three seasons at his prior two gigs and i think that debut VGK season was a huge stroke of luck. Meh.

    • Gallant was a finalist for the Jack Adams award for coach of the year in Florida, and won the award in Vegas. He coached Florida to the best regular season in their history. He won the division with the Panthers. despite the favorable conditions that led to Vegas’ stacked “expansion” team he still got em to the Cup Final. That’s a pretty good track record.

      He does look like he’s about to explode and kill someone much of the time, but that could be what NYR needs.

      • The players love him, he’s straight and honest … treats people fairly. That already makes him better than 2/3’s of the names everybody is throwing around. 😉

      • Bob Hartley may have won the KHL title and a Cup twenty years ago, but his results in Atlanta and in Calgary were merely ok. Although to be fair Atlanta was a hopeless situation, and he did get them to their best seasonal record. Calgary did not go as well, the team had one good season out of four. I don’t think it’s a wise move to bring this guy in, he’s got a rep for being a hothead who the game passed by in his last stop in the NHL. Seems like he’s found a home in KHL.

        • Hartley’s record in Atlanta:
          136 wins, 142 losses, 13 ties (his first year in Atlanta was the last year the NHL had tie games)

          24 of Hartley’s losses in Atlanta were overtime losses, which gave him a points percentage of .531. His overall winning percentage in Atlanta was .467, a far cry from your stated claim of .550.

          • The stats are taken directly from Bob Hartley’s hockey reference coaching record page. And double checked on his Wikipedia page. They are official stats.

            Oftentimes people miscalculate coaches’ winning percentages by not including overtime losses. MSG did this constantly with David Quinn, misstating his actual winning percentage before every single game.

      • Might I add that winning a Gagarin Cup is nice, but not really relevant to the NHL. Taking a team to the NHL Cup Final in 2018 like Gallant did is more significant to me. A 20-year old Stanley Cup won on the backs of Sakic, Forsberg, Foote, Blake, Drury, and Roy is also less impressive to me than Gallant’s recent success. Gallant revitalized a boring franchise in Florida, and then performed at a high level with another team in Vegas.

        And yes, I’ll honestly tell you that Gallant’s recent track record in the NHL is very impressive, and that few current candidates for the Ranger job can match it.

        • And I corrected you above on your erroneous claim about Hartley’s winning percentage. That and five bucks will get you a breakfast sandwich.

          • Again: check his wiki page, or his hockey reference page. You’ll see his Atlanta numbers, they are mediocre overall. He had one good year there too, and then the Thrashers were swept by the Rangers in 2007, their only playoff appearance in Atlanta. Hartley made the playoffs once in four years in Atlanta. That is a playoff percentage of .250. Added to his recent stint in Calgary, Hartley’s teams have made the playoffs twice in his last 8 NHL seasons. That’s a crappy record.

          • And most of Hartley’s success came decades ago, with a team that had 5 hall of fame players on the roster:

            Joe Sakic
            Peter Forsberg
            Rob Blake
            Ray Bourque
            Patrick Roy

            And most of Gallant’s losses come from 15-17 years ago, in his first job with the Blue Jackets. Recent NHL success clearly favors Gallant.

  • They deplore Julien here in Boston. There is a reason he’s been fired multiple times. Be careful what you wish for fellow Rangers fans. His handling of young players was the issue. Seigen was driven out of town. His insistence on playing the grinders was the issue. You want MORE HOWDEN?? Hire Julien.

  • Julien is my first choice, but Julien has a recent issue with his ticker…Gallant I have no problem hiring to be the next head coach of the NYR

  • The players seemed pretty happy playing for Knoblauch. He’s young, relatable and READY. Gallant’s ok but enough with the recycled coaches.

  • I am all in, hire Gerald Gallant. He has been a winner for every team he coached. He turned weak loosing teams into contenders. He also played for the Detroit Red Wings , two of his teammates were Bob Probert and Joe Kocur. Rest assured the Matt Martin’s and Tom Wilson’s of the NHL will not be running the Rangers out of the rink with Gerald Gallant as coach. Hire him ASAP.

  • Drury made the right decision firing his friend Quinn which shows he saw what we saw. A College Coach in over his head. Let’s not rehash how bad DQ was with player deployment, power play strategy and ice time, putting players in a position to succeed- the list goes on. Revel in the correct outcome.

    Here’s to the continued strengthening of the roster and the leadership to deliver consistent intensity and solid performance on the ice. Let’s Go Rangers!

  • Gallant might be the guy to get the young Rangers to play the right way. The way I see the roster is that they need a big, defensively talented and much meaner couple of 4th line wingers. Maybe a big young center, but that really isn’t their biggest need in my opinion. They just need a couple a big fellas on the 4th line who don’t shy away from dropping the gloves, and a coach who will coach the kids to become players who play hard, who battle and can win playoff style hockey. A team who is hard to play against every night.

    They have the talented kids, so bring in a couple of bangers and a coach who won’t let the team be soft.

    • Torts is a good coach, but he isn’t the right fit for this current Rangers team. He relies on a defensive game, where everyone is accountable for every shift. His style of coaching works if you have a roster filled with seasoned mediocre scoring talent, good stay at home/mean defensemen, & stellar goaltending.

      The current Ranger team is full of players that are the complete opposite. They’re young, skilled and pretty soft. They actually should be looking for a few players that fit Tort’s style of play. They don’t have many on their roster currently.

      You also have to consider Torts’ record of not getting along with star skilled players, which is getting longer. You have Gaborik, Laine, PLD and maybe even Panarin-who left CBJ for greener pastures. If he loved playing for Torts so much maybe he would’ve taken the money they offered him and stayed? I can’t imagine Torts coming in and players like Miller, Strome, Zibby, KK, Laf, Kravstov, Buch and even Panarin flourishing.

      After his tenure with Rangers was up I believe the team won the President’s trophy and went to the Cup finals within two years. AV was the right choice at the time, opening up the offense with stretch passes etc. Unfortunately, the league caught up to AV (who is always stellar his first year with new teams) and the rebuild started. DQ was the right choice at that time to hire, with the plethora of rookies coming through the pipeline, and his reputation as a developer of young players. His issue was he was constantly out-coached at the NHL level, and his star players started to tune him out.

      It’s all about timing and roster make-up when it comes to coaching changes. All three were the correct move at the time for the team. Let’s hope their next hire is the correct one for this next step.

      • I agree with you that Torts is a better coach than both AV and DQ. He’s just not the right coach for this current Ranger team.

      • I agree with you that Torts is a better coach than both AV and DQ. He’s just not the right coach for this current Ranger team.

  • Fellas, it is I … Gerard Gallant. I really appreciate all the love but… what have I won, exactly?

    Other than jAcK aDaMs cAnDiDaTe iN fla, and that flukey VGK run, face it, my resume is kinda thin. Am I really turning water into wine or did I get kinda lucky there? God Bless, and a circa 90s Baba Boohey to y’all.

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