Will Kris Knoblauch be the next Rangers head coach?
Will Kris Knoblauch be the next Rangers head coach?

Boy did that 9-0 win feel good. Flat out embarrassed the Flyers from beginning to end. So…how soon can Kris Knoblauch be named head coach of the Rangers? I’m joking here….unless….?

When it was announced he would be coaching the Hartford Wolf Pack, I really liked the hire. Knoblauch not only had a track record of developing players at the pro level with the Flyers, but also at the AHL and Junior levels. He coached Connor McDavid in junior. He also took teams on multiple playoff runs, and has shown promise of a good coaching career at 42 years old.

Now how does that translate to the NHL? Well–albeit a small sample size–apparently he got total domination from the Rangers in relief of a COVID riddled coaching staff. Might we be looking at the kind of coach that could be in the wings of taking this team to the next level?

We talk about “outside the box” hires all of the time as hockey fans, but Knoblauch could honestly be that next coach up for the NHL. If he continues to show promise of putting the team in Hartford in positions to succeed, he should absolutely be in the mix should the Rangers decide they want to go in a new direction. Spoiler alert: They should, and I’ve made my feelings on this matter known already.

Maybe it was because the players felt relaxed around him. Or maybe it was just that the coach on the other end was Alain Vigneault. Maybe it was just a flat out lucky night that should have just been 4-0 instead of 9-0. Regardless, that was a fun game to watch if you were a Rangers fan.

Anyone reading this have the ability to deactivate Quinn’s keycard into the arena? No? Okay. Well, get healthy first off, but take your time coming out of COVID protocol, Quinn. We are just fine with Kris Knoblauch as the coach of the Rangers right now.

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