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Kris Knoblauch for Rangers head coach

The Next Coach of the Rangers for Contention?

Boy did that 9-0 win feel good. Flat out embarrassed the Flyers from beginning to end. So…how soon can Kris Knoblauch be named head coach of the Rangers? I’m joking here….unless….?

When it was announced he would be coaching the Hartford Wolf Pack, I really liked the hire. Knoblauch not only had a track record of developing players at the pro level with the Flyers, but also at the AHL and Junior levels. He coached Connor McDavid in junior. He also took teams on multiple playoff runs, and has shown promise of a good coaching career at 42 years old.

Now how does that translate to the NHL? Well–albeit a small sample size–apparently he got total domination from the Rangers in relief of a COVID riddled coaching staff. Might we be looking at the kind of coach that could be in the wings of taking this team to the next level?

We talk about “outside the box” hires all of the time as hockey fans, but Knoblauch could honestly be that next coach up for the NHL. If he continues to show promise of putting the team in Hartford in positions to succeed, he should absolutely be in the mix should the Rangers decide they want to go in a new direction. Spoiler alert: They should, and I’ve made my feelings on this matter known already.

Maybe it was because the players felt relaxed around him. Or maybe it was just that the coach on the other end was Alain Vigneault. Maybe it was just a flat out lucky night that should have just been 4-0 instead of 9-0. Regardless, that was a fun game to watch if you were a Rangers fan.

Anyone reading this have the ability to deactivate Quinn’s keycard into the arena? No? Okay. Well, get healthy first off, but take your time coming out of COVID protocol, Quinn. We are just fine with Kris Knoblauch as the coach of the Rangers right now.

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  • The team needed a change. Guessing Knoblauch didn’t change much, but do not discount the Chris Drury factor. Guessing that Drury had something to do with the 3rd and 4th line combos, which seemed to click.
    Look, this is one game after a touch OT loss. Team needs to string these offensive efforts together to give their fans some hope.

  • Amazing how these days 1 thing good happens and it’s the be all cure all. Now because of one game where the Flyers play like crap, the goalie was bad and the team defense was worse you give all the credit to a one day emergency coach, UNBELIEVABLE! This is the problem today with people give me results immediately all the time. Sports team’s rebuilds are a slow, long process and there are ups and downs as young players learn how to win and lose. This team is growing before our eyes each and every day. Just look at the way some of the young players are getting better and better. So PLEASE, stop with the one game win, this is now the coach we need nonsense.

    • There’s the most-important statement in your entire post, JR:
      “The team is growing before our eyes and (“getting better”, I will add) every day.” – EXACTLY.
      This team can and will be very exciting to watch (real soon) as personnel deployment and line combinations become more consistent (“Hopefully, coach Quinn?”), thus the players can become more familiar with each other -growing and excelling with each other ….THAT is what we’re waiting to see from the youngest team in the NHL.
      It’s a growing process (peaks and valleys expected), but the future is definitely BRIGHT!

    • Most importantly, they’re keeping their draft picks and have developed a long steady pipeline of young prospects.

  • Coaches? We don’t need no stinkin’ coaches!

    Look at the Flyers, they had Alain. Say no more!

  • So have we forgotten that Ranger teams under AV had more than a few games where they were blown out by goal margins of 6 or more? Are we going to completely overlook just how poorly the Flyers defended? Did we look at Knoblach’s postgame comments on the extensive pregame preparations and guidance provided by Quinn? Nope. It’s the coaches. Right.

  • Tyler, are you serious or is this an “onion” type fake news story? The Rangers win 9-0 and it is Quinn’s fault they don’t do it every night? This is the most patently ridiculous article I have ever read here and I dare say you belong in the comments section with all the other fools who don’t understand hockey and development but only watch one game and react to that. As part of the BSB staff, I expect so much more than nonsense. I think it’s time to replace you!

    • 🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻. Funny thing is this isn’t even good fake news. They legit don’t understand hockey and how players develop. Just as impatient as most rangers fans. We are legit years ahead of this rebuild and they will make moves this summer to become a cup contender now.

      • Time for a new coach. He is not developing the kids. His priorities are in the wrong place.

  • My congratulations to Chris Knoblach, Chris Drury and Gordon Murphy for a fantastic win. It was exactly the game that the fans needed and one that David Quinn probably didn’t need. If they get another shot with similar results that then raises some big questions

  • The Flyers did not play well at all and basically gave up. Great win by the NYR, but this was as much of the Flyers imploding as it was about the NYR dominating.

    I will say this tho… I thought some of the younger guys looked more relaxed than usual with some different voices behind the bench. I don’t think it was completely Knoblach and Drury, but just that it was unique and different. In all honesty, it was probably beneficial to all parties that the coaches were essentially “scratched” for this one. We’ve been saying on here for a few weeks that Quinn could use a game in the pressbox.

    • Like Howden … who has actually looked bit better the last couple of games after getting shown the press box.

  • Maybe you just got a look at the style this team should be playing going forward. I think this team just went out there and played this game the way they wanted not the coaches way.

  • How did I know that Tyler and the rest of the fire Quinn mob would be already anointing Knoblauch as their savior…. If the Rangers lost 9-0 I guarantee that Tyler would find a way to say “Quinn was talking in Knoblauch’s ear and its really QUINN’s fault!”
    I don’t exactly like defending Quinn but you leave me no other choice my friend

  • This is silly.

