Mark Messier should be nowhere near this Rangers team – as coach or GM

Mark Messier should not be allowed anywhere near this Rangers team as coach or GM. That is no hyperbole, and that is no overreaction. The New York Rangers should be Chris Drury’s team, with some guidance from Glen Sather. This is Drury’s time to shine. And to be blunt, everything Messier has done since the unexpected dismissals of John Davidson and Jeff Gorton has rubbed many the wrong way.

The dust hadn’t even settled. The facts weren’t known. Heck, the team hadn’t even released a statement or held a press conference. But Messier was on the Michael Kay show just hours after the firing. The appearance was prescheduled, of course, but that doesn’t mean the questions weren’t asked and answered.

Irresponsible timing

Make no mistake, Messier even entertaining these questions was a mistake. The correct answer was “I’d love to, but I cannot comment. I’m not in the room.” Instead, while on the air, Messier basically begged for the role.

Messier said he’s a hockey guy, and either you are or you aren’t. Which is an asinine statement that is closed minded in nature. He’s stating that only hockey people, regardless of whether or not they’ve been with the team, can “fix” the Rangers. A different element is needed, for sure, but how would Messier go about delivering in a role he’s never had?

Yes, Messier is a hero for what he delivered. He will forever be revered by New York Rangers fans for a lifetime and beyond. But to go on air and publicly state that he is qualified and basically throw his name in the ring for a position that wasn’t even open, that’s just plain egotistical.

He’s not qualified

Per Messier’s own words, he has not been in contact with anyone in the organization for a few years. That includes Glen Sather. He has no coaching experience. He certainly doesn’t have the five years of front office experience that Drury has.

So what value does Messier bring? He’s not going to be brought on to influence roster decisions. If anything, he’d have to start where Drury started, as Director of Player Development. Do you think Messier’s now very apparent ego can handle that?

What systems would he run as a coach? How would he change the message in the locker room? How would he get buy-in from players? Would he be a John Tortorella in Vancouver? Or would he be a Barry Trotz? My guess is the former. We have no indication of how he would coach and what systems he would deploy.

The game has changed since Messier last played. It’s changed since he was last in touch with anyone in the organization. I love him, but Mark Messier should be nowhere near this Rangers team as coach or GM. The odds of it being a colossal failure are too high, and it would forever destroy his legacy. No nostalgia. Earn the position by starting at the bottom, or stay away.

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  • Well said. Giving Messier the coaching job is a good Disney movie premise but likely would only taint his legacy in New York. So hard pass.

  • ” How would he change the message in the locker room? ” – Dave
    “In my opinion, if you’re going to win, you got to be able to win in the street and the alley. I, particularly, would not have built the team that didn’t have answers in this regard.” – messier
    That’s a Night and day difference from current message or lack thereof.
    His comments were also that I’ve been offering to help any way that I could for years…
    Stop being so dramatic Dave.

  • Messier’s issue is he really can’t go anywhere w-o becoming a distraction. His presence is huge and he’s a person everyone listens to and wants opinions from. I’m not saying he should be given anything. But how would he fit into any NHL organization at the “bottom?” Anywhere he goes, he’d be seen as the main guy. Even if he kept quiet, and stayed in his lane, there’d be tons of speculation that he is influencing everything to some degree. From day 1, there’d be the tag line of how he’s the “coach” or whatever for now, but there’s a strong likelihood he’d move up into the front office eventually.

    He rubbed me the wrong way as well with that interview so soon after the announcement. If he came on board now, it would look orchestrated to me. He should be the coach or GM of the WJC or World Championship to get some experience. Those are important, but not long-term assignments where he can show what he can do.

  • I’ve been saying this for over a decade. Any time Messier’s name is mentioned with some high level job in the organization I say please dear God, NO — and I’m not even religious, but I’ll get down on my knees and pray that he doesn’t get the job. Why? Because, he isn’t willing to pay the price and work for it, which is truly bizarre given how hard a worker he was as a player.

