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Three questions left unanswered by the Rangers front office changes

What a wild season. The Rangers managed to fit a decade’s worth of drama into about three months. It seems like the dust has settled, but that’s only until the offseason begins. New President and General Manager Chris Drury will be conducting the exit interviews, which likely means something else is coming. That’s just one of a few major questions left unanswered since the Rangers front office changes.

1. What did Jim Dolan mean by “changing the culture of the organization?”

This is the question on the forefront of everyone’s minds. What is meant by changing the culture? How will the Rangers go about implementing those changes? Will there be wholesale roster changes?

The fear of the unknown is very real for Ranger fans right now. We’ve seen what happens when Dolan gets involved in the Knicks. That’s a team that is finally relevant after about 20 years, save for that 2-3 year stretch in the mid-2010’s. Given how important this offseason is for the Rangers, one bad move can derail everything that has been built.

The good news is that face punchers aren’t really in the NHL anymore. Glen Sather, who is advising Drury, has an affinity for them, but they are few and far between now. If by grit, they mean a Blake Coleman at the right contract, or leveraging Tampa’s cap situation into Anthony Cirelli, then by all means go for it.

The fear, I think, is grit and will over guys that can actually play the game. I don’t think that’s a realistic fear nowadays.

2. What is David Quinn’s status?

Chris Drury was instrumental in bringing in David Quinn in 2018. He was also very non-committal when asked about his future. Drury running the exit interviews is significant, as it has been noted there is a disconnect between the players and the coach. That disconnect is apparent on the ice as well.

Being tough to play against hasn’t been a trait the Rangers have this year. While some equate that to grit, which is a needed element, I take that to mean actual defensive hockey. The Rangers have made huge improvements defensively, but Quinn’s forecheck, neutral zone, and defensive zone entry defense systems are all atrocious. Combining the three makes the Rangers easy to play against. They back off and let you walk right into the zone.

Being tougher to play against is a combination players and coaching. Jacques Martin has stabilized the defensive play within Quinn’s system, and he’s a good candidate to take over if Quinn goes. But being tougher to play against is also the message getting through to the players. Jesper Fast was difficult to play against. As was Mats Zuccarello. They aren’t your “grit” guys that you think of, though.

For Quinn, how the players rate him in their exit interviews will determine his fate. Remember, the Rangers absolutely torched John Tortorella after the 2013 playoffs, and that led to his dismissal. Same concept applies here.

3. How will Drury leave his mark?

A new General Manager usually inserts his people immediately. But Drury has been with the club for five years, so a lot of the people there have been at least vetted partially by him. Gordie Clark and the scouting department have done a great job in this rebuild now that they actually have draft picks. So what else is there for Drury to do?

Well, that answer is the analytics department. Currently the Rangers have a small group, but on the broadcast the other night, Steve Valiquette noted that Drury is into the numbers and understands how those play into balancing skill and grit. If that kind of statement came from the team, I’d be skeptical. However it came from Vally, and he seemed genuinely excited. I could be drinking the Kool-Aid, but I am cautiously optimistic.

If Drury is looking to make his mark following the Rangers front office changes, then this is the area that needs the most work. The Knicks are finally relevant because they just implemented an analytics team within the front office. That stuff matters when done right. It seems Drury has an idea of where he wants to go here.

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  • As a lifelong New Yorker and a big fan of my Rangers I am very sad when Dolan gets involved.His ego takes over and he has idea how to run anything.Another spoiled rich brat

  • So what you’re saying is that the “wonks” out there should be cautiously optimistic that they will be able to debate shot angles and areas of maximum goal potential until they can’t stand it any more? Oh joy, Oh bliss!!! (;

  • These concerns are valid. I have thought a lot about what went wrong since the Carolina series and thought about what the fans were privy to via the news. And remember, news gets their stories from sources. I would not be surprised if Dolan was one of those sources from time to time.

