Rangers trade Brendan Lemieux to LA Kings for draft pick

A surprising trade, as the Rangers have sent Brendan Lemieux to the LA Kings in exchange for a 4th round draft pick.

Lemieux had a great start to the season, but has been relatively poor of late, with bad penalties and mediocre play. He was expendable with the emergence of Colin Blackwell.

This frees up cap space and a spot for Vitali Kravtsov to enter the lineup as soon as Tuesday.

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  • Good thing you don’t need scrappy sandpaper type guys anymore. I’m all for opening up a spot for Krav’s but…

  • Wow! Who will step up and play the role Lemieux played? Lindgren gets beaten up every game, either with sticks to the face or boarding. Must see something about Kravtsov that mere fan/observers are not privy to.

  • The guy played with grit and edge. You need a couple guys like this especially when the Mika’s and Bread and youngsters get worked over. Mika got the Slew foot today — I fear a precursor of more if response is not fist to face.

  • They now have 19 players on the 23 man roster.

    Who’s the mystery callup(s)? PDG obviously, assuming Kravtsov’s the other.

      • I hope your right, I have seen videos of Mason , the dude is a true heavyweight enforcer, I know that NHL trend has shifted but on this team its a must. If we go against any type of opponent that plays with bad intensions it will be like bringing a knife to a gun fight. He is a defenseman , in the Mcllrath mode, not sure how he will fit in??

        • Bobby B, I’m happy to see you on here, I haven’t seen you post much lately, Geertsen has been playing some games at forward lately, so he has some versatility, he can do the same thing Lemieux was doing for us, hopefully better at half the price.

          • Hi Major, thanks for the acknowledgement . I am back for the playoff run. I have been a fan of our beloved Rangers since 1974. I like the direction of the team, the youth movement reminds me of how the Islanders built their dynasty in the mid 70’s, but even Bill Torrey knew the importance of grit and toughness, Thus, that roster had the likes if Gilles, Nystrom, Howat, Lane to make sure their finesse players were never abused. I like JD as president, he played with Nick Fotiu and was an announcer when we had Joe Kocur. He knows the pros and cons of not having that tough guy to keep the opposition in line. The Rangers lack toughness and grit big time. Lemieux was not a true heavyweight but he was a gamer who stood up for his teammates. Thus calling up Geersten is a must!. I only hope he ever see’s the ice under Quinn. who I am not a big fan of. Every team wishes they had a Tom Wilson or a Ryan Reeves, guys you hate if you have to play against, but sleep a whole lot better at night if they are on your team.

        • Aren’t you the guy who lectured us about Dylan McIlrath for two years? Which mall is he filling the critical enforcer role at these days?

          • I am, Mcillrath was very influential in bringing a championship to the Redwings AHL team. He is expected to be called up soon!

  • This may be more about Gauthier and a kid like Barron down the line. I think the likelihood that Gauthier gets protected just went up.

    It’s a 4th rounder (LA’s), that’s a bit “meh” tbh, but it’s a buyers’ market.

  • Good riddance, he’s downright awful. Serves absolutely no purpose on a roster. He’s not a good fighter, takes stupid penalties. Is not the agitator that he’s supposed to be. Yes, I’m aware he draws the occasional penalty, but he takes way more penalties than he draws. Good riddance.

    • He actually draws more penalties than he takes this season, but I see your point otherwise. 😉

  • Well didn’t see that trade coming. Not sure who is going to play the enforcer role. Even though the league has gone away from that kind of play still need some grit. Wonder if this means another trade coming or now Kravtsov gets to play. Hopefully Howdy is next….

    • This isn’t even 2015, let alone 1985.

      An enforcer who can punch his way out of a wet paper bag is less than worthless unless they can take a regular shift. Pepe showed he really couldn’t play up the lineup, could draw penalties but not do much else.

      After expansion, there is the likelihood that there is a role for aggressive players at the back end of the roster due to depth of player pool, but even then Pepe wasn’t that guy. He’s a rat like Ken Linseman, just without the offence.

  • Could be D-man Mason Geertsen coming up? I believe he ie now eligible.
    A heavyweight who can play little D. We need a cop badly!!!

  • ridiculous move. just keep him as a healthy scratch until someone is willing to pay a fair price for him. A 4th doesn’t move the needle.

    • A 4th barely moves the needle, much like Pepe.

      Flat cap, roster jam and LA could take a flutter considering they have the ability to protect him in the expansion draft.

      You have to move quickly in that game of musical chairs. Get a 4th or potentially lose him for nothing.

  • IMO, this was a stupid trade. Lemieux was the only Ranger that played a gritty game. When they play Washington tomorrow they will get steamrolled. Wilson will be set free to do whatever damage that he can.