    Sorry, but being a great player does not automatically make you a great coach, a great GM, etc. … just ask Wayne Gretzky, the guy who has GREAT in his nickname no less. Or how about Bryan “yuck” Trottier.

    If this was the job Messier wanted, put in a few years to learn that side of the business … put in a few years of coaching at the AHL level to learn what the job fully entails and whether your ideas for said job truly work. I’m 100% sure that with Slats involved he could have nailed down a good job in the org. — not starting at the bottom, but starting high enough to really learn the ins and outs of the jobs he covets. The day to day of these jobs involve a lot more than what Messier has seen as a player.

    It’s a shame, really … because he does have many of the tools required, his attitude is one of “entitlement” … he isn’t willing to put in the work required to hone and refine his tools for the specific jobs he seeks.

    • Messier was the guy who could beat you on the scoreboard or beat you in the alley all while getting more ass than a toilet seat.

      His only faux pas for me was when he said that Graves should get all the money, then split when Vancouver backed up the Brinks truck. I don’t blame him getting paid, just bad optics.

      • One of the greatest Rangers ever (first stint), no doubt … but it just doesn’t qualify you to run an organization or the bench in your civies.

  • Since 1940 the Rangers have won exactly one Stanley Cup. One Championship in 81 years…one. The Only reason they won that cup was they were wise enough to bet on Mark Messier.
    I get what you’re saying “he’s a player and not a coach or manager”, totally hear you. Those coaches and managers we’ve bet on for all over all of those other years never brought us a cup.
    What’s the worst that can happen We fail to qualify for the playoffs four straight seasons? (we didn’t “qualify” last season).
    Messier put his legacy on the line once already for us. Game six at the meadowlands he said “we will win” he was willing to put his five previous cup rings in the middle of the table and say “make this my new legacy if we fail, you can mock and ridicule me for saying we’d win, for all time THAT can become my lasting legacy”. Natural hat trick in the third period.
    I don’t like the thought of Messier messing with his legacy either BUT I love the thought of betting on the man who was willing to bet on his team while risking his own good name and brought this Rangers fan the coolest professional sports moment ever.

    • No way, no how!
      He has zero coaching or management experience. How many great players have succeeded in these capacities? Not many at all, and the ones who have, put in the time to get acclimated.
      And yes, he could totally eff things up by his non experience.
      Ask. Brian Trottier how things went for him in his very short tenure

      • I hear you. I’m totally on board with the former good players don’t make good coaches thing. I hear you, fully agree.
        However, Rod Brind Amour is doing a fantastic job in Carolina and he and Messier have a lot in common as humans in the ability to communicate and inject their will into others.
        My point is this, if the Rangers bet on Messier what’s the worst that can happen? We’ve won one Stanley Cup in 81 years. That’s all I’m saying.

        If it’s up to me I’m sticking with Quinn and continuing to build around him. I love the way players play, compete and produce under him. I mean, the deck’s been stacked against him ever since he arrived as head coach.

    • “What’s the worst that can happen We fail to qualify for the playoffs four straight seasons?”

      He can ruin players and their development, he can influence trades, etc. There’s a lot that go wrong.

      • Again tant, read the perspective, all he is saying is one Cup in 81 years. Can’t be worse if Mess was there and he the reason for that one Cup. I don’t want him here, but just try to understand what Alaskanfree is trying to say.

      • He gone Bro, did NOTHING but talk to his boy Rosen!!! Useless and NEVER won a cup in all these years! Sather has 4!

  • The biggest concern Rangers fans should have is the amount of “guidance” that Sather will have or give to Drury

    • Couldn’t agree more with you. Sather is showing up again right after Gorton finished cleaning up Sather’s mess—the timing is too suspicious.