    1. After getting swept Brooks mentioned the 3 game series would be what was focused on more than the successes of the regular season. Fair enough.
    2. We traded up to draft Braden Schneider. I was good with this. We did need a center so it seemed a little odd we drafted another RD since we had Trouba, Fox, ADA(at the time) Lundqvist and Skinner in the system.
    3. We moved Lias to draft Will Cuylle. Lias was not going to work out and there was an opinion that we reached for Cuylle. I was good with this too.
    4. There were rumblings that we were going to sign Matt Martin before the Islanders resigned him. Did we need another LW? Seeing him concuss Trouba and elbow Mika in the face didn’t help the perception that we didn’t sign him.( per Boomer Esiason who knows a thing or 2 about his son in law) Lindgren’s season was also ended by The Islanders.
    5. There was also talk about not even qualifying Strome. They ultimately did, but it seemed unusual.
    6. There was a lot of talk about Eichel. Supposedly there was a deal on the table. It makes sense that Buffalo said NO, since they had to pay his bonus. But maybe Dolan said NO too?
    7.We lose ADA over that drama and trade Lemieux. The few of the guys with tougness( I saw Lemieux score for LA last night) We still have Trouba and Lindgren, but see point 4.
    8. Gauthier is a repeated scratch when Blackwell is playing every night. Blackwell has been a nice story and he brings energy but he’s small and 28 years old. We traded Joey Keane for Gauthier and we’re playing Blackwell? When Gauthier finally got in VS The Islanders he was one of our better players. There were a lot of deployment issues throughout the season as well. Blackwell on the PP1 with Lafreinere sometimes on PP2 for 20 seconds?
    9. We didn’t trade Brendan Smith at the trade deadline. Thankfully as he scored a few goals, played with tenacity and was more than willing to engage Tom Wilson.
    10. When we needed to win big games we feel flat. We didn’t lose 1 goal games, we got out butt kicked. It’s hard to think we are close to play offs when you see how the last 5 games went.

    You have a lot of young kids in the line up. They are vulnerable. The don’t have a lot of protection. They are trying to figure things out. We constantly chase the next great available star player. We have arguably 9 top 6 forwards and 6 spots. We are atrocious on face offs. We hit sometimes but not regularly. Quinn keeps telling the media we need to play north south hockey and we play east west hockey. They’re not listening to him. And that is partially because we don’t have the type of players to play that style. We had a similar issue with AV trying to play a style that didn’t fit so well with the players skill set. But AV had Hank in his prime and Hank wallpapered over a lot of the flaws that team had.

    We have a lot of skill. But we are on the smaller side of size. We haven’t really had a good 4th line since 2013-14. We don’t hit enough. When the ice gets clogged up we’re easy enough to shut down. And the coach doesn’t adjust in game. The Islanders shut down the cross ice pass and we just kept trying again and again.

    The fact they have acknowledged the flaws is a good first step. I think JD and JG did a good job all in all. But this team has been on the softer side since Torts was fired. Not saying Torts is or was the answer. But we have too much flash and dash and not enough meat and potatoes type of players. IMO I think Quinn will be replaced. I also think some fan favorite players will be traded away. It’s inevitable. I have confidence that Drury will take a smart approach. I am not sure I have confidence that Dolan won’t meddle. I just hope they can find a middle ground.

      • Young guy do not have the body or the experience that men do. The learn how hard and tough good playoff teams are, so in time they will get stronger and play tougher. As for Quinn he had Lemieux but didnt play him ? he had ADA but could not handle him so there went lots of toughness out of the mix. Your also right about Blackwell and Gauthier, and Bret Howden ?
        As for the front office first the ADA thing making a stand and turning a valuable asset into NOTHING and having to pay him
        10 Million ! for no work. This could have and should have been handled better. He should have been playing hockey instead Quinn play ed mind games until ADA blew up and Gorton made a mistake to protect his coach.
        Quinn must go, they need to look more like tampa or flordia then this islanders

    • I am in complete agreeance and you said it way better than I ever could.

      The real question is what do you do from here? How do you get tougher? Toronto’s answer was to bring in players like Marleau, and Spezza, and Jumbo to teach the Nylanders, Matthews, and Marners how to win against Boston. (Obviously we will find out this post season if it has had any effect.) Players probably 10 years from their prime on simple league minimum contracts to help develop these kids on game day and in practice. To show them how real professionals go about their business. While still being a real playoff contender. Which I think is really smart.

      The guy with the most career games on our roster today is who? Mika has it with 603 games played. And compared to Jumbo …1677 total games played. Jumbo has 179 playoff games.

      It’s honestly why I give Pittsburgh the win for the trade deadline this year. Trading for Jeff Carter was probably the most underrated move of the deadline. And just made them my favorite to win the cup this postseason. Epitome of signing or adding Justin Williams who has had a long track record of taking teams over that hump.

