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Rangers re-sign Phil Di Giuseppe to one-year contract

The NY Rangers have re-signed forward Phil Di Giuseppe to a one-year contract. The contract comes with a $700k cap hit.

This is actually less than his qualifying offer, which is interesting. He got more money in the AHL, so he took less in the NHL. Makes sense, since his spot in the NHL isn’t guaranteed.

Di Giuseppe played 20 games with the Rangers last year, looking somewhat solid and putting up 1-3-4 in that span.

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      • For sure, and they actually needed to.

        But I was referring to the big club. Zib, Panarin, and Kreider are not getting any younger.

        • Hey pal! I was hoping they would create a real fourth line but Losing Fast hurts that . Only Lemoo and PDG now who isn’t as good as Fast. Would have loved to have Athenesaou to center it.

          • Tony that might be OK if Quinn has a fourth line worth some minutes. Fast would have been a perfect 4th liner but I think long term cap management may have precluded that.

            If they have some young guys with skills on the 4th line maybe it will work?

        • “But I was referring to the big club. Zib, Panarin, and Kreider are not getting any younger.”

          Luckily Panarin and Zib are elite at what they do on the ice. Those two will be producing until they’re in their mid 30s.. Kreider won’t be a NYR for that long so no worries about him imo.

        • I mean they only just drafted the 1 and 2 overall picks. It’s really c which is the big q right now. They are banking on chytil taking that next step.

  • Baby steps…No point in jumping headfirst into the free agent pool. With the covid cap and gate revenues down, probably not the best time to land the big fish.

  • On the positive side, Fast is no longer on team and we will no longer have the opportunity to get annoyed at Quinn for putting him where he doesn’t belong, like Quinn himself.

    If you want to really forget about the annoyance Rangers’ management can create, take the time to look at Braden Schneider. The question is not is he good, the Rangers question is when will he be on msg ice.

  • I like Phil DeGiuseppe’s game. He’s high energy, he hits and is a very physical player. I believe that his scoring can/will improve with more ice time.

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