      • Sathers mess?? Gorton, shatty, spooner, namesnikov, ETEM, Skjii, Mac gone for a 1 goal Howden. Lmao! Lias called him a liar, as did Hank, Tony D. And Vitale! Wake up, he sucked but got lucky with 2 top picks! Scouting was from Slats! You all must be young and not know!! This team as is WILL NEVER WIN A CUP!! Lets not forget sighing Krides to a no Move clause as we watch him figure skate and drop to the 3rd line! Gorton and JD didnt more damage than slats ever did! At least slats got 4 Cups! JD and Gorton NONE! BOSTON FIRED GORTON REMEMBER! QUINN NEEDS TO GO AND WE WILL HAVE A PLAYOFF TEAM 2021!! Guaranteed

    • This narrative is not fair to Drury, you are assuming
      Slather is in charge. He is not, Drury is and as such can ask for advise and then not take it.

    • Slats has been letting his AGMs do the heavy lifting on most everything going back to Schoney & Don Maloney and he just tries to keep Dolan from messing things up.

      • Well fed line of baloney. He might not have been micromanaging like he did the Knicks, but mandates from above are mandates nonetheless.

    • Drury will get this team a cup!! Gorton was horrible! As in players like Hank, Lias, Vitale, Tony D, and many more SAID he lied to them! Reason the Euros op-ed out! Lias said he will never play in NHL yet is playing in LA doing well! And Brendan also asked for a trade because of Gorton and Quinn! He got lucky with 2 top picks but look how many contract buyouts he gave us! We are still paying spooner!! Gorton sucked and JD changed nothing when dolan told him he gets all the money he needs to make the team compete! Team as is will NEVER win a cup!! Soft and no grit or motivation 4yrs into rebuild!! Wake up. Drury will get us to playoffs next season and then a cup! Shatty, Spooner, namesnakov, skjii, all horrible contracts! Oh and Tony D. Trading Hags for Etem! MAC For ….oh Quinns boy witj 1 empty net goal!

  • This was always my fear with a total rebuild..that the Garden would become impatient and revert to the old ways of trying to cut corners to get a winning team. Now, while I believe Drury will still adhere to what Gorton and JD have been building, the pressure from Dolan will be enormous to do something to speed things up.
    To that end, what better way for Dolan to take the critical eye off him, then to name the Lord and Saviour as the coach? You know there is a segment of the fanbase(a LARGE segment ) who’ve been dreaming of this since he retired. They want to see Mess, Graves and Leetch behind the bench, leading the team once more to glory. Never mind that none of them have coached ANYWHERE…just get them on the bench and the rest will take care of itself. And I fear Dolan could be talked into this very easily.
    Obviously this would be an enormous mistake….especially when there are many qualified, great choices available for them to hire.Drury has to do the right thing and hire one of those choices. But the thing is…will Dolan let him? He says Drury is in charge….but..excuse me while I try and stop laughing.
    This is the summer that will shape this team going forward for many years…if the Garden is intent on making the Rangers a 3 ring Circus again, they will!
    And the “Letter” and the last 3 years would have been for nothing.

  • Walk is right you definitely need to cover every asset of the game you can’t just get bullied and turn the other cheek

  • With the trio of DQ, Gorton and JD, what have we won? Absolutely nothing. If Drury add Messier as an assistant, so be it. He knows hockey and he knows passion. These are 2 qualities sorely missed by the organization.

    • You really think Drury is dumb enough to hire a high-profile guy in Messier as his “assistant?” Knowing full well that if things go south…you have just hired the guy who everyone and there mother will be calling to replace you?
      The only job I think he would consider him for is coach…and only if Dolan forces him to.
      Anyway, Messier would never sign on to be an assistant to anyone….its either the spotlight or no light.

    • Yes, we could have ‘won’ by getting into the playoffs and lasting one round for the next 5 years (maybe 2 here and there) vs taking a steadier approach and be a perennial contender for the cup.

      I suspect delayed gratification is not in Dolan’s (or some Ranger fans’) vocabulary.

