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Which NY Rangers prospects are you willing to part with in trades?

The more Jack Eichel to the Rangers is spoken about, the more trade packages come up as well. While the focus is generally on what the Rangers will need to send to Buffalo, which is dependent on what direction Buffalo is heading in, there is a question about what the Rangers are willing to part with. Specifically, the question is what prospects the Rangers are willing to part with in trades. Eichel is a very specific scenario, but there are other centers out there.

Just a reminder that not every prospect can play for the Rangers. There simply isn’t enough room on the roster. At some point prospects either fizzle out or get passed by others. It’s not realistic to expect every draftee to suit up at MSG. This is all about asset management, and getting the most out of your prospects, be it on the roster or in trades.


On the roster, it’s safe to assume the Rangers aren’t trading Igor Shesterkin, Adam Fox, K’Andre Miller, Kaapo Kakko, or Alexis Lafreniere. It’s not happening, no matter how much a certain Buffalo beat writer wants it to. The conversation doesn’t “begin with Lafreniere.” It ends there. The Rangers hang up. These guys are cheap, talented, and have already solidified top roles on the team. They aren’t going anywhere.

In most trades, Nils Lundkvist is likely untouchable. This kid is very good and will make the jump to the NHL next season. I’m also going to lean that Vitali Kravtsov is untouchable for the Rangers. But again, the caveat here is *most* trades. Obviously you need to give value to land a Jack Eichel.

This is where the untouchables list ends, and I know there are some great prospects left off this list. However when it comes to possible game-breaking talent, it’s this group.

Very Unlikely

This is where the situation matters the most. Filip Chytil, for example, is very unlikely to be moved for a center. The point would be to add to center depth, not make a sideways move. Again, Eichel notwithstanding here.

This is the group I’d put players like Matthew Robertson and Braden Schneider. The Rangers love both of these guys. Robertson got an ELC almost immediately. And we all saw how JD reacted when they landed Schneider in the draft. Reading between the lines, these guys are very unlikely to be moved in a deal.

It’s worth noting that this may change, and this is an “as of right now” kind of thing. Robertson and Schneider represent the next wave of cheap defensemen on ELCs that the Rangers may need as their current crop gets more expensive.

The Next Best

This is where the Rangers likely prefer to deal from. And this group has names you may not want to part with. It includes Morgan Barron, who for some reason is viewed as a winger by this organization. If this is true, and the Rangers already have Panarin, Kreider, Kakko, Lafreniere, Kravtsov, and Buchnevich on wing, then where does Barron fit?

Speaking of Buchnevich, I am still convinced he is the next Derick Brassard, in the sense the Rangers view him as the most tradeable asset on the roster. Buchnevich may just be a victim of the numbers game. If the Rangers view him as the next Brassard from an asset management perspective, then they better be right with Kravtsov and/or Barron.

I’m also willing to throw Ryan Lindgren into this group. This is where I’ll get some flack, but Lindgren’s future may also depend on where Robertson winds up in the next year or two. I like Lindgren, the same way I like Buchnevich. But in terms of replaceable players on the roster, they might be the only two that also bring back value.

Three big prospect names also fall into this category, and that would be Tarmo Reunanen, Zac Jones, and Lauri Pajuniemi. Again these are prospects that we like, but in the grand scheme of things, where would they fit long term? These are certainly the ‘B’ prospects to the ‘A’ prospects above.

Alex Georgiev is probably in this group.

Minimal to No Value

This is by no means a slight to some of the guys on this list, but they don’t move the needle much in terms of trade value. They are barely prospects in the Rangers organization anymore, and their inclusion in trades would be for salary or roster balancing.

When it comes to trades involving their prospects, it’s probable that the Rangers only want to deal from the bottom two groups. If an Eichel becomes available, then you move up to the second group as well. This is going to be a fluid situation as the trade market develops. Eichel (and Barkov) aside, the Rangers should be able to land a center without sacrificing their best.

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  • I think kratz will be a bust. I part with him in a heartbeat. I haven’t been a big fan of buch for years but seeing the little bit of grit he seems to have added this year I’m hesitant to get rid of him. Altho his next contract might be too high.

    If possible I’d like to keep Lindgren.

    Take strome. Take Tony D. That’s 2 above average nhl players. Then take kratz. Then add one of either Roberson or Schneider

    • “On July 1st, 2020, Jacob Trouba’s full No-Trade Clause officially kicks in and remains until 2024, then turns into a partial no-trade clause for the following two seasons.”