      Just my opinion. Obviously I could be wrong. But it is not like people will actually remember I called it now. Fear not …it pitt wins the cup I will not let you guys forget!

    • “But AV had Hank in his prime and Hank wallpapered over a lot of the flaws that team had”

      Not at all. Hank’s prime came entirely during the Renney and Torts days. Hank was even benched for a stretch in AV’s first December. Without Cam Talbot that first year, the Rangers may not even make the playoffs. [They would have been a long shot to make the playoffs at the trade deadline and common sense would have dictated dealing Callahan for prospects, not MSL.] Yes, hank still had great stretches (games 5,6,7 against Pitt) but he was no longer more than average. McDonagh, Girardi et al carried him, not vice versa.

      • Hank had a lot of prime years. I am not going to list them all but IMO 2005-2006 until 2015-16, were his prime years. Feel free to look at the career stats. His decline by the numbers started in 2015-16. His best statistical year was 2011-12 where he had a 1.97 GAA and a .93 save percent. in 2014-15 he had a 2.25 GAA and a.922 save percentage. Hardly terrible. His absolute peak was 2011-12. But his numbers were consistent up through 2014-15. in The SCF in 2014. The Kings out shot us in all but one game. We lost that game 3-0. In game 1 they out shot us 43-27 in game 2 51-30 game 3 we out shot them 32-15 game 4 they out shot us 44-38 and game 5 they out shot us 43-27. Hank wasn’t getting a lot of help. I was at game 1,2 and 5 and remember it pretty well. Go to the 15 playoffs we lose game 5 and 7 at MSG to Tampa and we scored 0 both games. Slightly outshot. 26-22 in game 5 and 27-22 in game 7. Hank wallpapered over a lot of issues under AV. Sorry if you disagree but the numbers speak for themself.

  • Interesting point bringing up Anthony Cirelli, I keep thinking of Philip Danault, but Cirelli is younger/better. He’s a very good defensive center, but streaky on the offense. He is a better goalscorer than Danault. Cirelli’s possession numbers have been consistently good too. Danault would have the edge in faceoffs but that’s really about it.

    • good call, i too thought about Danault, with him as 3C it would be a luxury, currently 4.5mil AAV, he’s UFA probably gets 6-6.5 next contract.

  • Remind again what exactly has been built? A bunch of unproven unvetted defensive prospects might not live up to the hype the media machine has given them? We haven’t made the playoffs in 4 years, while all the usual suspects have just gotten older and less talented, but continue to dominate us in any game that matters. You are acting like we are a legitimate cup contender with a piece or two more, and like that is a sure thing. Here comes Marty St. Louis so long Ryan Callahan! What a great trade that was!

    Maybe you missed it, but we didn’t make the playoffs again. We had our star player essentially carry this franchise on his back for a large part of the season against nobody teams. When our 1C went down with covid we looked like a amatuer team on a good night. And we had the single worst performance from a 1st overall pick since Neil Yakupov. Which was preambled by the single worst season a number 2 overall pick had ever statistically the year before. We have a norris trophy candidate, a top 6 goalie, and as you guys love to put it “a top 10 1C”. (and you all know how I feel about that) But yet we missed the playoffs again? Did I miss something?

    Make all the excuses you want with Covid etc…we are not any closer to being a legitimate cup contender then the days of Tom Renney. And I would say at least those teams played with heart. Which is where I completely agree with what I read from Dolan on Brook’s article. There is no team concept right now in this franchise.

    While I have faith that Drury has the knowledge/personal experience to win us a cup. I will always til the day he finally dies…. question anything this franchise does if Sather is still here though.

    Anyone, and I mean anyone, who thinks that Sather is a good hockey mind “today” is just so lost that there is no point arguing. If 20 years has taught me anything about Sather, it is he has absolutely no clue what he is doing anymore. All those years of the highest payrolled clubs in the league without making the playoffs, followed by his “I am in love with Czech players” era. By finally handing over the reigns to Tom Renney and company. To his consistent year after year signings of the most over priced over the hill free agents. You want to talk about an ego? Come on this is the biggest ego in the sport today.

    The guy is best described as a connoisseur of losing like our owner. And we will never have a chance to win a cup while he is still around chirping in Dolan’s ear. But you guys stay positive and hate me for spewing the truth.

