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One NHL Exec: “Jack Eichel will be a New York Ranger”

The Athletic (subscription required) release their most recent trade deadline board, which naturally had Jack Eichel on it. What was interesting was the analysis, in which one NHL exec said, “Jack Eichel is going to be a New York Ranger, I just don’t know when.”

Naturally this led to the trade proposal engine churning again. But the article was also quick to say there were others who thought the Kings would have the better trade package. Specifically, LA has the high-end center prospects that the Rangers don’t. Also, LA isn’t in the Eastern Conference, which is probably important for the Sabres.

The Young Guns are Untouchable

This is the rub with any Eichel to the Rangers scenario. The Rangers are not going to include K’Andre Miller, Adam Fox, Alexis Lafreniere, Kaapo Kakko, or Igor Shesterkin in any trade. Not even for Jack Eichel. The Rangers reportedly balked last summer when Buffalo asked for Kakko.

Just because that quintet is unavailable, doesn’t mean the Rangers don’t have the pieces to make things work. There’s a valid argument that the Rangers could still put together a great package. After all, there’s still Nils Lundkvist and Vitali Kravtsov, one of which would likely be needed in a trade of this magnitude.

There Are No Comparable Trades

The problem with all these packages for Eichel is that they are based on pure speculation. When was the last time a star player in his prime was traded? Tyler Seguin? That was a mess of a trade, and Boston was competing. They needed NHL talent. Buffalo is not competing.

Ryan O’Reilly? That was also a disaster, as he wanted out and Buffalo had to trade him before his massive signing bonus. He got two salary dumps, a late 1st, a late 2nd, and a B prospect. From the Rangers, that’s Ryan Strome, Tony DeAngelo, a prospect like Lauri Pajuniemi, and a 1st and 2nd, which would be more in the early side of things. Let’s be real, Buffalo isn’t taking that for Eichel.

Jordan Staal? Pittsburgh couldn’t afford him with Sidney Crosby and Evgeni Malkin. Meanwhile Buffalo is letting Jeff Skinner be a healthy scratch.

Rick Nash maybe? That cost the Rangers two young middle of the roster players, a top prospect, and a 1st round pick. But Columbus wanted to compete and needed NHL talent.

What Does Buffalo Want?

This is the third and perhaps most important thing to remember. We don’t know what Buffalo wants. What is their direction? Are they rebuilding on the fly, thus want a package tailored for that with NHL pieces? Or are they gutting the roster, and want futures? The Rangers have the pieces to make both of these happen.

In addition to all this, there are two things we know for sure. The first is that Buffalo will not get fair value for Eichel. Eichel is going to be the best player in the deal. Thus Buffalo, by default, won’t get Eichel production in the aggregate.

We also know that Buffalo isn’t going to take scrubs for Eichel. This isn’t the O’Reilly situation. Nor is this the Seguin situation. Which circles us back to what Buffalo wants. Until that gets known, and the direction of that franchise is known, then nothing is set in stone.

Some Ballpark Guesses

If Jack Eichel is going to be a New York Ranger, then it may be fun to put together some trade proposals. I usually am not a fan of doing these, but I’ve written a few posts about Eichel without putting up my own proposal.

Bonus! Let’s put together two. One with futures, and one with a rebuild on the fly. Just a note – in a trade this large, other pieces like mid/late round picks and lesser prospects or AHL players are usually included to balance out the trade. I’m not going to even attempt to figure that out. Just the key players.

Rebuild on the Fly

To the Rangers: Eichel
To the Sabres: Filip Chytil (young middle-six center), Tony DeAngelo (salary), Alex Georgiev (they need a goalie), Pavel Buchnevich (top six winger), 1st round pick, 2nd round pick

*-Reminder that DeAngelo has minimal, if any, trade value. Teams will be able to get him for free this summer. The Rangers will buy him out if they can’t get a trade partner that will take the full contract, or a retention amount equal to, but not more than, the buyout cap hit.

Futures Only

To the Rangers: Eichel
To the Sabres: Strome (salary), Kravtsov (A prospect), Braden Schneider (A prospect), Morgan Barron (B prospect), Lauri Pajuniemi (B prospect), 1st, 2nd

Both trades give Buffalo quality for whichever direction they are headed. It also assures the Rangers aren’t giving from that important quintet. Both sides win. But, I think LA can do better than both of these deals.

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  • LA has almost $10mm in cap space, so they don’t need to send much back beyond prospects. Their problem is that they don’t have any goalies worth taking.