  • Crazy how there is all this hate for one of the top 3 players to ever put that uniform on. He did what no one else has done in 90 years and you guys all want to dismiss him…yet, Sakic runs the AV’s, Blake runs the Kings, Yzerman the Wings, Guerin runs the Wild, Sweeney runs the bruins and the list goes on. Yet, no to Messier unless he is equipment manager in Hartford. So bizarre.

    I say bring him in…he loves New York, loves the Rangers, is a natural born winner, would beat you with a goal or with his fist.

    • Unfortunately, unless you’re wiling to suit him up and wheel him out on the ice he won’t be beating anyone with ‘a goal or a fist.’ He would have to beat you with his knowledge as coach; and unfortunately for him, he has none.
      With the young prospects they have, and the rest that are coming, they need an established coach who knows how to handle young talent. Not a living legend who seems to think he is entitled to any job he wants just because of who he is.

        • And how is Quinn an established coach? He’s a college guy who looks overmatched in the pros. They need an established NHL guy with a resume of success working with kids. That is not David Quinn.

    • Sakic spent 2 years as an advisor and was promoted to GM because Sherman was a cluster. Yzerman spent 3 years in an advisor role before moving to Tampa. Guerin was a development coach and an AHL GM before becoming a GM. Mess has 0 experience anywhere. Love him but no.

  • Ego defines Messier, and, when he was capable of delivering as in ’94, ego works. His Vancouver stint was an unmitigated, divisive, disaster. His Ranger return for the last four years of his career showed an old man demanding ice time which he simply did not deserve. Putting one’s own interests ahead of the team is not what we need in a coach.

    • Truth. Thanks for the cup Mess but no thanks. We need someone a little more reflective.

  • Hire a more seasoned coach and make Messier an assistant coach. All coaches have a shelf life and that would lead to him getting a shot after some experience. Nobody knows more about “will” then Messier and that has to benefit the team in some capacity. This team is downright painful to watch right now. I, for one, value the judgement more from someone that practiced what is being preached (Messier AND Drury), than someone that never has. This is not a development league! There are no “participation trophies”! The latter is how this team plays! Somebody needs to impose their will on this team and show them how to win! The Islanders took pretty much the same team that wasn’t even sniffing the playoffs, got a real coach and GM, and now they are Cup contenders. They play structured defense and when they get into the offensive zone, they throw stuff at the net and have players actually go there for rebounds. Amazing! What a novel idea! Yet, that escapes this team since AV.

  • Great player!!!
    Keep him as far away from the team like he has the plague!!
    It would be like when the hated Trottier was coach!!

  • Was already GM & Coach from Oct 1991 -May 1997. Second tour of duty was a money grab. He ran that team when he was a great player during that first tour. His words and actions were held as gospel. Dolan is a weasel and has rabbit years. He’s weak. Bettman calls him about the letter and instead of being a man and leader of the ship throws JD & JG overboard. Should have told Bettman he blew it and held his ground. You don’t think JD would have addressed the issues over the summer. ? Of course he would have . JG maybe had too long of a rope however when Dolan signed off on the rebuild let him finish his work. Rangers will never win a cup as long as Dolan is owner. “The fish stinks from the head”

    • Regarding your first point: a lot of people forget that Messier wanted Sergei Zubov traded after his 2nd full year, and he got his wish. Zubov is now a hall of fame defenseman.

      • I didn’t get anything wrong. It’s been written about that way since the trade happened in the 1995 offseason. The guy the Rangers really wanted was Ulf Samuelsson, not Luc Robitaille.

        • Total BS about Zubov. I had a conversation about this exact thing in a Russian restaurant in Brooklyn with Alex Kovalev 3 weeks after Zubie was traded. Colin Cancer wanted Zubie and every Russian player off of the team.

      • To answer part 2 of your post, I didn’t like Nedved much his first time thru NYC. He was much better (on bad teams, to boot) in his 2nd stint with the Rangers. Still not one of my favorite Rangers.

