Thoughts on the Tony DeAngelo situation

Yesterday was a whirlwind of news, rumors, and unexpected roster moves. The day started with Tony DeAngelo being placed on waivers unexpectedly. It didn’t take long for some information to leak out. Tony DeAngelo and Alex Georgiev got into an altercation, and it sounds like Chris Kreider intervened. Adding to this was Adam Herman’s scoop that this was brewing for a while, following DeAngelo’s “joke” in not giving K’Andre Miller the puck from his first goal (which was a prank gone wrong, Miller has the puck, obviously).

*-Just a note that the Miller puck thing was refuted by Miller’s agent and the Rangers. However, Herman doesn’t just make stuff up. That’s not his schtick. Feels like damage control. This post will continue with the assumption that at least part of what Herman reported is true.

A Locker Room Divided

You don’t get punched in the face by your own teammate, as rumored, randomly or after one event. Things need to occur over time. That’s what looks like happened. Long before the “joke” with Miller’s first goal puck, the locker room was divided. Which means the Tony DeAngelo fight with Alex Georgiev was the last straw, not the first.

Sources confirmed to Brandon Cohen that the divide on DeAngelo goes as far over concern about who got the A’s in the offseason. The rumor is that some in the locker room thought DeAngelo was just being a jokester. However others thought he was going too far. Naturally, you can guess which group was upset over Jacob Trouba getting an A over DeAngelo.

The divide, if true, shouldn’t come as a surprise. DeAngelo’s antics off the ice were well noted. While many are willing to forgive past issues, which DeAngelo has many, it is under the pretense that the player has learned and grown. Clearly that is not the case. You can’t help but notice DeAngelo kept the first goal puck from Miller, but not Alexis Lafreniere.

Off Ice Antics

DeAngelo’s off ice antics have been the subject of much digital ink on this blog. Before he got to the Rangers he was suspended multiple times in Juniors for verbal abuse. Some of that abuse included racist and homophobic language.

As mentioned above, in the NHL that can be forgiven if a player has learned. Or at least has the common sense to keep his mouth shut. DeAngelo did neither. It was clear DeAngelo was still a hate filled bigot from the start who did not learn as he matured. He also did not keep his mouth shut. From the announcement of the lockdown in March, DeAngelo managed to draw the ire of fans and Rangers PR with a series of events through social media. In no order:

  1. DeAngelo, on more than one occasion, tweeted, retweeted, or liked COVID-denial disinformation.
  2. He challenged a fan to a fight on Twitter.
  3. DeAngelo helped launch a very controversial podcast.
  4. Joined and promoted an alt-right terrorist website.

Hockey has this unspoken rule that if you are producing on the ice, these things are overlooked. My own personal feelings about that unspoken rule notwithstanding, DeAngelo was not producing.

On Ice Performance

DeAngelo’s on ice performance was pretty rough to start the season. He was benched after the first game following a bad penalty against the Islanders. He then only recorded one assist in six games. DeAngelo was removed from the top powerplay unit, losing his spot to Adam Fox.

DeAngelo will always have solid offensive numbers, but his defensive play will always be called into question. He was never good in his own end, but he had been exceptionally bad through the first month of the season. His offensive metrics were good, but one assist is a far cry from his 53 points last season.

Given DeAngelo’s spot in the lineup and his removal from PP1, matching that season was not going to happen.

It Wasn’t One Thing

We do know it wasn’t just this incident with Tony DeAngelo and Georgiev. It also wasn’t just the incident(s) with Miller. I think we should assume it wasn’t just his social media presence. Or his tweets on COVID denial. Nor was it solely joining an alt-right website, then promoting it. It definitely wasn’t just challenging a fan to a fight on Twitter.

See where I’m going with this?

The Rangers love a reclamation project, and they got a very skilled one in DeAngelo a few years ago. But some people are beyond repair. Some will continually shoot themselves in the foot, regardless of the number of chances. Regardless of the millions of dollars at stake, DeAngelo shot himself in the foot. It is likely he has played his last game in New York.

Update: Larry Brooks is reporting that it was Miller who broke up the fight between Georgiev and DeAngelo. Vince Mercogliano is reporting that Miller also reached out to DeAngelo via text afterwards.