    The Sabres are using LTIR for that roster, so the Rangers would have to retain some salary even at the deadline. Georgiev, Buch, Picks & two prospects should do it, maybe get Jokiharju coming back as well if Lundkvist goes as well.

    The problem(for Buffalo) is that they’re still screwed due to overpaying Skinner(currently a healthy scratch) & Okposo(one hit away from LTIR.) Krueger is destroying that team and ownership is down with it.

  • im getting closer to including nils in the first paragraph.

    Futures only package as presented here id do.

    this may be a hot take but Id trade zib over chytil

    • They can’t pay Mika a lot in terms of money and term. That would be a huge gamble with his injury history.

      Love Mika but he should go if they get Eichel. In that trade or a separate one. Sucks but is the smart move.

      I still am not sure Eichel is worth what they’d have to give up.

      If I were JG, I’d be much more interested in sending some combination of ADA, Jones, Robertson, Kravstov, Reunanen and picks for Turcotte and either Madden or Thomas from LA.

  • Why. Why trade for a 10m player who is a – player his whole career and has no playoff experience. Zero points in his last 5.

    • Just some advice: I’d highly recommend not using +/- as a tool to evaluate players. It is not a good stat to evaluate individual success, as it is driven almost exclusively by team success. Also, empty net goals against count as a minus.

      Given Buffalo is terrible and has been for a while, Eichel is expected to be in the minus range. This also plays into his lack of playoff experience.

      This is due to a bad team around him, not the player himself.

      • “Just some advice: I’d highly recommend not using +/- as a tool to evaluate players.”

        The I never played hockey kit.

        1) +/- doesn’t work.

        2) faceoffs don’t matter

        3) I can play on a top line with elite player’s better than ___ even though I never actually took a shift.

        Lol I love you Dave

  • Sell the future for an overpaid underachiever. Yep that’s how you build a winning team. It’s worked so well for the Rangers un the past. The have the Stanley Cups to show for it.

    • This right here is my issue with Eichel. Yes, we probably have too many prospects now in certain positions. But I’m no fan of giving up the house for him either. I don’t think BUF is going to want him in the East, and will probably ask for more if it comes to that. And Laf was projected to have a similar career to Eichel in what I read before the draft. Patience is needed here. We’ve been patient this whole time, so why give it all up in a big package deal? And for a guy who has underachieved, and complains publicly?

      If they can get him in a McDonagh-type deal where we don’t give up the key youngsters, then great. I just highly doubt that’s possible, and I don’t trust Gorton to not get taken in a deal like this.

      But it would be one of the most NYR moves ever. Send a letter, ask for patience, try to re-build, get absolutely gifted not one but 2 top picks, set the franchise up for a long time, and then flush it all down the drain for the shiny new prize.

      Personally, I’d really like to see this group of young players under a different coach first before blowing it all up…

  • I’m not trading Chytil … that kind of defeats the purpose of the trade.

    Would prefer they focus on LA or the Ducks to pry lose one of their young center prospects … a trade of prospects where we throw in a sweetener like a good draft choice.

    • You’re so high on Chytil to where you actually prefer him over Eichel and it’s honestly ridiculous. People are going to dislike my comment because I know there’s a Chytil fan bus on here, but I’m going to say this anyway because people need to hear this.

      You say he’s big, but he’s soft and doesn’t play big. He’s weak defensively and lazy on the back check. He’s not strong on the puck, his dangles don’t work about 95% of the time, he is terrible at faceoffs and he doesn’t have a snipe… He plays with no edge and just floats around chewing on his mouthpiece.

      He cut to the middle of the ice with his head down and got killed. He had a lot of time to avoid that hit even when cutting to the middle with his head down like that…. He doesn’t have good fundamental habits in his game to be as good as you think he will be. That’s my main problem with him and why I think he won’t be better than Eichel even when he fully “develops”.

      I agree that you have to have patience with young guys, but that’s for elite potential players like Lafreniere, Kakko and Miller. The reality is, he’s at best a top 6 center if the project pans out, he’s not an elite center. You have to package a top 6 potential center for an elite also big young center who’s simply better in pretty much every category, you have to make that trade to better your team.

      Also think about this, his game is also not built for the playoffs. Chytil aren’t the type of guys you win in the playoffs with and that’s if he can make it through a grueling playoff run. He can be very good in a no hitter league with a lot more room on the ice…. Not here though.