    I’ve been saying this for a long time …this franchise is going no where til that man is long gone and anyone to do with him is outback of MSG dumpster diving. Anyone who questions this man is immediately dismissed. And JD is just the last one in a very long list of people to question his thoughts and get dismissed.

    It is why I welcome Messier in any manner to this organization. Because he will stand on equal ground with Sather when it comes to Dolan. He has already clearly stepped on Sather’s shoes and if he got installed in this franchise it would be the epitmany of a spit in the face to Sather. Which is all I need to be assured we are now heading in the right direction.

    • The idea that Messier would ever be a part of ‘spitting’ in Sathers face is just ludicrous! He thinks of the guy as a surrogate father-figure, always has. The only job Messier should be considered for is as coach…a job he is woefully under qualified for! To offer any other upper mgmt job will only result in Drury having to deal with the constant call for Messier to replace him if things go sour. Drury is not an idiot!!! At least I-hope he’s not…

      • I accept your opinion and remind you for a couple of years Messier was a special assistant under Sather. And then something happened that wasn’t publicly announced and gone went Messier. You are acting like you know their personal relationship on a first hand account. And while I can’t discredit that you might. I think that is highly unlikely. If what you said is truth, why would he be so bold as to go on air and say the things he did the second the firings were announced? Seems like a sure way of spitting in Sather’s face if you ask me. No?

        I will also point out that Sakic, while never coaching or doing anything with professional hockey after his retirement got hired as the assistant GM of the Avs. There was no dues paying and I would say he has done a pretty good job since. And he has only expanded his role since this debut. 2 year later he was named president and GM of hockey operations.

        • You have NO idea that “something happened that wasn’t publicly announced.” Could it be that Captain Messiah wasn’t happy in his role and thought he should have more authority? If I remember correctly, didn’t Sather recommend that he go down and get experience at the AHL level, even offered him the job, but he wanted no part of that. In other words, he didn’t want to put in the time, that obviously Sather believed he needed to learn the day to day aspects of running an Organization.
          As for Sakic, he retird in 2009…. served as executive advisor and alternate governor for the Avalanche from 2010-2013..when he was then named Executive of Hockey Operations. So you’re comparing apples and oranges.
          You can’t compare 2 people’s career trajectories based on only what they did on the ice. Did it ever occur to you that maybe Sakic is just more… how shall I say this… more intellectually suited to handled the running of a Professional Sports team, than Glen Sather thought Messier was? No offense intended!!!…believe me!!!!
          As for the Kay interview, it was pre-scheduled on another matter. He was asked his opinion of the situation and gave it. All he said was that he stands ready to offer any help that the Rangers might ask of him…and that he would not have constructed a team without making sure it could “beat you in the alley as well as the ice”. That’s Mess…that’s the era hes from. I wouldn’t expect him to say anything else. He wasn’t throwing ANYONE under the bus. If anything, it came off like he was kinda’ pandering to those who want a goon squad, and that he would be the kind of guy who would provide it. Basically asking for an interview…Now if that’s spitting in Sather’s face..wouldn’t that kinda’ defeat the purpose of his comments?

          • Messier will be coach. Just live with it.

            We had years of real coaches failing.

            Time to put that faith in #11

            I believe he is going to surprise everyone when he does take the reins

          • Again Mickey I am fine with your disposition on the matter. I just would rather see someone who isn’t a good ole boy of sather’s be in charge. The guy is a buffoon. Anyone who thinks otherwise has to have their eyes checked. You are focusing on Messier, but it is the point I am trying to convey not the actual individual. I am fine with Messier trailing off into the darkness here. Honestly I am. Not going to sit here and argue over who can make the better assumption as to why messier isn’t involved with NYR.

            Just let’s get someone new. We have had Sather for 20 years …enough is enough. And while I like drury’s resume far better then Gorton’s …he still has to kiss the hand of the godfather’s just like Gorton did.

            Like I have stated that will never happen til he dies.

          • Hey, I don’t want Messier anywhere near this team. All I’m saying is that it would be wrong to assume that Messier would ever disrespect Sather. He had his chance when they didn’t give him the job before picking AV. That relationship is rick solid . I’m with you…I want a real NHL coach. I just hope they let Drury pick one!

    • Jack Hughes had 21 points last year..a #1 pick in his rookie year.
      Laffreniere has 20 points with 1 game to go in his rookie year.
      So, back off a little with the hyperbole, no?