Just a reminder that multiple things can be true. It can be true that the puck thing was a prank gone wrong and that there is no ill will between the two players. It’s clearly a complicated situation. What we do know is that this fight with Georgiev was the last straw in numerous incidents.

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  • On what planet would one give DeAngelo an “A”?

    Hard work and leadership is taking care of business in your role, something ADA has repeatedly failed to do. Getting marginally better doesn’t count. Getting T’d up opening night he wasn’t leadership material.

    The bigger problem is who on the team are big enough dopes to think he’s a leader?

  • Dave your clearly a hardcore liberal that attacks anyone who doesn’t agree with your liberal views, what makes you better than anyone else when you do things like call someone you don’t even know a bigot? Do everyone a favor and stop writing your liberal nonsense

    • And clearly you’re a born and bred dope. You don’t get suspended by your junior club by accident.

      You don’t get tagged as a loudmouth jerk when you’re *13*.

    • If you did your research you will find enough evidence of bigotry in adas previous actions and current ones. Unless you think that this is part of the bigger 1871 conspiracy. I’m sure the clintons had something to do with it cause Tony D had evidence of child trafficking. If he holds out till March 4th then he will be reinstated by trump when he’s setup as the 19th president. Hahaha.

      We all knew he was on his last chance and he blew it. You don’t attack your goalie cause you were afraid to block a Crosby shot , and screened your goalie.

      He’s an ahole from Jersey. What more needs to be said. Now I can say, “ go back ta jersey ya bum, we tried to trade you for a bag of pucks and no one wants you”

      • It’s all Trumps fault! Blame Russia they must’ve made tony do it! He’s on Parler he must be a horrible person! Biden will save us all! America is bad! Do I sound like a liberal now? I guarantee u if Tony was liberal he wouldn’t be cut no matter what he did, liberals can do no wrong especially in the media’s eyes. U sound like a great guy too calling someone an ahole because of where they’re from that’s very “tolerant” of u

          • Then stay but leave your Parler politics out of this conversation. This is about hockey. But you still mad that your Orange leader lost. Boo F’n hoo. Go help him find some more votes in Georgia. He needs your help and your money. Tony D is bad for the team right now. He needs to grow up and play hockey. Freedom of speech does not mean freedom of consequences. Do you understand that?

          • This blog is about us Ranger fans with light hearted banter back and forth.Not critizing someone’s comment derogatorily.
            We don’t always agree on what is said.
            Lighten up it’s snowing out!!!

        • “You keep using that word. “Liberal” I do not think it means what you think it means.” -Inigo Montoya, The Princess Bride

    • I love how calling someone a bigot who has a history of using bigoted language makes you a “hardcore liberal”. Ridiculous logic.

    • Obviously you are a hardcore Idiot (Trumper?) what does his comments have to do with being “liberal” ? Tony D is a loudmouth “Trumper” as he has stated many times. Go look up his history. This isn’t about politics. This is about bad behavior that is detrimental to the team. End of story. I think most Rangers fans knew this was coming and it had nothing to do with this politics. This guy is just a dumpster fire.

    • I might be labeled a “hard core liberal” by some, but I continually praised DeAngelo’s play last season despite his having political views with which I strongly disagree.

      However, it appears that Tony has crossed the line by causing problems in the locker room. A team cannot function properly if it is divided. The Rangers seem to have had enough and they know far more about the situation than any of us. So, this is more than ‘liberal nonsense’.

    • So… Let me see if I understand you? Hardcore liberal is bad but historic racist is good? Did I get that right? Asking for a friend…

  • Jeez how much vitriol can one fit in a post. Anyway that A story … sounds so crooked and just concocted nonsense. Trouba was already getting the A last year in spots and was virtually a lock.

  • This is like reading a teen talk…a very sad whiny teen talk. ADA wanting an A? If the locker room was divided Dave who was on ADA’s team and who wasn’t? Will you start naming names next? asking for a friend. I find it curious that Miller’s agent said the puck incident “didn’t” happen and yet you assume it did because Adam Herman wouldn’t make that up. Obviously there’s some pretty big issues going on here. After reading this it appears you have very little incite as to what those “real” issues were.

