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ECHL to announce “number of teams” not playing this season

The ECHL will announce today that a number of teams will not be playing this season. This is effectively saying a portion of the ECHL will have their season canceled.

This is not a good thing, as this means potentially thousands of people are without jobs for the coming season. Players, coaches, team staff, arena staff, etc, will all be without a job. Multiple teams cancelling their season isn’t a surprise either. The US just can’t get their collective acts together and unite as a country to wear a mask.

This also impacts the Rangers and the Hartford Wolf Pack. The Rangers have the Maine Mariners as their ECHL affiliate. If Maine is one of the teams not playing, the Rangers need to pivot for some of their players.

Of the players under contract still, Ty Ronning, Jake Elmer, Brandon Crawley, and Adam Huska all saw extended stays with Maine. There is no announcement yet from Maine, but hopefully they will remain operational this season. Not just for the roster flexibility, but for the jobs of hundreds of people. The ECHL announcing that a number of teams will not play, basically announcing a canceled season for some, is a gut punch for a lot of people.

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  • Not so sure that wearing a mask would save the ECHL season. Many ECHL leagues cross the US/Canadian border. Current restrictions on travel is what is causing the suspension of the season.

  • Even if they wear mask they aren’t opening ANY ARENAS. I have lost 4 members of my family to this virus but you can’t shut a country down for months it will destroy the economy for years to come. You will see the worse depression this world has ever seen. Then you will really see riots and every other types of crime.

    • Sorry for your losses.

      It wasn’t about totally shutting the country down for any prolonged period of time, it was always about nipping this in the early stages (we were warned) by the MANDATORY Nationwide use of masks and gloves in conjunction with a brief shutdown period (like 15 days). At a minimum this would have kept the numbers in check both in the late spring and now.

  • They wear masks religiously in Europe and it hasnt done a thing. The reality is that this is a virus and it will go through the population of the world unless we all put on hazmat suits and live in them. There are 2 vaccines about to hit the market from Pfeizer and Moderna. I expect JNJ and Astra Zeneca to announce their’s within a few weeks. There is also very effective treatments now that werent available in the spring . Remdesivir, and the treatment from Regeneron which has filed for FDA approval last Friday. My brothers very good freind runs Communty hospital in Brooklyn. He said that cases are rising but very few if any deaths actually from the virus happening. people come in sick, get the treatments and are sent home in 24 hours. by the middle of spring, this thing will be a mostly gone.

    • We are testing 10x more than we did in March, so it is only natural that we are finding more.
      We are NOT seeing the death rate at anything near earlier this year.

    • Czech – first and final warning. I will not tolerate being a covidiot on this blog.

      I work in healthcare, I am acutely aware of the situation. Yes, we have better treatments available. Yes, a vaccine is on its way. However I will simply not tolerate any discussions about not wearing a mask. Wearing a mask *DOES* help. It helps both the wearer and those around you. Period. End of discussion.

      Simply put – don’t be selfish. Think of others. Have empathy. If you make one more comment about masks, you will be banned.

      I do not tolerate that bullshit here.

      • Nice job… you ruined your whole article by making one political sentence.

        Some folks never learn. Enough with that bs and the condescending attitude.

          • Dave, I agree with you … but not the manner in which your expressing it. Educating people on the facts without the angry attitude works much better IMO.

        • Have to agree with David, this was never a political issue … this is about health — and it’s been clearly shown that the use of masks minimizes risk (and I would argue gloves as well). Hygiene (in its broadest sense of the word) has always been an important component when fighting the spread of contagious diseases. This is an obligation each and every one of us owes to the others that share our “space” and community. It’s hardly too much to ask of every citizen.

      • You want to ban me for stating an opinion shared by many medical professionals ? Go right ahead. I have renowned medical professionals as clients who are accomplished physicians and who I speak to on a daily basis. Their opinion isnt shared to the extent you say about masks. Personally speaking, I wear a mask in places I am required to do so as a condition of participating in that specific business. I respect the wishes of others so I do so. All I said was that maks are worn all over the place and it hasnt stopped the virus . Thats just a fact. You want to ban for that? Go right ahead.

          • That only N95 masks have some amount of efficacy of protection against the virus but that standard surgical masks protect against larger particles like saliva and stuff but cant protect against virus particles because they are too small. .01 microns or something like that. Dont recall the specific number. I am answering your question but he might ban me for it. LOL!! whatever.

    • It’s so odd how this virus effect people differently. My sister is a paramedic and she got it along with my mother. They both got bad flu like symptoms. My 93 year old grandmother went into the hospital for a urinary tract infection and they tested her for the virus. She has the anti bodies for COVID. Never really got sick.

      • Per Maine is one of 8 teams sitting the season out. Six of the 8 are from the North division.

    • Have to disagree; mask wearing in Europe is not consistent.

      In Asia, where they wear masks religiously, do extensive testing, contact tracing and quarantines, the reported cases of the virus and deaths from the virus are minimal.

      In the US, we are required to wear clothes in public and nobody feels that their rights are being infringed.

      Wearing a mask during a pandemic should not be an issue. those that make it one are unpatriotic and fools

  • “The US just can’t get their collective acts together and unite as a country to wear a mask.”
    Dave, I assume you are directing this comment at the aristocrats like Gov. Newsome and dumbass Chris Cuomo. The do as I say, not as I do A-holes.

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