      • … and Laffy got virtually no time on the PP, unlike Hughes who was front and center on the Devils PP unit.

  • I have been a fan for over 50 yrs, The league always went against the rangers, But look! this all transpired because Gorton & Davidson thought they could get away with not having a tuff guy on the team after trading limuiex..
    AFTER THAT ALTERCATION, I would have been ON THE PHONE trading for Macdermid, DESLAURIERS, Marcus Folino, John Hayden, Austin Watson, 2 of the 5 would be great! add them to the 3rd & 4th lines.

    all of those guys are top fighters in the league. That’s all the Rangers needed. So the players focus on scoring and not worried about getting banged around.

    after a great run, I am so disappointed the last couple of games.
    23 soft players don’t work in the NHL;

    1) Quinn needs to GO! he is a nice guy, Did a decent job, but his style doesn’t work in NHL. So lemuirex wanted more ice time they trade him?? utterly ridiculous.

    2)Krieder, Howden, deguiseppi, guathier, Hajek, bettito, ALL NEED TO GO!

    3) like to see Rooney, Blackwell, and Brenden smith stick around another full season. Smith did a great! job down the stretch. Rooney good 4th line center, see if Blackwell can repeat scoring if he plays a full season he might be a diamond in the ruf not sure.

    I personally think Quinns job is done, Maybe it is time for messier to take over the bench


    • I agree with EVERYTHING you just said Iceman…Gretzky had McSorley Lanny Macdonald had Tiger Williams and Tim Hunter…Bossy had Gillies…I dream of the Rangers signing over their soul to the Devil and somehow trading for BOTH Brady and Matthew Tkachuk…

  • Here’s the paradox. Many focus on our culture, toughness etc. as the key reason for the change.

    Apparently there is reason to believe that we didn’t make the playoffs was the compelling factor.

    Of course the two are related. But if the second issue communicated as the issue: Win — get into the payoffs, can we blame the decision to play Blackwell over Gautier etc?

    • You’re right on, Jay, there are some unresolved mixed messages here, which makes me think this is ultimately as simple as Dolan doing Dolan things.

  • Would Getzlaf come to NY? If yes what type of money and term would he take? If he would take a 1 to 3 year contract in the range of a million for one year or $8000,000 for 3 and is okay in a 4th line capacity, he would be great. He’s a beast in the post season. He plays hard but with class and respect for other players. He’s won the cup too.

    Could be a great veteran. If Calgary buys out Lucic and he can be had for short cheap contract–Getzlaf centering Lucic and Barron/Rooney/PDG/Blackwell/? could be interesting.

    • Really…you want to bring in a 35 and 32 yr old who are at the end of their careers, to come here and accept the pressure of adding muscle to a young team. Unless they were to be hugely overpaid to do it, why the hell would they even consider it? And, more importantly, why in the world would the Rangers throw money away like that(unless Sather, truly is back!!)?? Just think Kevin Steven, Tim Kerr and more recently, Jack Johnson and give it a hard no!!!!

      • Signing oldsters at the end of their careers to 1 year contracts is not the answer. They’d come here for a money grab and you’d still have the same problem…every year.

        • But the guys you name are guys who have loooong careers of playing the type of game that the Rangers need. Why would they come to NY now, and have all that pressure on them to provide the muscle and grit that the team needs. They’ve been there done that. Unless they were being way overpaid… it makes no sense for them at this stage. I’m sure the Rangers looked into Lucic in the past…that ship has sailed.
          As for Chara…the guy is a freak…and not even in the same class as the guys you mentioned in terms of talent!

          • And what i’m saying is these type of players , guys with one foot out the door don’t finish their careers with young rebuilding teams. Like Chara, they go to contenders

  • So much to digest over the course of the last few days. I don’t have a dog in this fight, I wasn’t in either camp — the fired JG and DQ camp or the “we have to keep them” … so I don’t have a strong reaction either way with what has transpired over the last week or so. I also don’t HATE Dolan, mostly because I stopped watching basketball decades ago — so what he’s done to the Knicks over the years doesn’t affect my take on him, I look solely at his actions re: the Rangers which has been hands off — and it worked pretty well. We’ve come close, two or three times in the last decade …

    That said … slowly over the course this season I’ve become more and more disenchanted (so I understand where Dolan is coming from here). Mostly my issues are with DQ who never seemed to understand he could do both, win and develop our younger players. He never balanced the lines, his time management of our best players was poor and we never seem to get UP enough to win the BIG games against the toughest opponents. The team lacks an identity and they were unable to adapt to different situations (and that’s is on the coach).

