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NY Rangers announce active roster and taxi squad

The NY Rangers have announced their 2021 active roster and taxi squad.

The roster is what was expected, given the practice lines the other day. The roster is 22 players. Brendan Smith and Kevin Rooney will be the active players at the NHL roster. This also means the Rangers aren’t going to play cap games with Smith’s contract.

The taxi squad has two players that were on waivers the other day (Anthony Bitetto, Colin Blackwell) as expected. Morgan Barron joins Matthew Robertson and Libor Hajek as the kids on the squad. Though Robertson’s stint on the squad will be short, albeit expected.

The opening night roster has about $1.11 million in cap space available.

The cap space is a bit surprising, since I thought they were going to be right up against the ceiling. They have some wiggle room and a spare player at each position, so this sets them up nicely. That said, they can still play some games with ELCs and Smith to accrue more space if needed.

With the NY Rangers active roster and taxi squad set, we are ready for opening night. Hockey is back, folks.

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  • Finally got to look at the schedule and from an exercise science basis(2 nights off between starts) and Shestyorkin should get 35 of 56 starts, so that’s 62.5% this season.

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