    • now Miller’s agent, JD and JG have so no truth to the Miller puck story. They even called out a blog. Let’s not mince words…” Adam Herman”

      JD starts presser by addressing “misinformation.” “There’s been a fan blog out there that has stirred some things up… that is 100% false. There’s no truth to it whatsoever.” “To have K’Andre Miller pulled into this is really disappointing.” #NYR”

      It’s sad and Pathetic that Herman starts this and you follow it up. You think you’re hurting ADA but you’re hurting Miller too. You’re spreading fake rumors/news. And I am going to say Herman should produce the source or retract the false story, unless he can somehow prove otherwise. It’s a shame that he and you Dave feel it’s OK to spread this sort of toxic nonsense. You may be a blog but your words have consequences…

  • Dave certainly doesn’t need anyone to defend him but even if you acknowledge half of the incidents described here as taking place, it’s easy to conclude that the altercation with Georgiev was the straw that broke the camel’s back.

  • Ugh. I guess you’re so desperate for clicks you have to write another heavily biased story like this? We all know where you stand, yet you try to up the ante each week. The latest is making the jump about the Miller puck, even though Miller’s agent came out and refuted the rumor. I guess your next story will be about Tony D. the racist? Just stick to the facts. This story is juicy enough using them. No need to make stuff up about captain A’s, puck jokes and the other crap. Give us all a break.

    • When their are split views on someone…when someone is so polarizing in opinions….plain and simply there is a problem. The guy is a coach killer.

      • No question. Tony’s actions with Georgie are unacceptable. I have no issues with what the team has done cutting ties with him. The fact is we don’t know all the details yet, so writing articles like this, where Dave is extrapolating on other issues that are here say at this point (with no confirmation) is just making stuff and making it fact.
        I hope the hazing rumors are false, because if they are true it’s a bigger issue for the team. Rookie hazing is an antiquated practice, and in the past I’ve read where teams (including the Rangers) don’t do it anymore….especially since the Rangers have so many youngsters on their roster. IF it does happen, then it’s a leadership and coaching problem, and they need to face the music. None of this is good for the team.

  • Rangers gave TDA a shot at redeeming himself. Nothing altruistic about it, but they at least gave him the opportunity after two other organizations wanted nothing to do with him.
    TDA divided the locker room. Cut bait and let him be someone else’s problem.

  • Lmao. Story clearly lists numerous incidents, yet it’s always the DeAngelo defenders who supported Trump that turn it into a political thing. Nobody can be critical of the player without being accused of being a liberal! Wasn’t that long ago that he got benched for, not just taking a stupid penalty, but throwing an immature hissy fit and getting extra 2. You want more? He was always a jerk even before leaving South Jersey for juniors. And it’s also out there how he’d scream at Gorgiev when they were in ahl. The kid has issues. Cut ties and move on.

    • Perhaps it’s calling a free speech social media platform a “terrorist website”. Get your head out of your ass.

  • I am ashamed at the hate permeating in the chat room. Hate the hater while not being hated. Your dislike of a player is not about performance but what he thinks. If we examine what you think we would find you hate America. If your from this area that is the common denominator!

  • Everyone is overlooking the fact if indeed this has been going on for a while, why hasnt Gorton stepped in and moved him in the offseason? Gorton is another issue that needs to be addressed. He allowed and allows Quinn to mis-handle every European player. Anderson,Krastov, Kakko, and Hajek…Talk about bias.

    • Elliott Friedman and other reported that they tried to move him and couldn’t.
      They gave him a 2yr contract so he could be exposed if necessary to Seattle. He got the value he did because he had arbitration rights and a solid pts/gm for two seasons. $4.5-5M was the rate for productive RFA dman based on other contracts the past four years.1
      They didn’t want to just “cut bait” with a 50+pt defender until they were forced to, that would have been bad asset mgmt.
      As far as Quinn and European players, Zibanejad, Buchnevich and Fast are all solid top 6 players under DQ and all hit career highs.
      Hajek got a chance next to Trouba and struggled mightily. Kakko also struggled without the puck last year, not just defensively but even getting to dangerous offensive areas without the puck.

      On Anderson, I agree with you. He rarely got 10 minutes a night with a linemate who could do anything other than dump and chase. However Lias also had issues adjusting to life in North America and would stay up all night talking to friends in Sweden. He wasn’t ready to be a pro in NY at age 18 and no one responded well to that. He should have stayed in Sweden another year.