      • He’s been what you’re suggesting, but he won’t be that for long. I see his development akin to what we’ve seen from Buchnevich — some big guys need time to develop, to learn how to use that size and play a more assertive/aggressive game. Pre-18 he didn’t need to, his skill level was enough to make him superior to other players in his age group.

        Also you don’t understand my intentions by suggesting we keep Chytil and not include him in a trade. Chytil will remain, for a few years, a cheap 2 or 3C. If you move Chytil then you have Mika, Eichel and Strome up the middle — and paying any one of those 3 to play on a 3rd line is a recipe for cap hell. We need to make a decision moving forward on who our Centers will be for the next 4-5 years — and if we’re adding Eichel and his cap hit, we should counterbalance it with a Chytil. The real question is whether the “other” C is Mika or Strome … and unless Mika is going to cost us more than $7.5-8M, I’m suggesting our top 3Cs are Mika, Eichel and Chytil.

        All that said, I would prefer they go after a younger top notch Center prospect, like a Zegras or Turcotte — it will cost a whole lot less without crippling our depth. We can afford to move a winger and a defensive prospect, or a one prospect and a 1st rounder in 2021 … it’s a smart move utilizing and still maintaining a strength and solving a weakness.

        • Ok Tanto, now you and I are engaged in a hockey conversation and I like it. Forget everybody else and let’s have a real hockey mind to hockey mind conversation. I also appreciate how you’ve responded and I understand why we disagree now.
          Please allow me to lay it out below.

          1. You agreed with me that he’s been what I’ve suggested up until this point.
          2. You truly believe that all will be corrected in his game and even rather quickly and your intentions for wanting to keep Chytil is that he will be our 3C, if we get Eichel without trading Chytil. If we don’t get Eichel, he will be our 2C eventually; However, you see the value in Eichel and prefer Mika, Eichel, Chytil as our top 3 centers. You feel that if we don’t keep Chytil and get Eichel, we will be stuck with Strome as our 3C in cap hell.

          My Answer:
          I don’t think all will be corrected with Chytil. Especially for a third line center role. His game isn’t modeled in his own mind around third line hockey. He naturally floats around and wants to be like Patrick Kane, but at center. The problem is, he doesn’t have that ability to put it all together to do it in an NHL game consistently. You have to have natural capabilities in certain areas to be effective for any NHL role, let alone a third line center role.
          Morgan Barron for 3C instead of Chytil. I’ll tell you why: Barron can win faceoffs and will be better at them, he’s stronger on the puck and stronger on the wall, he’s much bigger, has a better more accurate shot, he can kill penalties and fill in for injuries in the top 6 when need be, he’s more athletic and less injury prone, and he’s the type of guy you need to have in order to win in the playoffs. Chytil can’t kill penalties and he can’t win faceoffs and you if you get Eichel, he won’t see much powerplay time either. So you’re really just using him 5on5 and a 3C needs to be more than that. Mika is killing penalties all the time because we don’t have anyone else to trust in his place. If we had Barron, Mika would be used in more offensive situations more frequently and we would get more offensively out of Mika. Now you don’t need Strome because you have Mika and Eichel and Barron as your 3C.

          1. I’ve given you a 3C option in Barron who has more value added in a 3C role and who we already have.
          2. I solved your Strome concern because you don’t need him and can avoid cap hell.
          3. Our team is now much better and more efficient with the scenario explained above.

          Please let me know your thoughts. I am interested to read your honest feedback because like I said, it’s two hockey guys seeing things differently on this.

          • The problem McDangle is that even if you are correct about Chytil, and that is open to debate, it is going to take a lot more than Chytil to land Eichel from Buffalo. They are going to want more than one young, skilled player in exchange. It will also cost $10 million per annum, which means that Zibanejad is not likely to be resigned. Then you still have weak center depth. I’m with tanto as far as trying to get less expensive centers from other sources.

            I just believe Eichel, despite being a very good player, to be too costly in both acquisition costs and annual salary.

          • Peter, if I start throwing out names in a package for Chytil, people will go ham on me here. I’m ofcourse not saying Chytil straight up for Eichel. You can make the cap work and still keep Zib. I’m going to refrain from saying who to trade, but , Lafreniere, Kakko, Miller, Fox, Panarin, Zibanejad, Shesterkin are off the table, they need to stay.

            As for young centers, I’m happy with Trevor Zegras over Eichel too. I agree with you guys there. He’s really good, but I’m not sure Anaheim would trade him. Definitely worth a shot. Turcotte, I watched him and wasnt that impressed, he’s ok. Zebras is much better.