        • He was traded to NYR from Blues the first time. Compensation thing you’re thinking of involved Vancouver-St Louis RFA signing transaction. (I checked wiki on the Vancouver-St Louis thing…)

          Then Traded back to NYR from Pittsburgh in a deal involving Kovalev.

    • A few experienced head coaches are available. One with great credentials that is often overlooked is Bruce Boudreau who won the Jack Adams award as coach having contributed the most to the Capitols team before Trotz. IMO, Quinn is next on Dolan’s hit list. I predict he will probably start the 2022 season but if the team starts off on a losing streak he will be gone. I doubt if Messier will get the head coaches job. Like Quinn he will start with zero experience behind the bench. I doubt if Dolan wants to try that again.

      • ” I doubt if Messier will get the head coaches job. Like Quinn he will start with zero experience behind the bench.”

        What are you talking about? Before joining the Rangers, Quinn accumulated 25 years of experience as either an assistant or head coach in juniors, NCAA, and AHL and even had a stint as an assistant in the NHL in 2012-13. Like him or hate him, you can’t say he had zero experience behind the bench.

  • I love Messier. Everyone loves Messier for good reason. I want to continue to love him, so I don’t want him put into a position to fail. Save him from himself!

    My fear is that Dolan is just the right guy to make the wrong move. Please, no.

  • Totally agree. too much ego! If you need a motivating force,use Adam Graves( not as coach).

  • Tortarella to be named head coach by the end of the month. Messier chosen as his offensive coach. Watch and learn how the new-look Dolan Rangers play next year.

    • Haha Sal good one! I love John Tortorella. I know that is far from a unanimous opinion. But I think he is a better coach than when he left New York. I sort of doubt that the Rangers would re-hire him.

      You know, Messier as an assistant almost makes sense but, could his ego handle being No. 2? I doubt that too. Mess likes to be in charge.

    • Good lord! I swear to God I’ll become a Isles fan of that happens.
      No coach in the NHL has more players despise him than Torts!
      Good luck having any players sign as free agents!

      • Hah Rich, there is one guy who definitely has more players despise him than Torts, and that is Mike Keenan. Hands down the most despised guy to ever head a team.

    • If Torts was going to be hired, don’t you think that the guy who gave him his current job in Columbus—John Davidson—would still be Rangers prez?

      • Not sure about that, JD (like JG) were all aboard the DQ train … which to be honest is a bit disconcerting (and I haven’t been in either the fire DQ or keep DQ camp, but I lean towards the fire because I think there are better coaches out there).

    • Drury will create a REAL team that will be in the playoffs!! Guaranteed!! Awesome hockey mind!! Boston Fired Gorton because he did nothing but slow their build also to keep his Job!!! And JD is horrible! Hung out in the booth with Rosen!! Saw it to many times! Dolan gave him free run of cash to built the best analytics, trainers, high tech training and strength training and JD DID NOTHING!!

  • Perhaps, just Perhaps, having guys like Messier and Leetch around these kids would be a good thing to part some wisdom on, Perhaps TEACHING Chytil how to win a faceoff would actually help him. Having Leetch around such a young group to remind them sometimes the route less taken is the best.
    Theres a role there for both to help this team take the next step foward, knowing how jdifficult it is to WIN in NY, Haven been there,done that , and the only ones to have done so in 85yrs. LEARN from History ,part that knowledge, but outright dismiss anyone seems to be part of the culture today.
    By no means make him the HC, but to say he shouldnt be nowhere near this team, is somewhat lacking at best.

  • Messier…Messier…Moose can do anything he wants. Some say his stare almost broke Chuck Norris’ roundhouse.

  • Why not? It worked so well with Bryan Trottier and he was an assistant in Pitt and Colorado before taking the job.

    94 was a magical memory but a strong pass on the captain!

    • Why is Trottier a comparison or an example that should be used? The guy was an unstable clown who had well documented emotional issues.

