Brendan Lemieux requested his trade

An interesting tidbit on the surprising Brendan Lemieux trade, as it looks like he requested the trade, per Larry Brooks.

The more you think about it, the more requesting a trade makes sense for Lemieux. He wasn’t going to move up from the fourth line unless there were injuries. And with the Rangers getting healthy, there was a case that he may even wind up as a healthy scratch.

The Rangers got a double benefit, clearing a roster spot and clearing cap space. Lemieux got what he wanted, going to a team that had room for him. A rare win-win for team and player on a requested trade.

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  • Now can Howden request a trade?? Howden is terrible and leadership must be blinded by the rafter lights…What do they see in this hockey player???? It’s absolutely mind-boggling….to say the least.

    • And I’m being nice…..I can’t repeat what most Ranger fans think of Howden, who I’m sure is an ultra-nice chap, but not what leadership thought he would be…….a decent hockey player……

    • I think it is because Howden wins over 48 % of faceoffs and plays defensively? The other Ranger centers are having trouble winning any faceoffs. Centers have been terrible winning faceoffs. I’m sure Morgan Barron will probably replace Howden before the season ends, especially if his numbers do not improve.

  • Good for Lemieux and management, its rare occurrence. That being said they will miss his grit and sandpaper attitude on a very finesse built , European style hockey club. I hope this works both ways. Because the only tough guy left in the organization is Mason Geersteen. He is currently playing for Hartford in the AHL, but has a NHL contract. Can the rugged winger, d-man , enforcer approach management and say call me up???

  • This does illustrate the downside of giving minutes to guys who suck (Kakko last year, Lafreniere this year) at the expense of real hockey players. In the end, if you treat your role players like shit – and Quinn seems comfortable with this – you are not going to win. In the future, guys like Rooney and Blackwell may not sign here.

    The Rangers have Panarin, Strome, Kreider, Zibanejad, Buchnevich, Lafreniere, Kakko, Kravtsov, Gauthier and Barron. Julien Gauthier is the ninth or tenth most talented guy on the list. Even if he is actually the ninth most talented forward in the organization, do you really twist your lineup in knots to get him playing time as a top nine forward? At a certain point, players need to earn their playing time by what they do on the ice. [Incidentally, I personally would play Gauthier ahead of Howden and think he is good enough to play, but I don’t bench Rooney or Blackwell to get him in the lineup.]

    • Your theory is the perfect blend of not winning today and not winning in the future, either.

      Pepe at his best is a 3rd liner, in reality a 4th liner pricing himself out of the market. And I *like* him as a player.

  • The Rangers have a good problem in having more possible wingers than slots to put them in.

    Good for Pepe. I hope the young man finds a home with the Kings and does well. He put in the effort with the Rangers, though he seemed more subdued as of late. At his best he is an enthusiastic spark plug with attitude who occasionally will score some goals too.

    • I noticed his subdued attitude lately as well. It could very well have had been related to the asking for a trade. I’m sure he wrestled with it a bit before making a formal request. And I’m sure it’s not a great feeling when you’re reading the writing on the wall, but there’s no real conversation taking place to confirm or deny your suspicions. It has to have an effect on your play to some degree. He obviously felt a little out of place in NY lately.

  • Lots of heart and soul involved in asking for a trade request. That’s the type of move his dad would’ve pulled. He’ll be out of the league by 2024. Lemieux was a disappointment this year and overall as a Ranger player.

    • Lemieux had more of an upside than he was allowed to show. They bury the guy on the forth line and expect miracles? He was a true grit player but hardly received any playing time on a VERY SOFT club. Next season Smith will be gone and the effects won’t be pleasant. This club needs a strongman or two.

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