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The Rangers had bad shoot luck all year. They corrected it all in one game, completely destroying the Flyers 9-0. Seven goals in the second period did the trick, didn’t it? It also helped that Mika Zibanejad finally broke through, putting up a natural hat trick and three assists for six points in the second period alone.

The Flyers gave up after the score was about 86-0, but before that it was a classic Alain Vigneault defensive effort. They did not support the puck in the defensive zone. They had few outlets, as the Rangers pressured them and forced turnover after turnover. This was a problem with the Rangers when AV was here, and now the Flyers have that problem. This was not on the Flyers goalies at all.

As bad as the Flyers were, credit the Rangers for jumping on their forecheck and pressuring the defensemen. They were buzzing all over the ice, and they took advantage of their chances. Oh, and Alex Georgiev got the shutout.

Nothing happened in the third period. It got to the point where even the broadcast phoned it in.


Rangers 1, Flyers 0 – Brendan Lemieux is an animal

What a shift by Brendan Lemieux. He poked the puck into the zone, helped retrieve, and provided support and an outlet for Brett Howden, although he didn’t need it. Howden got the puck to Fox at the point, read the play, cut to the net, and finished off a beautiful feed from Fox.

Rangers 2, Flyers 0 – No puck support

Alain Vigneault teams have struggled with puck support in the defensive zone, and it burned them here. Artemi Panarin and Ryan Strome forced the turnover along the boards, where they outnumbered the Flyers and wound up catching behind the play. Strome to Panarin on the mini 2-on-1 and it’s 2-0.

At the time of the turnover, there were only three Flyers in the picture. A fourth entered right before the goal. Where was the fifth?

Rangers 3, Flyers 0 – More offensive zone pressure

The Flyers do not react well to offensive zone pressure. This was another forced turnover because Travis Sanheim had no outlets or support. Mika Zibanejad took the puck away, and the Flyers again had no one around to help. Pavel Buchnevich was wide open in the slot and had all day.

Rangers 4, Flyers 0 – Turnover at the blue line

Jacob Trouba pinched and forced the turnover at the blue line, then escaped three Flyers before getting the puck to Buchnevich. His pass to Kreider, in behind the defense, hit off a defenseman and over Elliott.

Rangers 5, Flyers 0 – Neutral zone turnover

Sensing a theme yet? This time a neutral zone turnover. Zibanejad was denied a passing opportunity on the rush, but waited out the play and found Jacob Trouba at the top of the circle. Scott Laughton unplugged on the backcheck, and F1 was too low on the rush to cover.

Rangers 6, Flyers 0 – Mika is back

Ivan Provorov mishandled the puck at the blue line, which sprung Zibanejad on the powerplay. He needed it, and he got it.

Rangers 7, Flyers 0 – Mika. Is. Back. Again.

Uncontested zone entry, with the Flyers’ penalty kill backing off Panarin completely. Zibanejad in behind the defense, and the finish.

Rangers 8, Flyers 0 – Mika Hatty

About time. If anyone needed it, it was Mika. Good outlet from Buchnevich, then the give-and-go under a snow angeling defenseman.

Rangers 9, Flyers 0 – Uncle

The Flyers gave up.

Shot Heatmap – Does it matter?

Just posting this for informational purposes. The heatmap doesn’t matter in a game like this.

Skater Results – Just for fun

This doesn’t matter either, just posting for informational purposes.

The Rangers took out an entire season of frustration on the Flyers tonight. This goes without saying, but the Rangers aren’t going to do this every night. Mika Zibanejad isn’t going to have a six point period every night. They get a day off before a back to back against the Caps.

Charts fromย NaturalStatTrickย andย Evolving-Hockey.

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