Rangers Preseason Game 1

In a game they couldn’t lose, the Rangers not only lost, but lost Jacob Trouba as well. This was basically the worst case scenario for the Blueshirts. The loss was a four-point swing game, and now the Islanders are more or less out of reach in the playoff race. This game crushed the Rangers in the playoff race.

The Rangers basically gave up in this one. It was sad to watch all the defensive lapses. They were giving the puck away, making bad reads, leaving their coverages, and were just overall bad. This is a forgetful game.

On the bright side, Vitali Kravtsov looked not bad again. Also games like this make the goal breakdown easy to write. It’s done before the game ends!

*Just a note – the gifs and videos were few and far between on this one. I had a hard time finding extended views of the goals. Sorry.*

Islanders 1, Rangers 0 – 200 feet away

As Vally pointed out on the broadcast, this goal started 200 feet away with a turnover by Chris Kreider in the offensive zone. He got to the loose puck, but didn’t get the puck behind the net. That resulted in the Isles turning the rush, and getting this chance.

Islanders 2, Rangers 0 – Jumbled defense

Without Jacob Trouba, the Rangers defense was scrambling. Brendan Smith was on Brock Nelson in front, but not enough. K’Andre Miller also did not have his stick in the passing lane.

Islanders 3, Rangers 0 – A little bad luck

Some bad luck here, as the initial shot was blocked, right to Anthony Beauvillier with the open net.

Islanders 3, Rangers 1 – Well they didn’t get shutout

As Vally broke down in the intermission, this starts with the zone entry, a puck on the blocker, and getting the puck behind the net. The puck eventually got to Brendan Smith at the point, and Kevin Rooney was there for the deflection. Apparently no one gif’d this?

Islanders 4, Rangers 1 – Get off the ice without a stick

Get off the ice if you don’t have a stick. That’s all it is. Anthony Bitetto lost his stick. Colin Blackwell gave him his, and then that was it.

Islanders 5, Rangers 1 – Puck watching

As Joe pointed out, the Rangers were awful defensively. This time again it was Kreider who deserted his post to go after the puck. That left the passing lane for Josh Bailey.

Islanders 6, Rangers 1 – Bad turnover

Bitetto with the turnover. Two-on-one. Goal.

Shot Heatmap – Track meet

3.94 xGA in this one. That’s all you need to know. This was atrocious defense.

Skater Results – Bad

It’s been a while since the whole team avoided the “good” part of this chart.

Not only did the Rangers lose to the Isles, but the Bruins won as well. The Rangers lost huge ground in the playoff race, and quite frankly that may have been it for them. They needed the timely wins, and this was one of those must haves. Now they basically need to win out.

Charts from Evolving-Hockey.