          • I’ll also add Peter, Zegras and Turcotte are off topic because there are rumors about Eichel bring traded. There aren’t any rumors about Trevor Zegras that I know of and Turcotte is being discussed to package strictly for Jack Eichel. So I was focused on explaining why should not hang up the phone if Buffalo wants a package that included Chytil.

            If you’re talking about young centers like Zegras, ofcourse I would want that over a $10 million center, but again only Zegras.

            Turcotte is not comparable to Eichel, I’ve watched him many times and I’m very confident in my evaluation of players to tell you that today.

            As for Chytil, wait and see. You’ll remember McDangle’s comments. Just do me one favor please, don’t forget what I predicted here about Chytil today and I mean long term value of him.
            We will now let the hockey Gods show you if I’m right.

          • Haha yes the hockey Gods, can be difficult to please!

            I realized that you did not think Chytil would be straight up for Eichel. My problem is that I figure that they are likely to want a lot more than just Chytil. Look, they have Eichel who is quite good under contract for a long time. They are not required to do anything even if the player is unhappy. So, contrary to many, I do not believe that they are dealing from a weak position. If I were Buffalo, I’d want my socks knocked off by an offer before trading Eichel.

            So I figure that the acquisition costs are going to be two very good players from the Rangers plus picks. I also am not so sure that they can keep Zibanejad, when they Eichel, Panarin, Trouba and Kreider with big contracts, and will need to pay some youngsters soon too.

            Finally, though he is very good and still young, he is not McDavid or Crosby. He is a tier below guys like that. Still, would I like to have him? Hell yes. But, I think the costs are too high. I could be wrong. I’ve been wrong before!

          • Peter, if they keep Zibanejad and get Eichel, the only way to make it work is to trade Trouba down the line for cap concerns. You’ll likely have to move Buchnevich too. So yeah, getting Eichel and keeping Zibanejad requires the Rangers to make more room by trading guys and getting a new look.

            It’s a matter of how you see the lines. With that top 6, we can fill their spots and win.

          • Ok, let me try and take this point by point.

            1) I agree that Chytil isn’t there yet, but I think he’s improved each year here and is approaching the type of player many of us think he can be. You seem to believe he’s still the player we saw in his rookie year, I don’t — so I disagree that he’s that type of player “to this point”, he’s already better than that.

            2A) I’m not suggesting he’s destined to be the 3C here, I was stating that if we had Eichel (and kept Mika) he would be a great 3C option — and yes, Barron could be that as well, but I believe without the offensive flair Chytil brings. I think the game today dictates that your 3rd line really contribute offensively. In any event, it can easily be argued Chytil was our best Center for the first 5 games before his injury, I saw a guy on the cusp of establishing himself as a 2C and I would be perfectly comfortable giving him that shot in the next year.

            2B) I would be crazy not to see the value in Eichel, that has never been in dispute given his abilities and age —- but I also have to factor in his cost, both in terms of cap space and assets to acquire him. In my mind the value seems to somewhat even out. He’s the latest in a long line of shiny toys almost every Ranger fan wants — and this way of building a team hasn’t exactly worked out for us in the past … just look at the last toy we got, Trouba. I’m not down on Trouba like some here, but even I can’t argue that he’s worth the cap hit and in retrospect the cost (he’s worth one or the other, but not both).

            As to some of your other comments. Chytil can’t kill penalties. I heard the same about Buchnevich and look at him now — he’s been a stud on the PK. It’s about maturation and being given the opportunity to prove you’re more than the superficial opinions about your abilities. Some players respond well to being tasked with additional responsibilities, others crumble and prove their limitations. Some players continue to learn well into their 20’s, others remain stagnant — what you’ve seen is what you’ll always get.

            Now I would be tempted by your argument to move Chytil, get Eichel, remove Strome and promote Barron IF the cost to get Eichel were reasonable. I don’t believe it will be. I’m also concerned about Mika and his next contract — in that regard I want Chytil around as the potential long term 2C, and that is the reason I want to trade for a Zegras even if it means moving say a Kravtsov plus a good defensive prospect and a 1st rounder this year (easily a potential lottery pick) to obtain a future and very affordable 1C.

            In conclusion, if Eichel were generational, say a youngish Sydney Crosby, or a McDavid, etc., then sure I could see overpaying and including Chytil … but I don’t see that. I also limited my commentary in the original post to “I’m not trading Chytil — it defeats the purpose of the trade” because essentially we’re removing both Chytil and Strome, as well as a host of other fine prospects for 1 very very very good, but not great player. I would prefer a less costly trade for a top flight Center prospect that will be ready in a few years to take over for Mika, should that be necessary.

