Igor Shesterkin #2 on NHL Top 10 goalie list

A scary moment for the Rangers and prized goalie Igor Shesterkin, who suffered a non-contact injury late in tonight’s win in New Jersey. Shesterkin moved from his left to his right, went down to a half split for a shot attempt that went high over the net. But it looks like on his way up, something happened.

Shesterkin looks like he hurt himself trying to pop back up. There is no contact, and the puck did not hit him. When that happens, it’s scary. He could not put weight on his right leg. That makes you think it’s his knee. I play enough fantasy football to know that non-contact injuries and no weight on his leg means bad news.

A long term Igor Shesterkin injury would just be the capper on a horrible season for the Rangers, at least in terms of luck. They have none at all this season.


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