Igor Shesterkin dodges a bullet, day-to-day with groin strain

Everyone can breathe a sigh of relief. Igor Shesterkin, who suffered what appeared to be a gruesome injury last night, will only be day-to-day with a mild groin strain.

Shesterkin couldn’t even put weight on his right side, which made us all fear for the worst. Luckily this doesn’t appear to be serious. That said, goalies kind of need their groins for pushing off. These can linger if rushed back too soon. This is still great news, given what it could have been.

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  • Excellent news, but rather than say day to day let’s say short term. You don’t screw around with a groin injury. You may evaluate his condition day to day but he should stay off the ice for a bit. This is why we kept Georgiev, let the kid shoulder the load best he can, it’s a good opportunity for him to bolster his value. Let him earn his $2.425M per …

    • spoken like a true gentleman and a scholar.

      I concur!

      I am opening up a fresh coors banquet right now


  • A groin strain may not sound serious but I’ve experienced them, and it took six weeks to recover but Shesterkin is young has the best doctors and I’ll guess he’s out for 4 weeks

  • Igor have a speedy recovery. As a die hard RANGER’S FAN,I can speak for all RANGER’S FAN’S we need you in net .with you and gorgi i believe we can make a big splash for the playoffs. Get well soon

  • Great news and Kakko’s coming back tomorrow. Now the bad news it looks like Blackwell will be the healthy scratch, which is a joke it should be Howden.

  • Great news indeed. Don’t rush him back.

    Doesn’t Kincaid need to play a minimum number of games to be eligible for the expansion draft?

  • The young Russkie has a bright future ahead of him. Take your time coming back kid make sure your ready.

  • It just hit me… I’ve been wrong about Quinn. After seeing him continuously make changes, blow games, put teams on the ice that aren’t ready, don’t play 60 minutes and are no shows. I finally see the light.

    He is a great coach, all this time he has been developing Howden because that’s DQ’s special talent and why we hired him.

    Other teams don’t know how to develop their young stars like Vancouver, New Jersey, Toronto etc…

    But the Rangers coach does this all the time, at Boston University.

    This is part of his plan.

    Ahhh I get it now

    Bench your superstar center, and not bench the one guy who was driving the teams energy and playing on top lines when he was normally on bottom lines, don’t give those lines his jolt of energy, bench him.

    DQ your a developer…

    I can see this now

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