            That said I’m not adverse to Eichel, but the cost needs to come down from what I’m hearing otherwise I just prefer other options.

          • I understand you Tanto and thank you for taking the time out of your day to comment back.

            You feel Chytil will pan out and I feel he won’t pan out as well as you think. I believe Morgan Barron will be more effective for us than Chytil. I stand behind what I see. We can agree to disagree on Chytil and like I said to Peter, let the hockey Gods show us. Just don’t forget this conversation of what I’m saying about him. You can hold me to it.

            As for Zegras – If I’m Anaheim, I wouldn’t accept your trade proposal of Kravtsov, a defensive prospect and a first rounder. I would do the trade for us, but Zegras is really good and a young high end center. Why would they trade him for that? Your trade would work in NHL21, but not in real life. I like the idea of what you want, but today Eichel rumors are happening, not rumors for Zegras who Anaheim highly values.

            I tempted you with Mika, Eichel, Barron and removing Strome. Yes, the cost needs to come down, ok I can work with that and with time, the cost will come down. Gorton needs to be patient.

            A lot of people are saying Eichel is very good, but no star; However, the value you will get from Eichel playing with Panarin and Lafreniere will be unmatched compared to who you give up in this package, even if you slightly overpay, but still keep your elite pieces. That’s the point. What he’s done in Buffalo compared to what he will do here would be night and day.

  • You make a play for Eichel, but you hold on to your top young talent. You can talk to Buffalo, but you do not have to move Miller, Kakko or LaFren or Kraftsov. If you can make a deal while holding on to these 4, you almost have to make the deal.

    • agree..then I would listen if those players are not involved. Sabres are dealing from weakness.

  • There is no way in was in hell that the Rangers are going to trade there best prospects playing for Eichel…..I go Nils, and Kravstov plus prospect/picks.. If Sabres ask for LaFren or Kakko…dial tone failure….

  • If Eichel is desperate to play for the Rangers, then Gorton needs to force Adams hand and offer quantity or quality, the same way Tampa did to us.

    So, if they want Zib, Krastsov, Tony and a 1st…then you do it…anything more than that…u pass.

    • we are loaded with wings.. we need a bonafide centerpiece. If Eichel is forcing Sabres hand to NYC, then Buffalo must trade him…we have plenty of pieces and we would be dealing from strength.

    • He can’t control where he can go until 2022-2023, so no real leverage right now unless he plans to sit out and forego his money.

  • Similar to Strome and DeAneglo, Zib doesn’t carry a lot of long term trade value for Buffalo because he would be 1 and done.

    I’d be hoping Kratsov, Lundqvist, Gorgeiv, 1st, 2nd, and DeAngelo is enough. I want no part of Chytil, Buchnevich, or Schneider going the other way. If Chytil is part of the trade, then perhaps we can extract a top young Center from someone for Zib as any Eichel acquisition means he is toast. Other related thought is move Lafreniere to center if Chytil is part of any trade.

    • We need to move more cap space than that if the trade were to be consummated before the end of the season.

  • I do not see the point of overpaying for Eichel. He is a very good player. But, he is not a generational talent. Let’s not make him into Connor McDavid. He ain’t. So spending a bunch of young assets plus picks, makes no sense to me. Especially when by getting Eichel you guarantee losing Zibanejad, and so you have not increased center depth.

    • I agree Peter. If they can get him on a reasonable trade package that doesn’t undo what they’ve been building so be it.

      Also, Zibby’s bad season may end up working in Rangers favor. Perhaps they can resign him on the cheap and hope this season is a fluke (due to his Covid or some injury we don’t know about). I don’t think he’s getting a 7 yr at 9mil/yr contract after this season. Then if you can somehow get Eichel, they’d have a dynamic 1, 2 punch at center with Chytil progressing to next level as 3C. Ideally you’d love to have three strong lines a anchored by 3 very good centers, and a tough grinder 4th line.

  • Rangers have retooled their defense very nicely, and in process of doing the same with their offense, mostly with cost friendly, young talent. But, the center position is a problem area, for now. The Rangers are in a salesperson’s paradise, they can sell on value and price, so why go after Eichel, his contract is how much? He could disrupt the teams excellent new defensive focus, with his very unattractive career +/- @ -67.

    OK, Rangers need help on FO, but so does Eichel, career FO% 44.1%, over past 3 years he sits at #189 in the NHL, Blackwell is way better at #54 and we already got him. Why send young, affordable talent for a disrupter who needs help on FOs. Look what happened to Tony, his defense too good either. And Eichel been a disrupter with management, don’t believe that going work with the Rangers.