  • Jerry on the money!

    Kids need a leader w balls like mess and for someone to build a culture to make a team that is tough to play against.

    Mess has earned is ego in blood. Would love to see him whip these boys into men.

    Need a bottom six cut from the cloth of cally, duby and ortmeyer w maybe another big body thrown in

    • Don’t know who that other “Jerry” is Perk, but for sure wasn’t me.
      Never once have I ever demeaned anyone personally, like calling someone I disagree with an idiot.

      Hey Dave, how do we protect from two posters using the identical screen name??

  • Mess will forget more about hockey than anyone of you will ever know. He knows how to lead a room and he knows the type of hockey that wins. Stop being so afraid of something different, instead of embracing the same old, same old.

  • Messier to be a reasonable coach would have to do something he has never been able to do, that is to leave his ego behind and do what is best for the players, the team and the organization. Until he can demonstrate, he is kryptonite.

  • No way Jose! I love Messier for what he brought to the NY Rangers and its fan base. But what won Stanley Cups back then and what win them now is different. The overall skill level of players these days is significantly higher than back then. The grit is still required but its a different type of grit. I fear if he has any control over player personnel that he will sacrifice our youth and future (longevity) for a win now attitude. I prefer a team that has a legitimate shot the net 5 years than one who’s chancy are greater than 50% the next two. This is an entertainment business and I wish be entertained more than 2-3 years.

    I truly thought JD had the right road map and this offseason would prove that. That’s why I think he was the right guy to get us to that point and keep us on those rails. There was a certain level of objectivity in JD that Sather and Messier (Sather Jr) will not bring to the NY Rangers.

    Like ‘Tanto’ I am not religious but I am certainly praying right now.

  • I would let Messier get his feet wet as a coach at the AHL or ECHL level first. See how he does. We know he’s a great leader of men but being a coach behind the bench and being a coach on the ice.
    I’ve read that players feel that Hartford is a place that players go to die. It hasn’t been a strong suit for the Rangers over the last 20+ years. I’d like to see if Messier can turn that team into a bunch of winners.
    When your youngest players are coming up, it’s a plus to let them learn while winning and being competitive.

    • He won’t do that … from the start (of his retirement) he has always angled for a top job … he thinks having played the game is enough, those are the “dues” he’s paid.

      • Which he has paid his dues. He won with the great one and won. Without the great one. He has six cups to his resume and being a captain for almost his entire career

        He coached the rangers in 94 and had Keenan there to back him up.

        He is arguably one of the best hockey players of all time and knows what it takes to win and be great.

        Not sure why everyone hates him. We went through the trainwreck of torts and Quinn , saw the team shine under Knoblauch.

        Imagine if you had someone who knew hockey in and out calling the shots, someone who was there. And we already know he had Leetch lined up to be his asssistant.

        Do I want mark Messier teaching Morgan Baron what it takes to be great…yes

        Do I want Brian Leetch teaching Adam fox how to be greater… yes

        Do any you have the credentials to choose an nhl coach….no

        Only in New York can something like this work, it’s like a fairytale setup.

        Everyone loved Gorton and jd. But they screwed up, Dolan stepped in and now anything is possible.

        Argument over. You all lose

    • I agree Hockey Post. If Messier truly wants to coach a team, then go get some experience before trying to jump into being a coach in the NHL. Everyone knows about his credentials as a player and a captain. But he needs to earn a stripe coaching before being considered for a head coaching job. If he started out as an assistant in the NHL that might work, but, I am not sure that Messier is cut out to be a No. 2 guy.

  • Lack of experience? Nonsense! He was coaching his teammates on and off the ice. Look around the NHL and you would see quite a few people that started their coaching or executive career as novice; JD, Brind Amour, Yzerman, just to name a few. Knowledge of the game and leadership qualities should be the key factors when deciding who is going to lead the team in the right direction. Dolan and Sather have a very bad track record and wasting millions of dollars on washed up veterans.