  • Raunanen & Pajuniemi are C prospects. The former is a emergency callup and a replacement level John Gilmour(who was a replacement level BHLer to begin with.) The latter will make a nice AHL player, but that’s it.

    Lundkvist is a solid asset to deal as Fox & Trouba are ahead of him in the pecking order and will be for some time.

    I like how Kravtsov plays, but the injury history is starting to concern me.

  • If the Rangers went for Eichel they would not be increasing center depth because Zibby would not be retained as Eichel’s contract would prohibit his retention. So, you’d be replacing Zibanejad with an excellent and younger, and more expensive, player, but you would not be increasing depth at the position.

    In order to get him, you’d have to deal one of the Rangers’ top prospects. I believe that anyone thinking that Buffalo is going to trade Eichel to the Rangers without receiving a player such as Igor Shesterkin, Adam Fox, K’Andre Miller, Kaapo Kakko, or Alexis Lafreniere is not looking at Buffalo’s side realistically. He is their franchise player. They would have a howling and angry fan base if they got anything less for him. Other teams will offer them more than the deals my fellow fans here propose in order to snag Eichel.

    I don’t believe such a trade is in the offing. I don’t believe that the Rangers want to deal away one of their top prospects.

    • Rangers can definitely afford both Zib + Eichel with all the dead money coming off our books, Zib becoming cheaper by the day with his play, and salary will be sent the other way in the deal. Losing one to get the other is a sideways move as stated above. And Buffalo after losing their franchise player is going to want futures – and we have tons of prospects/assets/picks to help them get well on their way. They’re not gunna be able to compete in the short term after losing eichel. We definitely have enough to obtain eichel without giving up Laf/Kakko etc.

  • Kravtsov, Nils and a first round pick only STARTS the conversation with Buffalo for Eichel. IMO, Barron and another first or second might seal the deal, but only if Eichel forces their hand a little … ala PLD and Columbus.

  • Fox, Laf, Kakko, Igor, Chytil, Miller, Schneider and Nils–no way. Keepers–the next core. Anyone else–if the price is right, thanks for coming and best of luck on your new team! Also, Chytil is the least safe on my untouchable list.

  • If I were Buffalo, I would not take my offer–but look at Eichel now. What is the point of trading for him if he does not have a strong core to support him?

    To Buffalo:
    2 Firsts, 2 seconds, Kravstov, Jones, ADA, Robertson, Berard, Lemieux and a goalie prospect of Buffalo’s choosing. If they wanted to discuss adding any of Strome, Buch, Lindgren, Trouba, Georgiev, I’d be happy to work out what that would look like.

    Then, without saying, if any of Smith, Bietto or Johnson intersted them–take any or all.

    The other pieces to discuss–Chytil and Mika. Can they afford Mika and Eichel? In terms of young, long term and cost effective centers–Chytil is the best they have by a country mile.

    • Why do Rangers fans always make these Mike Dikta proposals for 1 player ? As far as included Trouba he has a NMC until 2024. In order to take on Eichel’s $10 million cap hit the Rangers would be parting with Zibanajad so include him in the package. If they believe Kravstov is legit put Buchnevich in the deal with Robertson or Jones and 2022 1st rounder. Take back reclamation project like Middlestedt.

    • Some of you guys make me laugh, would you take that if he was a Ranger and you got those players? Give me a break guy!

      • So you are in on trading 14 players for 1. This isn’t Edmonton trading Gretzky to LA because Buffalo can’t afford Eichel and want to keep the success of the last few years going. Comparing Eichel’s last 2 seasons to Zibanajad (28G 54A/36G 42A) to (30G 44A/41G 34A). Plus Buchnevich (21G 17A/ 16G 30A) plus a prospect and a 1st round pick. You really think Buffalo is getting the down side deal ?

    • Are you insane? This is the most ridiculous offer I’ve ever seen. Just give them our entire team lol. No player is worth THIS much

  • I want a Ferrari. I have an Edsel.Pontiac,Oldsmobile,Desoto,and Saturn to give you. Get real. You have to give to get. ALSO Trouba would have to be included for salary mitigation.