  • And yet…Howden is still a Ranger. I really don’t understand what JD and Gorton are doing…the only guy left with balls and they dump him for a 4th round pick…move makes no sense. They only move left is to call up Geersten….if they don’t do that….then we become even softer than Sabres

  • Not the player i would of moved, as Lemieux played his role well. The 4th line has been good this season particularly when the big name forwards weren’t contributing. But it does open up a spot for Kravtsov or perhaps Morgan Baron.

  • I just don’t get it! Management said per quote” we need to be tougher to play against” !!
    Yes Lemeiux takes boneheaded penalties, but he also draws more than he takes.
    He always sticks up for teammates.. so why him?
    Basically we have no one who will push back.How about Howden,Smith (even though he is playing good),PDG.
    Only thing I can think of is maybe, just maybe they have something brewing.
    FYI watch Wilson will just go off with no retaliation tomorrow!

    • To expand on what I said, if they traded Pepe for Kurtis Macdermid,then I’d say it was ok, Macdermid is a beast..but for another pick..
      Right now I wouldn’t even be against it if we got the Islander thug Johnston,just so we can punch out the likes of Wilson etc.

  • A total ?????????, the only player on the roster with the ability to stand up for his young /finesse playing teammates , is sent packing?????. Lemieux took on Tom Wilson without hesitation! That makes him a keeper in my book! They better have a back up plan for someone to fill that role??, otherwise its steamrolled city, if they make the playoffs.

  • Let’s be honest here, he’s shown virtually no progress over the course of the last couple of seasons — it’s disappointing, I expected more improvement after 2 years. He came from Winnipeg and there was talk of him being a gritty in your face potential 15-20 goal scorer — yeah maybe if he’s playing with Mario Lemieux.

    At 25 years old he isn’t even a prospect anymore … sure maybe in another year they may have been able to get a 3rd rounder for a guy, so a 4th rounder in a buyers’ market isn’t too bad.

  • He turned out to be a stiff, offered nothing on the ice other than sticking up for his teammates, which does not warrant a line up spot anymore.

    I was excited when he first got here, but he’s a bad player. But it opens a roster spot for Krav. So trading Lemoo for Krav sounds good to me.

  • By my count, Lemieux lost far more fights than he win. He might’ve been willing, but he sure ain’t able. No loss at all. He offered zero protection to anyone on the Rangers as a result.

    Smith and Rooney are gonna be the main ticketpunchers. Lindgren, Kreider, and Strome can all fight. That’s five skaters out of the 18 required for a game. The Rangers will be better without Pepe Jr, whose only resemblance to his dad is the last name.

      • Brandon Prust.
        I loved that guy on our team, Tanto –filled out his role “perfectly” as a 4th liner. Tough as hell –didn’t back down from anyone, and had “some skills” to score a handful of goals.

  • At best Lemieux is a fringe player; the Rangers have a few of those, and now we have one fewer. I would agree with some who say the team needs some grit, but he was taking some bad penalties. This move might have more to do with the expansion draft than we realize. Before everyone attacks me, I don’t know all the ins and outs of how many can be protected and so on. Maybe one of these columns could be dedicated to those details? Dave? Or is there somewhere we could get reliable info? Oh, and I don’t want Lindgren, Kreider or Strome fighting; they’re too valuable on the ice. As far as Tom Wilson goes, way too much ink has been spilled on this guy. I live in Maryland, and I get the Capital games. A lot of the discussion is how Wilson is too easily riled, which leads to bad penalties and suspensions. Just sayin’.

    • As it is they’ll lose 1 of Howden, Gauthier, Rooney or Blackwell … they have 1 slot to use on 1 of those 4 … before the trade it was 1 out of 5.

    • Hey Orangemike, I sure wish Tom Wilson was a Ranger . The type of player you hate if your playing against but love if he is on your team!

      • Tom Wilson is the dirtiest player in the league, and a stone-cold chump to boot. He’ll get his some day.

        • I believe karma is random and merely coincidental. Seems like half the shites that deserve payback don’t get it … and they always live to a ripe old age. 😉

  • Zib gets basically slew footed
    Zib skates to bench gets water in front of Pepe
    Words spoken?
    No response on the ice from anyone against anyone else
    Pepe traded
    Pepe 4th liner who cant kill penalties and is a non-deterent (opposite in fact)
    Pepe overrated as what some fans want him to be
    Glad we got a 4th and cleared space

  • Lemieux really wasn’t much of a player or much of a fighter. The way the game has changed, guys like him really don’t account for a whole lot anymore, and while I liked his willingness to stick up for his teammates, if he was grumbling for more playing time, he’s simply not worth the headache.

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