    As far as management is concerned, I’ve thought they did a pretty good job over the course of the last few years. They’ve drafted well, aside from the lottery luck … they turned the 30th+ best prospect pool in the NHL into the best prospect pool — and that’s not just attributable to Kakko and Lafreniere.

    BUT here’s the DISCONNECT: The problem here is they never surrounded all this talent with complimentary players that turn the whole into more than the sum of its parts — they addressed that issue in the last draft, but that takes years to bear fruit. In the here and now players like Rooney, PDG and Blackwell were good pickups, but they weren’t the TYPE of players we needed — let’s not even discuss JJ, that was an abominable signing and EVERYONE aside from JG, JD and DQ knew it. This is where management failed, this is where you add the “tough to play against” players, the players that keep other teams honest — and we didn’t. Consequently we looked great against weaker teams, even great against the good teams when they didn’t bring their A game to the rink — but when challenged, we crumbled. Good players panicked and the 5 man units lost structure. We are, in effect, a unidimensional team — we can only play one way, the pretty way — great for pond hockey, disastrous when challenged.

    So I get where Dolan is coming from (at least I hope so) … but I still think there’s more to this story. If management could see the problem and draft accordingly (guys like Schneider, Cuylle, Robertson, etc.), then why wouldn’t they see this problem and correct the situation immediately (last summer, well more like last fall)? So enter the addition of two factors, first being Dolan was dissatisfied with DQ … while JG and JD were 100% behind him … secondly, the infamous “tweet”, Dolan being behind the tweet and JG/JD distancing themselves from it. Dolan remarked not only about the culture of the team, but also the unity of an organization — and those last two factors might have pushed Dolan over the edge … and since none of us are on the inside, who are we to say he’s wrong?

    The caveat … if DQ isn’t fired at the end of the season, then maybe that first factor wasn’t an issue … but there’s still plenty of smoke around to assume there was a fire smoldering in the organization. Hopefully they don’t anything stupid and forego the future health of the organization for the present — as in trading too much for a player like Jack Eichel (as the rumors right now are again suggesting). Yes, Eichel would be an upgrade on Strome (assuming his herniated disc isn’t serious), but we have talent … we don’t need to upgrade talent, we need to add “will” … that can easily be achieved, especially given the current flat cap market and without the need to trade “too much” talent.

    • Quinn’s firing will be announced Sunday evening, IMO. On the Kay Show, Drury said that next year, he wants the players to ‘know what their roles are from the drop of the puck.’ Basically, he did a mic drop on Quinn! Bye Dave…its been a slice!

  • I think you put too much stock in the player exit interviews, Dave. Dolan made pretty clear that it was unacceptable how unprepared the team was in certain big games, including vs. the invincible Islanders (losers of 6 of their last 9, except vs. you know who). Quinn has to be held accountable for that. I expect that the decision has already been made to move on.

    • I saw it observed somewhere that the exit interviews will be largely about DQ’s viability. If true, that sort of makes sense to me, to purposefully have Drury leading those conversations.

  • I’m a Ranger fan for 60 years. I cried on Wednesday for the loss of JD. If ever anyone bled Ranger Blue, he is the man. I thank you JD for all you have done for the NY Rangers and us the fans. I can’t help but feel that Sather has been whispering in Dolan’s ear. I thought the 2 dynamic “Hockey Men” JG and JD would be able to keep Sather in his place, but I forgot to factor in just how much Dolan loves Sather.

    This Wednesday Massacre smacks of Sather being desirous of taking an active role in the team’s forthcoming successes after he ran the organization into the ground and then deftly slithered away while keeping his finger on the pulse of things. Now it appears it is his decision to dive back in just as the newly constructed team was a couple moves away from a cup run. Sorry Ranger fans, but watch the impending return to the Dark Ages of Sather as he “mentors” Drury. I guess it was far more difficult for him to impose his will on established Hockey men so he’ll eat the newbie Pres/ GM alive, Ain’t that right Slats?

    Hey Sather, why don’t you go F**k up Edmonton. The love you there. Maybe you can trade McDavid and Draisaitl to the Caps for Tom Wilson. We know you love GOONS.