  • From a prospect stand point only, I would consider trading some of the following; Kravtsov, Pajuniemi, Reunanen, Barron, Robertson, Hendriksson, Skinner, Tarnstrom, Vierling either of Zack Jones or Nils Lundkvist but not both. Lundkvist IMO should be traded for an equally solid center prospect, if he gets traded.( I keep thinking Turcotte)

    untouchables-Lafreniere Kakko, Fox, Miller and Schneider

    • Why is Kakko untouchable? He needs weeks in Hartfod but hes too soft to play in Hartford. A couple decent shifts doesnt mean hes developing. Put me on his line at 42 years old and I’d have goals too. And more hits.

  • Cost in assets, future assets, and money is to high. A much deeper and stronger team can be built with all that capital not spent on one person.

  • We may need to think more on how much Fox’s rapid assent may be correlated with his comfort with Lindgren on and off the ice. Just a thought. 🙂

  • ” … depend on where Robertson winds up in the next year or two.”

    BUT that’s the whole point with our prospects, where are they in a year or two — and that maybe even applies to someone like Kakko.

    I only trade for a young kid, like Zegras (won’t happen of course) or Turcotte —- and I could see starting off the conversation with Kravs. I think if anything he will be Buch 2.0 with a little more goal scoring pop, but of our prime prospects I would trade him (also factoring in he might be soft player for quite a few years). Then throw in a defensive prospect (probably one of Lundkvist, Schneider, Robertson or Jones — because every other defensive prospect not already on the team is VERY meh). Depending on how good that defensive prospect is would determine what might come back in addition to that young Center prospect.

    PS: I’m not trading Chytil.

  • When Buffalo goes around the league, and hears, from the teams most likely to trade for Eichel, “these are off the table” then the trade value of Jack continues to go down. And this will happen, IMO.

    The result will be, for Buffalo, “let’s get what we can.” Which will be a disaster for them, trading a franchise player. But I believe a bonus for Jack is coming due soon, something that the Sabres will not want to pay a disgruntled franchise player. That whole org has gone down hill over the years. Very sad for their fans.

    So who would the Rangers realistically trade? I think it starts with Chytil, being a center. I would think that a package HAS to start with him, since Lafren and Kakko are off the table. I think Krav is in the deal, but he may not come over to play there.

    Lindqvist may be better than Miller (yeah, I said that), so he is basically untouchable as well.

    So, who are the likely trade assets that have value? IMO? Chytil, if for a #1 center, Krav, Robertson, Schneider, and Jones. And picks.

    Good luck Buffalo, lol.

  • I’d offer 2 1sts, Chytil, Robertson and another out of Barron/Pajuniemi/Jones. I don’t see Chytil being more than a 40-50 point guy and he’s a better fit at W imo. I think he’s replaceable over time.

    • So I guess most of you want to sign Zibanejad at 29 years old to a 7 year deal at 8mil + In 4 years him, and Kreider, will be 33-34 with 3-4 years left which mean we have to buy them out. So where is the money to sign all these prospects when they are establish NHLers? I LOVE Zibanejad but not at 29 and 8+ mil.

  • I will disagree on one area. Schnieder, Trouba and Fox aren’t going anywhere for a while so that leaves you with a third pair Dman, who fits better there Lindqvist or Schnieder, even if Lindqvist is the better player where does he help you more third pair or a center piece for Eichel

  • If you hold out and wait to see if Buffalo can’t move Eichel this season, next season his NMC kicks in. He can put the Sabres in a position where they gave to take less. He decides where he wants to go, and if they “HAVE” move him they will be over a barrel. They will have to take a lighter package. With that being said he would have to want to come to NY, and NYR would be hit with a major cap hit which means goodbye to Mika. I think the Rangers are committed to 93. I don’t think we will see Eichel on Broadway though, but I’m not a GM so what I say is pretty much crap anyway.

  • Ryan Strome on the little to no value trade list? I must disagree. He’s second on the team in scoring and even without Panarin he’s still contributing. He’s got 13 pts in 18 games on the season. Last season Strome put up 59 pts. The guy is a good player just a bit weak on faceoffs.

  • If you have 5 guys that are untouchable the conversation is over. We need a leader in Buffalo and this kid isn’t it. Plus do yourself a favor and compare his stats to anyone else making 10 million a year, you won’t even pick up the phone. He has been a minus player his entire life, and for ever guy that says +/- doesn’t matter, his nickname is captain Turnover

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