  • Who is the author here. He is the one not qualified. Hockey evolves, getting dirty in the corners and in front of the net doesn’t.

  • You don’t understand, Mess doesn’t want to put in the work … he wants a top banana job without having to pass go and only collect $200.

  • ” I love him”

    No you don’t.

    This whole BSB charade is simple. Most did not want JG and JD fired and are simply finding fault wherever they can. Since Messier did not bow down before the gods Gorton and Davidson, he is therefore despicable.

    If he wants the coaching job, he is entitled to say so. In the short term, he is not about to eclipse Drury, who is surely in charge.

    And BTW, for those who see signs of Sather here, Sather’s involvement should be welcomed. If true, it would indicate that Dolan is relying on advice and not acting look a loose cannon (which is after all the Knick nightmare).

  • Dave doesn’t like messier. I don’t know why, but dave isn’t exactly leading the world in the ability to critically think. In the same post he would rather have Glen”I haven’t won a cup in 31 years” Sather…keep overpaying for over the hill high priced free agents then have albeit a guy 17 years removed from playing this game. Ear marking his opinion with Messier didn’t pay any dues. But I am pretty sure for a while he was the assistant to the GM til him and Sather had a spat. So yeah…. Dave you don’t have any bias in the matter, none what so ever.

    I would personally would never want him on as a Head coach. That ego is too much and these player types have been tried and tested and it never ever works out.

    But maybe as a assistant to Drury and/or a bench coach to whoever lands the job as our next head coach.

    Personally I don’t care either way as I said in the last post. It can be anyone. But it needs to be someone who has actually won a cup in the last 3 decades. Someone who actually played a major part in that championship. Rod Brind’Amour ring a bell anyone?

    It could be Sean Avery for all I care as long as Sather and his lackeys are gone. 20 years under this guy and not one cup? And you stand by him like he is the next best thing since sliced bread? What do you see that some of us don’t? Is he paying you and this forum? Sometimes I really think that. The track record since his days in edmonton are not exactly flattering. Some of the highest payrolls ever to not make the playoffs. The biggest contracts to the most over the hill players. I had to watch Wade Redden for 2 years because of this idiot. 2 years of Holik’s epic fall from grace because this moron. I cannot for the life of me understand how this idiot is still around riding on Gretzky’s/Messier’s coat tails. What does he have on Dolan? It must be one of the darkest secrets in the Dolan family.

    I agree Drury should be a decent guy, but as long as Sather is around we will never win a damn thing. Here how I see the trade of Mac/Miller going down…gorton” I got offered Namestikov/Howden/Hajek and two 1st’s for Mac…should I do it glen?”
    Sather, “Sure …that seems good but to be fair throw in Miller since someone might take it as a lopsided trade.”
    Gorton, “Ok glen thanks for the input!” Gorton scratching his head as he walks out of Sather’s office.

  • With all due respect, I have to say, speaking of Moose in such a tone does not sit well with me.

  • No one will help the Rangers, it does not matter who is at the helm……. they are perennial losers. In my opinion, if professional sports teams want to win they should study the systems of consistent contenders and implement the same principles. It’s still no guarantee but it’s better than repeatedly failing year after year.

  • You’re talking about the greatest leader the sport has ever known. How can that be a bad thing

  • All this Messier-bashing made me think of one of my favorite Messier d*ck moves… early 1st period Game 2 Canada Cup ’87, Normand Rochefort scores for Canada from a pretty nice feed from Mess, who, post-goal, skates past Rochefort and the other teammates, arms thrust in the air, looking up to the sky… it wasn’t that Rochefort scored, MESSIER assisted.

    still, part of me thinks he’d make a great coach–but i’d hate like hell to endure Trottier 2.0

