NY Rangers place seven on waivers

The NY Rangers have placed seven players on waivers:

  • Anthony Greco (F)
  • Gabriel Fontaine (F)
  • Jonny Brodzinski (F)
  • Colin Blackwell (F)
  • Brandon Crawley (D)
  • Anthony Bitetto (D)
  • Keith Kinkaid (G)

Notables still left in camp include Morgan Barron, Tim Gettinger, Patrick Khodorenko, Justin Richards, Austin Rueschhoff, Libor Hajek, K’Andre Miller, Tarmo Reunanen, and Matthew Robertson.

Of the seven on waivers from the NY Rangers, only Kinkaid is guaranteed to be on the taxi squad. He’s going to be the third goalie that teams will be required to keep. The taxi squad requires players pass through waivers first, so there’s a chance players like Blackwell and Bitetto wind up on the taxi squad. The others will report to the Hartford Wolf Pack once the AHL season begins.

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  • Kinkaid HAS to be kept so that he will be eligible to be unprotected in the Expansion draft. Don’t want to have to expose Huska or Wall, and a Goalie must be unprotected.Would have loved to see Johnson or Smith on this list….Cuts will be very interesting..fingers crossed.

    • Someone correct me if I am wrong, but I do not believe the Rangers are even allowed to expose Huska or Wall. I think that as players in their first or second year, they are exempt regardless of Ranger wishes.

      For the record, while it is unlikely, Kinkaid can be claimed on waivers and the problem would reemerge. Same with Bitetto, the defenseman they plan to expose.

  • Since this was by design a cut of veterans, It tells us nothing about the status of the younger players. As for the veterans, only Blackwell and Bitetto had any chance to start with.

    The only players who still must pass through waivers and are not absolute locks to make the roster are Smith, Johnson, diGuiseppe, Gauthier, and Rooney. [I am being conservative; some of these may be locks as well.]

    Biggest story IMO is that diGuiseppe is still in the mix.

    Also IMO Gauthier is the only potential waiver claim and so the Rangers will bend over backwards to keep him on the roster. Well, Rooney might get claimed, I suppose.

  • I think Kinkaid will be claimed by NJ. They know him and they are one goalie short after Crawford’s retirement…

  • And in other news, Milbury is officially done as an analyst .
    Met the guy in the early 2000’s . Was an arrogant d bag then, and he hasn’t changed one bit

  • From what the B squad roster looks like, they are going 23 man roster and anybody on taxi squad will be waivers exempt.

    They will be at just shy of $77mm with no bonus overage.

    Gorts does it again.

  • B Roster:



  • I am so ready for the best sport in the world to start up though seeing Lundquist play for the caps will be so strange but hey at least the rangers gave him a chance to leave on his own terms and i was shocked to see he did not give a better showing when he was awarded the chance to start in the playoffs but with such little playing time during the season it was a stupid move by a no experience college coach who doesn’t belong in the NHL he treated Long time pro’s like college player’s and you can’t treat pro players like college kids so i hope going into this season i hope that’s at least the 1lesson he’s learned or back to the college level he goes

  • This lockdown Covid BS is ruining the NHL and life in general. The NHL is loosing everything needed expand or just continue. Bettman will cancel this upcoming season guaranteed.

    • Says the born and bred dope 24 hours before the games are played again.

      I was hospitalized for a week from this Covid BS, being dead would’ve ruined my life a hell of a lot more than the lockdown did. We better not cross paths IRL.

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