Rangers’ ECHL affiliate Maine Mariners season cancelled

The ECHL cancellations have officially hit the Rangers. The Maine Mariners, the Rangers’ ECHL affiliate, will have their season cancelled this year. The entire North Division of the ECHL will not play.

On the surface, it may not seem like a big impact to the Rangers, but it does have an impact nonetheless. The Rangers do send players to the ECHL. Even if it’s “just the ECHL,” remember that Dan Girardi started in the ECHL.

This limits the options the Rangers have. They will likely be able to loan out their players to other teams. However the plan is still unknown. With multiple teams aside from the Maine Mariners having their season cancelled, multiple teams will be scrambling. On the bright side, with the AHL season not starting until February, the Rangers have some time here.

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    • ECHL still a go, just a staggered and an even more division driven schedule. Some teams go in December, the rest in January(beyond the teams not playing.)

    • At least the ECHL have their streaming sorted with Flosports, so they can get eyeballs for their in rink sponsors to be happy enough to generate $$$ beyond merch sales. Considering how many TV stations are dying for content I still don’t understand why lower level leagues weren’t more aggressive in doing barter deals to broadcast locally/regionally.

      The passive Covid loss tax laws in place are more than enough for ownership groups to keep things afloat.

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