    • I’ve been a Ranger fan for about 55+ years but the game is bigger than any one individual — whether that’s Messier, JD or whomever. This is business, nothing personal. It’s hard. Yeah, it saddens me that it didn’t work out because JD is a quality person, but bleeding Blue isn’t enough. I still think JD was for the most part a great front man signing, a PR darling for the NY media and fans to fawn over and carry us through the rebuild. It’s like Hank being let go this season, yes I’m sorry … but it had to be done for this team to move forward. Maybe letting JD go at this stage had to be done for reasons both you and I aren’t privy to.

      • It’s not ONLY the loss of JD, but if you have been a Ranger fan for 55+ years, tell me you don’t remember the Dark Years under Sather. In his first press conference as Ranger management he declares a youth movement then he goes and acquires Mr. Concussion #88 the hated Lindros. Some youth movement. Here comes the parade of older name players many of them who could punch your lights out. Is Scott Stevens doing anything these days?

        • … and the cap straightened him out for the most part. I also remember the years of light after the lockout … and I remember the years of being a legit SC contender, a team NOBODY really wanted to play … I also remember the years he mentored JG, which included the year of the letter and the beginnings of the rebuild — you know, before JD came in on his white horse.

    • Your last paragraph was a contradiction. If Sather was as influential as you suggest and if he does love goons as you mentioned, then surely we’d have some.

  • Changes obviously coming. Would have liked to see JD/JG get another year especially with all the salary cap space that will be available next year – I’m sure they would have addressed some deficiencies this summer.
    Here are my thoughts:
    1. What did Jim Dolan mean by “changing the culture of the organization?”
    Changing culture means more than roster changes. It’s well documented that Drury puts a premium on analytics. Look for the front office to be much more analytical going forward. Also look for more skill specific specialist to be incorporated. More professional sports teams are utilizing this. Look at all the coaches the Giants have hired under Joe Judge. Yes there will be an element of grit and will brought in. Also a legit organizational system will be developed and implemented in all levels of the organization. So every player at ever level will know their role and assignments.
    2. What is David Quinn’s status?
    DQ is over his head period. A couple of years in the AHL might have been better, the NHL is a major step up from college. To me the next coach will answer all 3 of Dave’s questions. No to Messier – great player not a coach, Torts Babcock, Knoblach???
    3. How will Drury leave his mark?
    See question 1 – analytics…see question 2 new coach. Also question to ponder is Drury going to be a Sather puppet…he never went away and it’s obvious the Ranger godfather didn’t like the direction of the team and let the owner know. Think Drury gets a pass this off-season but high heat is on.
    While Eichel is the big name coming in in the offseason – Keep an eye on Dylan Larkin- Rangers were in talks with Detroit at the deadline..
    I’m not happy to see JD/JG go and question if Dolan made a rash decision…it is done and have to hope that Drury is the guy. 5 months to go till the next puck drop. It will be a long and interesting off season.

    • Honestly, if they hire Babcock I will be 100% disappointed in Drury … no, make that 101%. Babcock is a DB, plain and simple, ZERO loyalty and he will throw his players under a bus without a second thought … I would much rather have Torts — especially to see him interact with KK, who IS a 200 foot player (unlike a certain other Finnish winger). Another go round with Torts might not produce a Cup, but I guarantee you it will produce a clear and distinct identity, one of toughness and “WILL”. He will have these guys well conditioned and willing to sacrifice.

      Knoblach … I don’t know. Maybe best to try him out as an Assistant, in place of Oliver. We should keep Martin.

      Martin – not close enough to know whether he would be the right person to lead this team, but he’s been quite good with the D.

      Gallant — I knew him when he was coaching in the AHL and I liked him, a lot — so did every player that played under him. Lost touch since then, but personalities don’t change.

  • Chicken Little, Chicken Little “The sky is falling”, THE SKY IS FALLING!” “I have to warn everyone!” is exactly what this all is. Histrionics personified.

  • It’s a sad day when they bring a hockey guy who’s built winners in St. Louis and Columbus and don’t even give him a fair shot at building a franchise with staying power. Guys have been wide open in the slot all year that’s on the head coach! I was willing to give Quinn time to grow with the young team but not anymore. LaFrine for Eichel no way! Guess we are going back to signing high priced has beens

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