  • Messier is my alltime favorite Ranger, and he delivered as Captain what no one else has in last 81 years and we will all be forever grateful for that.I don’t think he would ever be coach or GM here. They are all hired to eventually be fired I don’t think the Rangers would want that PR nightmare when that day comes. President would be the one position I could see him doing as usually the shelflife is a bit longer.I don’t think Drury would like having him question his every move. Being the captain for six Stanley Cup winners gives him carte blanche but i could see them butting heads. In his time as a Ranger he did help get RogerNeilson fired, Nedved traded, which also got Zubov traded( begining of the end of the 94 team imo). Just lost in the playoffs to the Flyers who manhandled us. Management with his influence thought Zubov caved to Flyers tougness. So we traded a great young defenseman who was part of a lethal power-play with Brian leads on each point. For two aging stars Robitaille and Samuellson who weren’t same players anymore.I’d hate to see him come in and make moves like that. I’d rather keep my memory of him as one of the best all-around players ever, and the greatest captain/leader ever who gave us a memory As Sam Eloquently said. This one will last a lifetime!

  • Like it or not Messier’s resume Gave him clout unlike any other player before or after did. Because of that he did have the ear of upper management. Good or bad. Nielsen was a good coach Who brought us some success. Messier knee what it took to win and felt Nielsen style clashed with Messier idea of reahing that.In hindsight Keenan was hired after that and we won the cup. So I’m not complaining. But if you remember it was well reported after the 96 playoffs loss to the Flyers About Zubov’s lack of toughness . And I take Larry Brooks articles with a grain of salt.but Sometimes where there is smoke there’s fire. His dislike of Nedved’s style and lack of heart was a known fact. And I’m sure he had input as much as any player could with the GM in getting his old Edmonton buddies Kurri and Mcsorley from LA in another disastrous trade. I’m not bashing him again my all-time favorite ranger. Just accepting the influence this man has on the organization good and bad

  • I think Mark Messier is the answer he has experienced skating with the best of them and I do think he would make a great coach one thing he knows is the game he would be the no nonsense coach they need he has the ability to put the most productive lines together. He wouldn’t tolerate stupid mistakes. He was the best at Captain I’ve ever seen and he would appoint the right player for the job I think the players would look up to him and they would automatically respect him as their leader
    Absolutely the best pick of all!!!!!!!

  • Ted Williams was a great baseball player but not a very good coach. I realize two different sports but what makes Messier think that despite being a great hockey player that he’ll make a great coach or GM. The individual philosophies of these great players will not & does not make for great coaching or managerial people. JMHO.

  • The team is one hot mess since Gordon, the moron that he is, traded Brendan Lemieux to the Los Angeles Kings for a 4th round draft pick (AND DON’T HAND ME THE BULLSHIT THAT LEMIEUX WANTED OUT BECAUSE IF IT WEREN’T FOR THE SHEET RETARDATION OF QUINN, LEMIEUX WOULD STILL BE A RANGER). Maybe Messier is the answer. He is a Jedi Master in the sport, won 6 Stanley Cups, and is a natural born leader. Is Drury?

  • I’m a Bruins fan, I wholeheartedly agree with this article. He will micromanage Coach Quinn into the ground.

  • This is the most asinine thing I’ve ever read. Saying that Messier isn’t qualified is ludicrous.

  • Wow, by far one of the worst articles I’ve read in a while.. Clearly the writer doesn’t know the first thing about hockey, the Rangers, or Messier.. Chris Drurys team? Lol what an idiot you sound like

  • If Drury is that Magical rabbits foot , Has record of Winning, I say 5 Stanley Cup Rings has a decidedly Positive effect, and might Make a Young impressionable rookie strive to do more!

  • Bring in Mess in some leadership capacity with this team.
    They have ignored him for far too long because they are afraid
    of him. Player Development, Hockey Operations Special Advisor or
    whatever. His passion, emotion, leadership skills, hockey knowledge and love for the Rangers is sorely needed to inject some
    energy and pride into this organization.

  • Your logical argument overlooks the grit and leadership that Messier would add. If you hate the guy this much just come out and say it

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