    More importantly, lets go back to the salesperson’s paradise, sell on value and price, but that doesn’t mean pick up a big contract, that would be a disruption to the Rangers payroll and cap. I don’t believe trading for Eichel works, unless Buffalo takes some salary, like the Rangers do.

  • Can we have the third choice which is completely pass on a seemingly perennially unhappy player with a huge contract. This player and his contract will hamstring any hope of building a deep TEAM.
    Pass and continue the rebuild, then start trading for missing pieces in the next year or two. The nucleus is starting to form but still a couple of years away.
    Hard pass.

  • Wow it’s amazing how one person expresses an opinion and the whole internet goes crazy with it! This is exactly what’s wrong with people today. For goodness sakes!, you people need to relax and stop trying to scoop each other on who has the best rumors. This is one executives opinion, SO WHAT! So is this guy a member of the Buffalo team? Is he the owner? NO. So let’s just take a chill pill and enjoy watching the Rangers build a team.

  • Can we please stop with the daily Jack Eichel nonsense already???
    We have a team, and a lot of us are pretty happy,… if we can trade Johnson for Eichel and about 5 million dollars then I say pull the trigger, otherwise…
    I have a novel idea…let’s have a story about the team we have here and under contract instead of constant stories about a personal wet dream of yours.

  • Neil Smith said “if you’re the Rangers, you have to be involved.” That mindset has held this team back from developing their own players time and again.

    It’s time to stop this trend, and keep the kids.

    If we do trade for Eichel, only package I’m comfortable with is Zbad (since he may be out in a year or two anyway), a few picks, and B prospects.

  • I have thought about this a lot and I would pass on trading for Eichel. Yes we need to address our lack of depth issue at center but we also need to be mindful of the cap. We picked Panarin as our high paid superstar, and he’s an excellent choice. Better than Eichel IMO. We also signed Trouba to a pretty expensive contract as well and we added Kreider on a deal I think is fair market. Had we known we were getting Lafreniere maybe they would have traded him, but we didn’t know and he’s signed. A lot of dead cap space comes off the books next year so we can afford him next year. And if they trade for him Strome or Z bad(Most likely Strome)will be gone to open up more space. ADA will be traded or bought out too. I also think we need to see what Chytil brings the rest of this season. He’s still developing and I would hate to give up on him too soon. Then you consider Igor, Kakko, Lafreniere, Fox and Miller are all going to need new deals in the next couple of years. They may bridge some, but they may want to go longer term on the next contract and they need cap flexibility. They also need to be bringing in ELC’s on to the team every year to balance the cap out. Kravtsov next year, Nils comes next year, the year after Schneider comes and maybe Robertson. Those ELC’s help balance out the salary cap over time. You aren’t going to find a Colin Blackwell every year in the UFA pool. There’s cheaper options we can seek to file this center void and at some point we need to use a first to draft a legit center. I understand drafting based on best available talent, but that is subjective. If we are moving young cost controlled assets we need some cost controlled assets back in return. If feels like the Rangers of old chasing every high priced guy out in the market. Stay the course.

    As far as trade proposals go it’s curious to include Schneider. We could have taken Hendrix Lapierre but we traded up to take Schneider because we thought he was a better talent and filled a need of grit and toughness that we lack and NJ was going to draft him. I am fine with that decision, but now if we are going to trade Schneider as a piece to get Eichel wouldn’t it have made sense to just take Lapierre instead? He may not be Eichel and I know he had a health issue but he was a bargain at #22 and a future solution to the teams center needs.

    • None of that makes Schneider untouchable, even though I would prefer Schneider over Nils for that 3rd pairing RD.

      Re: Hendrix … he’s no Trevor Zegras. He was a risky draft pick that should have been made by a good team in the late 1st round, not by a team that was looking to draft a known quality future and definite NHLer.

  • Is Jack Eichel for a 4th round draft choice a good trade for the Rangers? yes, he is a good player, but he is not Connor McDavid or Artemi Panarin or Sidney Crosby. And he makes $10M a year. That’s $10M you can’t spend on other players. Only when you take seriously the question of whether or not he is truly valuable as a free acquisition can one decide what he is worth.

    Before this year, as a long term 1C, I would have put him below Zib.

  • here we go again. the rangers are going to field a team with Bread, Eichel, and Trouba collectively taking $30M of cap space? smh

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