Injury Update: Kreider, Lindgren, Trouba still out; Panarin not skating

Looks like the Rangers will be significantly shorthanded again tonight. There are no updates to the injuries to Chris Kreider, Ryan Lindgren, and Jacob Trouba. They will remain out tonight.

Artemi Panarin is a new add to the walking wounded, as he did not skate. However it looks like he will still play tonight. Take that with a grain of salt, as the last maintenance day was for Kreider, and he is now missing his second game in a row.

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  • At this point I want to see DQ play the snot out of the kids. If we lose we lose (and maybe get a better draft pick in the process), if we win that’s good too.

  • Lindgren, Trouba and Kreider are three of the most physical players on the team. Even Howden who is also out plays with some physical presence. They won’t be as hard to play against without all of them. The young players they have are pretty big fellas. They need to play like it. That might be a bit of a learning curve, but it is one aspect of their play that if they work on it will help bring the team to the next level. They don’t need one tough guy, they need to be a tough team.

    • Let’s not call it an excuse, let’s call it a factor in the soft play they exhibited as a team in the last 2 games. Those 3 guys are the most physical of the group — Lindgren and Trouba take shite from no one.

  • We are officially out now how about giving all the kids extra icetime including first options on PP and PK. Since what little toughness this team had is on the IR how about calling up 6 foot four 215 pounds Mason Geertsen from Hartford for the last four games. He’s a career minor leaguer but at least when runs are taken at the kids,Or even our star players like Zib Who just skated away after being popped by Martin Someone will be there to defend them. I’m not saying we have to get goons this next year,But we have to complement our mostly finesse lineup with some good hard nosed hockey players

  • I could have told you that Martin was going run somebody hard and that Wilson was going to get nasty.I’m a just a long time fan,if I know that why doesn’t Quinn know that and bring up Geerson for games against these two teams.Zibenajad and Panarin hurt and for what? This ain’t college hockey,this is the NHL.You need to have players that can protect your skilled guys.Period!!

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