      • The biggest element in the locker room is the coach. His style is is to always find a player who is at fault. So player are always fearful of mistakes, so they are tentative, as no one want to be that guy. All players make mistake, or player on the other team just make great plays when they are out there. These are learning and growing times, not benching time. The dog eats dog style of Quinn’s coaching only leads to this. And the failure to put player in a place to succeed, to prove a point is inexcusable. Lindy Ruff, must have been the one holding the ship together, all you have to do is look at all the young players he has and what they are doing. Teams invest greatly in these players and the team needs to find the best path for them, and each player is different. Tell me Bret Howden would not benefit from going to the AHL, to gain confidents and improve his game.

  • Another ridiculous post loaded with political bias and rumors and innuendo from especially the one coming from Herman . He knows nothing and has no one credible as a source. It’s pretty remarkable that ideology drives leftists more than anything. Liberalism is truly a mental disorder.

    • Liberalism is a political and moral philosophy based on liberty, consent of the governed and equality before the law.

      Learn what a word really is before using it.

      You with Q too?

      It’s pretty remarkable about how cluelessness drives ultra right wing thinking.

    • Hahahahahaha That’s tasty!! Hahaha This has NOTHING TO DO WITH politics! He’s a cancer. All rangers fans knew this day was coming. No one likes a dumb loud mouth…0

  • This is a tough situation. I would hope that his on ice and locker room issues are more the problem than his political views, but in this crazy times I guess who knows.
    For sure a divisive locker room presence will affect the play of the whole team. Here’s hoping this was one of the bigger things impacting the team on ice, and we improve from here.
    Hindsight is 20/20, but Gorton should have to answer for the 2 years he gave ADA if there were all these issues hanging around. Hard to imagine they went away last year. Did he think they would magically go away with the big contract?

    • I commented above, but TDA having arbitration rights, a 50 pt season, and impending expansion draft are why he got that contract. Many productive RFA defensemen in the 30-40pt range have been getting $4.5-5M contracts the past several years, so he would have gotten that in arbitration as well.
      The off-ice maturity issues have always been there, but Tony had value as a hockey player as long as he produced. This year he tanked his own value by plummeting both on and off the ice.

      I’m sure much of the league is conservative, but they don’t challenge fans to street fights, or deny the virus that devastated the city they play for. McDavid dressed as Trump for Halloween and hasn’t gotten blowback. It’s how Tony’s politics affect his public life that create the difference in how he’s treated, as well as his past comments towards teammates.

  • So Parler is an “alt right terrorist website”? And by extension all who use (used) Parler are terrorists, Tony D included?

  • Describing Parler as an “alt-right terrorist website” displays both ignorance and the bias that undermines Dave’s credibility here.

    • That’s kind of like defending mounds of garbage on the street as a personal liberty issue to pollute with crap without consequences.

      Everyone knows why parler was created and what groups(s) were (hopefully) the most active users.

  • I guess Tony D should be relieved to be placed on waivers. According to the author of this blog he is a terrorist, I suppose waivers is better than Guantanamo.

  • Sorry I’m a little late to the party!!
    Let’s give ADA the “A”. He deserves it!!!!
    Let’s give him a “AA” as in Assinine Ass****!!!
    Let him start teaching ice lessons in Cherry Hill rink..

    • Personally I don’t see Dave’s summary that way, but I would applaud direct condemnation of his on ice behaviour (e.g., physical assaults on referees, homophobic and racist slurs), and his pulpit as an NHL player to spread stuff like Covid denial. I don’t know if he was part of the ‘election was stolen’ crowd, so I don’t want to be accused of guilt by association.

      Bottom line, this kind of behaviour should have consequences, including direct unambivalent condemnation of it.

    • It unnecessarily involves personal politics……instead of leaving the analysis as it related to hockey and the Ranger’s room.

      Correct or incorrect isn’t relevant.

  • Yeesh we’re still making claims about Miller’s first goal puck when his agent has publicly refuted the story?

    • The agent doesn’t want to add any extra fuel to the fire..
      It’s bad enough to begin with with ADA without making the puck all about himself and his first NHL goal.
      That’s humility! Something ADA doesn’t have…

  • Good summary.