    Perhaps he can be behind the bench when we play the Flyers so he can once again pronounce the incantation that has his former team stop playing.

    Or maybe he has photos?????

  • Would be quite happy if Quinn is fired. The team looked relaxed last night, for the first time since DeAngelo was canned. A couple games with assistant GM Drury on the bench looking over his shoulder might be good for Quinn.

    • I think that’s basically it. R-E-L-A-X ed … I think Quinn with his frenetic line changes and confusing game scratches and other mixed messages has this team a little screwed up mentally. So is it the coach? I’m leaning YES!

  • Oh my God, YES! Fire Quinn, fire them all and let’s hire the staff from Hartford, because you see how well Hartford has done over the course of the last few years. All hail the saviors, the Cup is surely ours.

    The fact that the Flyers had ZERO response ALL game tells me it was more about them and AV than it was about us and KK (oh and the great Drury too, he must have been worth at least 2-3 goals last night).

  • I love that the Rangers ragged the Flyers….AV is ruining the Flyers faster than he ruined the Rangers!

    Year one is always great…year two…not as good and by year three…he has the softest team in the league…

  • I don’t wish Covid on anyone, it’s serious stuff … but boy, I wouldn’t be lying if I said it would be interesting to see what this team does with a 10+ day reprieve from the regular coaching staff.

    • I join you in wanting to see us play without Quinn for a stretch, mainly to see if some of the younger forwards feel more comfortable making plays with the puck and playing to their strengths. But last night coach K seemed more concerned with getting the top line on the ice at every opportunity, and extending the ice time of the 1st PP unit, so not sure how this would play out. Would be a lot different if we could get a look at life with someone like Gallant behind the bench, that I’d like to see.

      • “But last night coach K seemed more concerned with getting the top line on the ice at every opportunity, and extending the ice time of the 1st PP unit, so not sure how this would play out.”

        I’ve been saying for weeks now that our PP deployment is terrible — and that isn’t just the “too many righties on the 1st PP unit”. The 2nd PP unit usually gets 15-25 seconds of time, the 1st unit seems to always stay out way too long. Extending the 1st PP time is a DQ thing. Really no point to having 2 units when the 1st one gets all the good PP time and the 2nd just seems to come out to finish the remaining scraps of time and transition back to even strength — it’s garbage PP time that virtually means nothing.

        • If I remember correctly, which quite possibly I don’t, last night he twice left the 1st unit on for a faceoff with only 45 seconds left on the PP — seemed worse than even Quinn would do!

          • I’ve seen DQ do this as well to be honest … and I’m always amazed at the times the unit COULD change well after a minute of being on the ice and they don’t — and zero repercussions when they get back to the bench, like DQ is just fine with that.

          • Yes, Quinn does it all the time and leaves them out over a minute rather than having them change on the fly, which pisses me off too. But what was different last night was leaving them out even with a faceoff and only 45 seconds to go, which feels even worse — haven’t seen even Quinn do that too often. But yeah, we’re pretty much in agreement on this.

    • How ‘bout playing the rest of the season with NO coaches? Like Zib said, “We just came out and played for each other.”. Like a pro beer league. And if they play loose and go on a tear, it’d be the story of the NHL season. 🙂

  • Quinn is a fine coach but this team is traumatized by his demanor and antics. You make a mistake BENCHED! (except for the his favorites) why is Gauthier benched when Howden, Lemuiex & Kreider make same mistakes cost us goals and games as well but no BENCHING. Locker rooms notice these things and dissention builds. Quinn has taken us as far as he could. A new voice needs to be behind the bench. I don’t know is Knoblach is the person, I prefer a veteran coach that is a proven winner IMO. Too many bench penalites, too many line changes. We have no identity as a team. No Captain? Paranin is my choice.

    • Agreed, he’s too quick to bench and even scratch certain players. I’m amazed at the treatment Gauthier gets and yet he’s shown over the last 5+ games that he’s played that he may very well be starting to “get it”. Yes, he took way too many penalties the other night … but you don’t scratch him when he’s actually playing well (aside from the penalties). It’s suppose to be a learning experience, you take him aside, pat him on the back and let him know though that the penalties need to be kept to an absolute minimum (you don’t want him to play timidly).

  • Yet another knee jerk reaction and now knoblauch is what we needed. My god this site gets hard to read sometimes…so knoblauch is the reason Mika finally showed up? Lol. What happens if we lose the next two, then we’ll get an article about how not having our coaching staff was the difference lmao you guys are funny.

  • I joked with my buddy last night that after 1 game we should make Knoblauch head coach, but it was just that 1 game. The game plan was still all DQ as were the lines.

    Not saying he shouldn’t be in the mix, but 1 game does not make the next head coach.

  • Hmmmmmm, what was the only difference in last night’s game vs the other games so far this year?

    Give me a moment…

  • Was it a coincidence or were the players just more relaxed playing without their coach’s microscope on every detail ? Hopefully we get a chance to see a few more games. And maybe D Q can learn something too. Responsibility always causes players to be less creative. Where is Kakko’s offensive gifts ???

  • If he gets a couple more games and the team seems to have responded to him by playing harder scoring more defending well then who knows

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