    The $64 question is whether JD had some kind of moral behaviour/team disruption clause that could have the contacted voided due to a breech.

  • How did he keep Miller’s puck? Did he stuff it in his shorts for the rest of the game? Or maybe he was in collusion with the equipment manager?

    This is the most ridiculous thing I’ve heard so far. I can’t believe someone actually asked the NYR to confirm. “Uhhhh, yes. We have a rumor from an 11-year old boy that we need to confirm with you. Yes, I’m supposedly a real journalist. But I get all my thoughts, content, and emotions from Twitter. So in essence, I’m pretty much a teenager in a grown-up’s body.”

    It’s unfortunate. You all have the green light now. Yes, he does this to himself. But you all will now enjoy the orgy of amplifying this to ensure you ruin his career and more. Clickbait to the moon!! I don’t like what he says either. And I’m not a fan of sharing politics, especially from Athletes. But if you all would get off your high horse for a minute, you’d realize that trying to destroy people like this is not a healthy response either.

  • For those interested in facts, rather than taking on faith unsubstantiated rumors that confirm their bias, Larry Brooks is reporting that it was Miller who broke up the fight and Mercagliano is reporting that, “All indications are there were no overt issues between the two.” (TDA & Miller).

  • If you do not know the whole story keep your mouth shut. If its that important the Team will handle it.

  • You must be a snowflake. He didn’t join a terrorist website. Get the facts right. You are spreading misinformation and conspiracy theories

  • Dave, all this political nonsense and infighting amongst us Rangers fans on your page is YOUR fault because you take sides on these issues (likeTony). YOU should try to keep your political opinions to yourself so we can talk about the Rangers and not politics.

      • I knew you we’re gonna say that. And your right, I don’t have to come here and you can obviously write whatever you want. My point is why do you have to take political sides on what is a great Rangers Fan page. It draws a political line between all of us and divides us politically now instead of inited as RANGERS FANS. Just my opinion. I’ve been on this page for years and still love the content here. GO RANGERS! Beat the Penguins tonight!!

        • It’s easy… you get way more traffic on your page if you write things that divide opinion. It really is that simple. Mix in politics with it, and boom… you have the right mix to generate a lot of clicks.

          Unfortunately, this is what passes as journalism these days. It’s why there’s this push for politics in everything. You can write a great and detailed article about the game and get 20 comments. Write the same article with some political opinions in it, and you’ll get 50.

          It’s funny too… we don’t even know if DeAngelo’s political opinions are even a part of this. But there it is…front and center…as one of the main causes of his demise. Is it really part of it? Maybe. But either way, it WILL be a big part of it because it generates the most clicks. That’s why Mercogliano went there right away before this incident even happened. He saw nothing else but the potential for clicks, whether he stays or goes.

  • I’m a Truther who thinks the COVID19 nonsense is pure bullshit (I’m not saying the actual virus is fake, yet this virus killed less than 1% of the world’s population who already had pre-existing conditions and has an over 99% survival rate with a cure known as Hydroquinone, yet the way the eletes are handling, it’s an obvious N.W.O. Scamdemic) but Tony DeAngelo needs to go. The Rangers have way too many offensive defensemen. The Rangers need a defenseman such as Joe Finley and Roman Polak to take Johnson’s and Smith’s spots for starters.

  • Article says it all: “beyond repair.” NYR should have dropped him for his Juniors resume.

    Bill Peters & DeAngelo.

  • Freaking joke…horrible that the team I watched on ch 9 since I was 7(50 now) in New Jersey and season tickets in my family since I was 11 has no backbone and falling under pressure to let him go…its free speech….once he is officially gone so are my season tickets and alliance….No heart…No balls Rangers….UNREAL IM DONE

  • TDA is being made a scapegoat for teams hideous and inconsistent at best start….call it what is…he is getting blame for poor play as a whole by entire TEAM

  • So you stand by a report from someone who clearly had a hatred for the player and attacked him at any opportunity. He’s been on a crusade. But yeah let’s all drink your koolaid and pretend that JD is lying. That hall of fame writer Larry brooks and the well respected rick carpinello are lying for the team because sure why not. Adam Herman must have better sources. What a joke.

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